If you are ready for ULTIMATE MIRACLES,

THE ULTIMATE MINDSET that magnetizes abundance and prosperity,


and to get a step by step process to help you do that, join me in a 1 day Ultimate Miracles workshop and I will teach you my proven methods to ‘RAISE YOUR VIBES’ and put yourself and your life in the Miracles and Mastery zone, and change your Mindset to change your life. And to get live coaching, readings, book signing and take photos, keep on reading… 30days3dWe often think that miracles and mastery are for ‘special’ people and that our mindset can’t change — but it can and I will show you how to do that and why it is so important now. jen_paris_eiffelI have inspired millions of people with the story of how, at one of the worst times of my life, when I had no money, was nearly homeless, and asked God to ‘take me home’ every night because I couldn’t think of any other way to fix the mess my life was in, I created a miracle — a free, two week, all expense paid trip to France that I was paid to go on.


Once I learned how this worked, I used that process to create miracles in my life and I am going to show you my 5 step Miracle Zone Process in the Raise Your Vibes 1 day workshop. This also became the foundation for my 30 Days to Everyday Miracles book and coaching programs. I am aRaise Your Vibes (2)lso going to show you how to align yourself with the energy you need to create the Ultimate Mindset that becomes a magnet for everything you want. And I’m going to give you the REAL definition of mastery so you can see yourself as a Master of your reality and start living your life in a masterful way. I‘ll also do readings for the audience (like I do on the Enlightening Life radio show) and live coaching so you can have a miracle, mindset, and mastery shift right away. These workshops are being presented in England, Scotland and Ireland in April 2016, choose the city below — remember that each event is limited to 35 people so don’t delay to register as spaces will go quickly.


Why should you attend this event?  If you are tired of starting a new year with big dreams, big goals, and big hopes that this year it will happen, only to end the year disappointed and disillusioned again .. .lonely-604086_640 And you have read dozens of books, spent thousands on programs that promised to teach you how to use the laws of attraction and abundance, and to create miracles and you’re still in the same place in your life… There’s a reason why these old methods won’t work now and why 2016 CAN be your year to be rich, happy and successful and I invite you to my life Raise Your Vibes one day solutions, and I’ll show you how. Before you think ‘I will never be able to do that’, read on to find out what that really means (and yes, you can learn how to do it and


I’ll show you how) magnetic And guess what? Your rich, happy, and successful mindframe magnetizes the new foundation for divine wealth, resounding joy, and thrilling success — remember, it’s all about being in your ‘high vibes’ and learning how to manage and control your energy.



In this unique ground-breaking workshop you will learn

  • My 5 step process to create miracles — and how, why, and when it works
  • What ‘wealth’ means and find your own Point of WealthTM  in your life to manifest with clarity and confidence — more love, joy, peace of mind and heart, and a more grounded sense of purpose, success, and fulfillment
  • How everything you have been taught about the Laws of Abundance & Attraction is wrong and the one Universal Law you need to know to make it all happen for you, all of the time
  • Understand your blocks to money, joy, love, and manifestation and how to overcome them by AIMing your energy  (you’ll learn my simple 3 step process)
  • Advanced energy tools to show you how your ‘failures’ become stepping stones to success — with exercises that show you how to apply these tools in your daily life (if you don’t know how to use them, they aren’t very valuable)
  • Master your negative emotions, thoughts, and beliefs so they never stand in your way again because they have no more power in your life
  • Discover how easily you can re-wire your energy to tap into your High Vibes WealthTM  process any time you want.
  • And you will learn how to set strong energy boundaries ( I am an expert on energy boundaries and millions of people have learned these techniques from me) that magnetizes everything you want to you and watch how everything else releases itself (this really works and I’ll teach you my most powerful energy affirmations too).


  • EBKCVR_webtr_energyctrol

Have you read my book on energy control? I describe what this is and how to ground your energy and be whole, complete, and congruent in your energy field. As one of the world’s most celebrated and accurate intuitive energy savantes, I will also be doing live coaching, audience readings, and book signings with photos. I look forward to seeing you at these live events. Why should you attend this event? Being energetically congruent and staying in our highest vibrations and energies  is critically important today because if we want to have peace, love, joy, and prosperity in our lives and in the world we’re going to have tohand-1030573_640 understand how to create those energy frequencies — first in our own lives, and then in the world.


Let’s make 2016 our ULTIMATE highest vibe year yet! Changing the world begins with changing OUR world and that means your reality. These events are limited to 35 people only, so that we can work closely together. Seats are limited so book early to secure your place. Here’s30 Days Miracles cover a short list of what you’ll have by the end of the Raise Your Vibes – Miracles, Mindset & Mastery day:

  1. Your 5 step Miracle Zone process that you can use in your life every day (and I wrote the book on miracle creation)
  2. My Ultimate “rich, happy, & successful” formula to create divine wealth, resounding joy, and thrilling success in all aspects of your life.
  3. Your unique Point of WealthTM that makes this relevant, applicable, and achievable for you and what you are unconsciously doing that keeps your stuck in low energy, unhappy results, and dreams that don’t manifest.
  4. How to deal with negative, critical, unhappy people in a powerful way (this is one of my students’ favorite strategies)
  5. The proper way to use the Laws of Abundance and Attraction so they work for you
  6. How to eliminate your old life story and write a new one that includes being ‘rich, happy, and successful’.


Forever Fragrance (6)

Are you ready to join me to find out how to make 2016 the year your dreams do come true?

JOIN ME at The ULTIMATE – Mindset, Miracles & Mastery Workshop at a live venue in England, Ireland & Scotland (you can attend more than one event if you wish). All events are from 9AM to 5PM, with a break for lunch (lunch is not provided).  Full venue details will be provided by email after your purchase.  Please review the refund policy below if you have questions about our process.


Register before March 18, 2016 to pay $97 and save $50 on the full price of $147   All events are from 9AM to 5PM

April 2, 2016  London   Holiday Inn London – Bloomsbury




APRIL 6, 2016  MANCHESTER   The Portland Hotel, Piccadilly

$97.00 Save $100 when you purchase before APRIL 3 2016



APRIL 8, 2016 GLASGOW, Scotland   Novotel Glasgow Centre

$97.00 Save $100 when you purchase before APRIL 4, 2016



APRIL 10, 2016   EDINBURGH, Scotland –  Jurys Inn, Edinburgh

$97.00 Save $100 when you purchase before APRIL 6, 2016



APRIL 12, 2016  DUBLIN, IRELAND   Best Western Sheldon Park  (this is my birthday too! so I’ll have a surprise for you)

$97.00 Save $100 when you purchase before April 8, 2016



Refund Policy:  This is a live event with limited attendance. Once you purchase a ticket you occupy a seat in the venue. Refunds will be issued as follows:  100% refund within 3 days of purchase or prior to March 29, 2016,  50% refund until 7 days prior to the event, no refunds after April 8, 2016. Please email support@enlighteninglife.com if you have any questions. Upcoming US venues, will be announced in April



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