Hold onto your hats and buckle up as we enter a portal of transformation this week starting with an aspect that has not happened in over 2000 years, the nodes at 29 Aries/Libra square Pluto in late Capricorn. I checked and I could not find a reference for this aspect. Why is this relevant? Because the great transformer Pluto meets up with the signs that represent action and balance at a time when we’re in the Great Awakening and an exponentially powerful ascension cycle. Transformation with a capital T.

Now it’s not going to be all sweetness and light and I do believe there will be some very tough times in the next few weeks as we continue to be faced with powerful energy downloads and big energy shifts. In fact, what is going to happen is your actions that are not grounded in your 5D creativity and are compelled by your 3D karma and soul trauma are going to be brought to your attention in ways you cannot ignore. What you do with this information is up to you but it’s not something you can push to be back of your closet now. It’s all right in front of us and represents lifetimes of energy habits, trauma, and karma. That’s why this week’s newsletter is about the WORMs of karma and trauma.

I got the title for this article and podcast from research on US legislation I had to do so I could write a course for the University of Phoenix, whose e-business program I wrote in the early 2000s.  A few years after the Patriot Act was enacted they had asked me to research and report on data safeguarding requirements under the Act. One of the requirements was called the WORM process, where WORM stands for Write Once Read Many. This process required that data could be written once and never changed but it could be read unlimited times. Once you entered the data it was permanently inscribed and could not be altered. But you could look at that data as many times as you wanted to.

What an appropriate concept for how we process and handle our karma and trauma. We write it into our energy field once at the time it happened, and then we read it over and over again, each time we are in a similar situation.

If you want to create your high vibes, joyful life you need to understand your WORMs of karma and  trauma and deal with them. Now is better than later and a lot better than never.

How do you write karma and trauma into your energy field? Let me ask you a question – do you remember the last time you had an interaction with someone in your life who has always been a source of irritation, annoyance, frustration, and anxiety? Are you afraid of re//eating this behavior with each interaction? Do you dread talking to them because you know that it’s going to be another rehash of why you’re a terrible, no-good, bad, inept, untalented, unattractive, and unsuccessful person?

Do you remember the first time they made you feel that way? You wrote that experience once into your energy field and every time you think about, see, or talk to that person, that old data comes up, that situation gets repeated, and all of the energy around it rises to the surface and starts eating away at your joy, peace, and peace of mind, heart, and spirit.

What came first, the energy or the experience? In this lifetime it’s the energy, in past lifetimes  it’s the experience.  

Now it’s your turn, think of someone in your life who is a challenge and what makes them challenging. Do you remember the first time it happened? Now go farther back in your memory.

Was there ever a time when you felt comfortable around them or did you always feel that you had something to prove with them, that they were a threat to you, toxic, or even dangerous? Welcome to your karma.

Now that you know what this is and how it works, let’s look at your WORMs of karma and trauma. We will look at the past and at your hidden and not so hidden fears, anxieties, doubts, and challenges.    Here we will use what I call the miracle cancelling words from my Miracle Mastery course and my book 30 Days to Everyday Miracles. These words cancel your miracles because they are critical, judgmental, negative, and blaming. Words like never, should, should have, did not, cannot, and others judge you for not doing something – not making the right choices, decisions or moves, taking action too late or too soon, missing opportunities, being afraid, not getting approval, and more.

Does any of this resonate with you? How often have you heard those voices of blame, shame, guilt, condemnation, criticism, and judgment speak to you?

Write Once Read Many – does that ring true for you? How many of us can remember the words of blame, criticism, and judgment that someone uttered just one time? Do you remember your first heartbreak and how you felt and maybe even what that person said to you? Of course you do. Those words and images are permanently engraved in our energy field, and they even have pride of place.

And they have a bad habit of popping up every time we venture into that unknown territory of new opportunities and potentials, are wanting to explore new avenues of joy, and seek out new pathways of success and achievement. All of a sudden we’re looking down the barrel of our WORMs and they are charging forward to remind us of what didn’t happen before, what could go wrong, how we messed up, could mess up, how we won’t do it right, how we’ll be judged, that humiliation is an option, and certain people will be unhappy or angry with our choices.

