sailing-1152501_640The purpose of an anchor on a boat is to prevent it from drifting away with the current. If sailors didn’t use anchors, their boats would drift aimlessly around the harbor or, if they caught the right current, out to sea. Anchors serve a useful purpose, they help control a boat’s movement when the captain wants it to stay in one place so the boat can be resupplied, fixed, cleaned or just because they need a break. And when it’s time to move on, the anchor is brought on board and the boat is free to go. Anchors are useful when they’re needed, a nuisance when they aren’t, and the trick is to know when they’re necessary, and when it’s time to ‘weigh anchor’ and bring it back on the boat because it’s time to go.

If energy always moved forward we would never have a chance to reconsider our options and decide whether the direction we’re moving in is the right one for us, make course corrections, or take time to rest. And as we expand from 3D polarity to 5D duality, from the density of 3D to the creative expansion of 5D, our 3D timelines lack the expansion capability to handle the influx of these energies. The 5D energy needs much more room than 3D provides, so we get stopped in our tracks, anchors are put down, so we can release some ballast and make room for the energy.

These moments of stillness can be timed with planetary retrogrades, or not. They serve an important purpose, to allow us to plan our energy expansion and expand our energy containers to received 5D energy. 3D movement is linear and as you have probably experienced, you can move forward in a straight line only so far, then you run out of energy road. Your reality no longer fits you, it no longer feels right, and it becomes restricted and limited, and you want something else. Rather than adding another level of 3D to your reality to accommodate the energy (which does not work),  you stop so you can jettison the baggage and make room for the new energy that is waiting for you to create space for it.

So the anchors go down, as it’s time to reconsider, repurpose, release, recalibrate, rethink – all of the retrograde words that also apply to what happens when we know that new energy is providing us with a course change. We could just get frustrated with feeling stuck and go off in any direction but if you have done that, you know it isn’t the best option. Instead, we can use the slowdown in the energy to put down an anchor and think about our next moves.

Whether we put down the anchor intentionally or we wake up one day to find that everything in our life is standing still, the anchors keep us in place so we can integrate and re-align, reground, re-balance, and find a new centering point for our energy. Usually we get frustrated with the anchor and try to pull it up long before we’re ready for our next move. We think the anchor is the problem but it’s the blessing, giving us time to create space in our lives that 5D energy requires.

So while we’re angrily trying to move the anchor, we’re ignoring its true purpose, to stop 3D movement so we can make room for 5D expansion. It is helping us re-fit our ship, so to speak, to put us in a place where forward movement isn’t distracting us from creating lateral expansion that is necessary for complete 5D integration. If we want the full benefit of 5D multi-dimensional living, then we need to give ourselves the time we need to adjust our energy to allow that level of integration.

Use your anchored time to do what seems to come naturally during this periods, clean your living space, let go of what no longer serves you, assess your relationships and release those that are asking for it. Ships need time out of the open water and waves to make repairs, take on supplies, or find safe harbor, and so do we.  Be open to new levels of potential and possibility, allow new experiences to appear on our horizons, and be at peace with the flow of the process because we will know when it’s time to ‘weigh anchor’ and move on into our new multi-dimensional realities and we’ll be ship-shape and ready for the next phase of our journey.


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