Well friends, we are out of the jumbled July energy and in the throes of August energy. Not only are we in the Alpha Omega Freedom Portal that is open from July 23 to August 22, but we just had the 8-8 Lion’s Gate Portal this week and it is in full force until Friday August 13 (the only Friday 13 in all of 2021).  I  wrote about it on Facebook (you can follow my account here). But the fun never ends on our ascension journey and August is a new adventure and a new vibe. With everything that is happening this month being in control of our energy and using it in effectively and intentionally, on an individual and collective level, is very important.

If I asked you who controls your energy you would probably say that you do. But is that really true?  While you are in control of your energy, as its steward, whoever or whatever has control over it in any moment depends on many factors  such as distractions, guilt, shame, past experiences, current fears, and your beliefs about success, deserving, worthiness, and how much you trust yourself. 

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Before I begin speaking about this topic I want to ask you this. What do you think your energy is? Is it how you manifest, create, live your life, and how you get motivated. What if there was another way to define your energy, one that gave it deeper meaning and value to you? What if you saw yourself as a steward of divine energy and as that steward, it was your job to protect, support, use, and expand it in the best way possible. Would that change how you view your energy? Keep that in mind as we talk about who or what controls your energy.

If I asked you who controls your energy you would probably say that you do. But is that really true?  While you are in control of your energy, as its steward, whoever or whatever has control over it in any moment depends on many factors  such as distractions, guilt, shame, past experiences, current fears, and your beliefs about success, deserving, worthiness, and how much you trust yourself. 

That is what is in control of your energy and while you may have control in theory, you relinquish your control every time you second guess yourself, limit your options, or doubt your abilities.

You also relinquish control as soon as you allow your guilt to make your choices or your shame group to manipulate your energy

To fully engage in any transformation you have to be in control of your energy and not let distractions, fear, or anything else take over the process of how you focus, direct, channel, and use your energy.

When it comes to your energy, how do you maintain control? What energy tools can you use to ensure that you have access to and control of all of your energy. Now remember this doesn’t mean that people will respect your energy boundaries or accept your decision to be in control of your energy. You will be challenged by people who have been using your energy to power their lives and who do not want you to change that setup. But with strong energy tools in place you will be able to withstand and ignore the challenges that you face whenever you decide to transform your life and shift your energy use methods.

To really be in control of your energy you need tools that will help you be in charge and learn to use your energy to your benefit and for what it was intended, like manifesting, creating miracles, empowering new potentials, becoming more aware, and transforming your life in new ways.

3 energy tools I am going to talk about are grounding, choosing and integrating energy frequency, and energetic consent.

Energy Tool #1:  Grounding is the process of ensuring that you stay in your physical body in the face of a challenge. Disassociation is a real problem for many of us, especially emotional and energy empaths. But traditionally taught methodsof grounding can focus on the physical reality at the expense of the spiritual. I have always taught a two part grounding method that grounds in the physical and light so it’s a more balanced grounding.

Energy Tool #2:  Choosing and integrating energy frequency – did you know that you can pick an energy, any energy, and bring it into your energy field? Now you won’t be able to align with or integrate it unless it’s right for you and you will bring in energy that matches your frequency and vibration but it is easy to do and anyone can do it. You use your breath, the most important energy tool you have, to bring energy into your physical body and energy field, as well as a tool for releasing energy you no longer want to embody.

Energy Tool #3:  Energetic Consent is your agreement as to how your energy is being used in your life and in the world. . This is one of our superpowers, the ability to focus and channel energy. Did you know you had this ability? I first wrote about it in 2015 because it was important for us to come together as a community of light and become more empowered and learn to use our energy more effectively to prepare for the times to come, like now.

When do you need to use energy tools and how are they relevant to you?

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you get so upset that you just want to run away, you can’t think straight, and you do not know what to do or say? That’s because you get ungrounded so you disassociate – you leave your body, you retreat, you look for the nearest exit and you agree to anything just to avoid the confrontation. How many times have you done this before – and don’t be shy, we all do it.

Why would you want to shift your energy frequency and vibration? When you want to feel empowered, you need an energy boost, you’re facing a difficult situation, or you need to motivate yourself to take action. We are in control of our energy frequency and we can change it at will. You have seen how this happens.

Think about someone you’re angry with and notice what happens to your energy.  Now remember you can align with and integrate a frequency and vibration that is possible for you but you can still create a tiny shift in your energy that can make a big difference in your life.

Now that you know you have energy tools you can use, let’s go back to the topic of who or what controls your energy. When you are not directly in control of your energy you are allowing someone or something else to control it. And this doesn’t mean you have to be extra vigilant and stand guard on your energy all day – maybe around some people and situations you do though. But the use of your energy always has to be deliberate and intentional, that is why the energetic consent power is so important.

Let’s look at a few areas that might be a challenge. Think of someone you always have difficult meetings or conversations with. So much so that you dread every visit. How do you feel when you’re thinking about them and the possibility of a future meeting. Does your heart sink, your stomach churn, and are you dreading every second because you know it will be a total disaster and you’ll walk away feeling sad, angry, and frustrated?

What would it take for you to feel empowered in that situation?

When I ask clients this, before I teach them how to use these powerful energy tools – they think that avoiding the person or situation is the only way to stay safe and avoid the drama and pain. But after they learn the energy tools they find that they feel much differently and can confidently be around people they once avoided. Not because the other person did anything differently but because they did, they learned to manage their energy and then they have control over what transpires in these formerly challenging situations .

What would you have to do differently to feel in control of your energy every moment you are around people you think are difficult, challenging, and who upset you?

It’s possible when you use your energy tools and stay in control of your energy.

Now, more than ever, we need to be in control of our energy and not allow it to be controlled by others. And the way to do that is to learn how to use energy tools so we can truly learn how to be in control of our energy resources.

But we also need to really be in control so that our definition of control is not that we avoid any challenging or difficult people or conversations. We cannot hide from the world to maintain our energetic security.  There is an alternative – we can use energy tools to implement a fully grounded and balanced energy field, where our spiritual and material aspects operate in synergy,  where one is not seen as being better or worse than the other.  Where we avoid getting distracted by the distractions around us and not letting our emotions mirror what we are feeling or sensing from others.

With your energy grounded and balanced, you learn how to choose your frequency and you learn how to use your power of energetic consent, you’re on the path towards energetic sovereignty.


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