Now we do have options but first we have to understand our WORMs and how they function in our life because everyone has them (aside: this statement makes me laugh because I have been suggesting diatomaceous earth for nearly 15 years and one of its benefits is parasite removal) and our energetic WORMs do exactly what physical parasites do, they undermine our energetic health and well-being, they silently siphon our energy, and over time can cause serious problems.

They are sources of hidden depletion of our energetic resources, and we don’t realize how much damage they do until we get sick, or something happens  to us, or we back ourselves into a corner and have to act, and we realize how depleted we are. Now we can get to work on getting rid of the parasites (I am talking about the physical ones here) but as you will know if you have ever followed a parasite treatment protocol, it takes time, most remedies taste terrible, and you have to follow several parasite treatment rounds to get all of the parasites.

There is no way to get rid of parasites (or WORMs) easily or overnight. Any parasite treatment protocol takes several 30 day rounds of treatment. And getting rid of our energetic WORMs takes time too. We must pay attention to how we are using our energy, words, emotions, and what our beliefs are creating. We must also be aware of our inner critic, messaging, and our fears. The biggest problem in dealing with these energetically is that whatever caused the original energy trauma did happen and it is written in our energy field, permanently. No matter what we do the event that caused this trauma did happen and we have the energetic imprint and energetic memory as a constant reminder.

That is the biggest problem with healing is that we try to go back to zero on our energy timelines, to wipe away all traces of the trauma and energetic imprint. We want to go back to the place where it never happened, to that moment in time before the event so that we can be clear, unblemished, to have never experienced the original trauma, and never experienced the pain. And it is from that unrealistic expectation of healing that we go through countless healing exercises, modalities, and different efforts because we want everything to be wiped clean.

That is never going to happen. In fact, it is why I see so many people getting entangled with dishonest, unethical teachers who promise  total healing and spiritual cleansing with big price tags.  When we’re stuck in the healing cycles created by the WORMs of our karma and trauma we are vulnerable, susceptible, we want relief, a reprieve, and to get away as quickly and as easily as possible. We will believe what anyone tells us, cling to any potential or possibility, no matter how unrealistic it is, just so we can have some peace and joy, even briefly.

It is why we don’t question anyone’s expertise or methods, we don’t look beyond the glamor spells and magic, and carefully filtered and edited videos.  We want to become goddesses and empowered masters that these teachers pretend to be, even if the image, message, or person on which we have pinned our hopes of escape has no foundation in truth or reality.  When you are in healing cycles like this it’s good to use discernment and to remember that your release comes from your own learning and intention, and that cannot be granted, gifted, bestowed, or done by anyone else.  

Be aware that anyone using fancy words and terms, who promises to ‘heal’ you, or who try to teach you how to magically become someone else or embody archetypes is preying on your vulnerability. And anyone who claims to be able to clear out your energy or shift your energy and return you to a pristine energetic state is being quite dishonest with you. Also avoid people who focus on ‘soul’ energetics or healing because your soul doesn’t need healing, it needs your energetic congruence to create the divine harmony that it holds for you. Above all, avoid anyone who make you believe that they can return you to a pristine energetic state, achieving that zero point on your energy timeline.

That is impossible and it’s why, if this is your situation, no matter how many programs, courses, or classes you take, no matter how many teachers, gurus, healers, energy workers, or divas you encounter, you never feel like you are truly healed and whole, you never feel clear, happy, joyful, and at peace. Because you are trying to wipe away all traces of the energetic WORMs you have accumulated across many lifetimes, instead of evolving through them, attempting to erase the trauma instead of rising above it, believing that the solution is to eradicate the karma rather than to use it as a stepping stone to create another level of awareness. The secret lies in understanding the CORE karmic energies and becoming energetically sovereign over them.

