One of our great worries at this time of the 3D/5D integration and ascension is the fear of leaving others behind as we strive to complete our karmic cycles, soul contracts, and life lessons by creating the most peaceful, loving outcomes. But that is not something we can control and our karmic lessons often end with hard feelings and outcomes that do not meet our expectations.

What we are seeing is the exercise of energetic sovereignty for everyone, where we all set our energy boundaries and let others choose what they are able to do and are capable of. Sometimes that’s less than we think they can achieve but that is neither ours to judge or control. What we do as an expression of our energetic sovereignty is to decide who gets to be in our energy field and ‘come aboard our boat’ as we move into greater levels of 5D expansion and awareness.

New choices are coming around again as we decide what is right and best for us on our ascension path. Who is going to be in our energy field, in partnership and in relationship with us in this next phase of our journey? We hope it’s everyone but it won’t be. Those who will be allowed to ‘board our 5D boat’ will include everyone who is ready to move into their own highest frequencies and energies that can align with ours. Our ‘love and light’ view of ascension and higher frequencies have caused us underestimate some very important ascension facts – that it is an individual path of humanity’s collective journey, and everyone is not on the same page or path, even if we would like for them to be or think they should be.

If you’re worried that you are going to have to start policing all of your relationships, don’t be. Energy speaks its own language that everyone understands. Those who find your energy field and boundaries uncomfortable are just as glad to walk away as you can be to see them finally go. Since 2004 I have been teaching and writing that this l ifetime is the end of our many karmic cycles and we are at the point where they are ending now.

This time, though, as never before, we are ready to cut those ties because we have another paradigm awaiting us. We are not walking into the void of emptiness, we are creating space for the new integrated 3D/5D paradigms to become our new reality. This is the Light Age that we are embracing. It does come with a few restrictions, the biggest of which is energetic alignment with everyone in our circle. So as those karmic partners arise and invite you to stay in the karma dance with them, decide what you want in your life and who you want to allow to ‘board your boat’. Then honor their choices and invite someone new to step into the space they have vacated.

This week’s newsletter includes a video on how to set energy boundaries for who ‘boards your boat’. I hope you find it helpful on this stage of your journey.


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