Once you experience trauma it is written in your energy field, and it is indelible and permanent. Do you remember my example of the frying pan that I like but whose handle always gets hot? Every time I use that frying pan, which I really like,  I remember the first time I burnt my hand on the handle, rather badly. So instead of getting rid of the frying pan, which was rather expensive, and I do like it, I put a silicone sleeve on the  handle each time I use it. That way I do not have to worry about burning my hand while I am using my favorite frying pan.  

The original trauma WORM was burning my hand on the handle, the repeat is remembering that incident every time I use the frying pan. And the rising above it is putting a silicone cover on the handle the minute I put it on the stove. Even if the handle gets hot, and it will, I don’t have to worry about burning my hand.

Now it’s your turn. Think of a WORM that you have – some kind of energy trauma that is imprinted on your energy field. Remember WORM stands for Write Once Read Many, so it’s the constant messages you replay in your mind over and over again. It was written in your energy field once and you read it over and  over again.

You have two choices and they actually work together – you can stop reading and replaying these messages and/or you can turn them into something else, more fulfilling and more aligned with your intention than with your pain and trauma.

Think back to your childhood – listen to the podcast for some examples I have heard from my clients – and you may even get into the hidden, secret, unexplained fears and traumas you have from past lives, they are all participating in your energy imprints. Now forget any possibility of wiping them away, that will not happen.

These are permanent energetic imprints that have been with you for lifetimes, and they are not going anywhere. But rather than them acting like parasites and draining you of your joy, your life force, your peace, success, well-being, and happiness, they become resources for expansion, ascension, achievement, re-alignment, and new paradigms of potential.

This is beyond healing and wholeness, it is the paradigm of evolution and ascension that I have been teaching since 2008, it’s energetic congruence. This is the state of energetic alignment where our energetic intention acts as the template for how we use our WORMs and any other experiences we have had in our current and past lifetimes, no matter how good or bad it is. Every experience becomes a resource for the fulfillment of our intention rather than the reason our intention will not succeed.

Every energy experience becomes a tool we can use to expand our joy and well being rather than limiting them.

Every energy experience and especially the traumatic ones become the red flags which remind us of where do not want to tread if we want to have joy. Like the orange traffic cones that warn us of danger on the road, these WORMs become place markers for areas that we want to avoid if we want to maintain an upward trajectory into greater levels of fulfillment instead of continuously seeking new modalities that will put a bottom to the dark abyss of our energy trauma.

Understanding our CORE energies, the foundation of our karma, allows us to understand the energy parasites that drain our joy and keep us mired in the belief that something is wrong with us, that we are not good, smart, beautiful, or enough to succeed in any way. What messages do you create from your trauma that is a parasitic drain on your joy?

You know what they are, you repeat them to yourself over and over again, often daily but especially when you decide to set new intentions, to reach for joy, to become a higher expression of your energetic potential. You do not need more healing, you need to do a WORM cleanse and use that energy to expand your joy instead of limiting it.

And if this has given you a great visual to work with, that’s fantastic. I would rather see you learn to use your energy in new ways that to spend your time, energy, and money in endless healing cycles taking new courses, programs, modalities, and other forms of short term cosmetic coverups that do not offer you any long term benefit, or listening to people who tell you that you can ‘have it all’ if you take their next program and who dazzle you with the glamour magic of their designer lifestyle and tell you that this is your reward too. It’s not.

Get rid of the energy parasites, use your own energetic tools and resources to create expansion from those things that limit your energy flows and you can create your own pathway to joy by limiting the ability of your trauma to rule and run your life and to dictate how you use your energy. The force is within you, so turn it on and rise up.


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The Energy Purpose & Soul Monthly Energy Toolkit is the resource to using the month’s energies in the best, most beneficial way.  With intense energies, big downloads, and seismic energy shifts you can feel overwhelmed and unaware of the opportunities that these energy movements provide.

With Jennifer’s expert guidance, each monthly Energy Toolkit expands on the month’s energies, provides you with a roadmap for energy success, energy activations and meditations to align with, integrate, and embody the energies. Plus you get two Live and recorded Q&A calls with Jennifer, and the Spiritual Community Saturday, held the last Saturday of the month, where you can connect with others in the community and share your experiences, make connections, and discover your energetic family.

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