Did you have a dream for what you wanted in your life?

Did you have a goal or a plan and it just didn’t work out?

Do you regret the things that didn’t happen for you?

Where do you think those dreams went? They didn’t disappear…

We all have secret, unfulfilled, unmet dreams and hopes and wish things could be different…

They can.

Your dreams, plans, goals, and wishes didn’t disappear. They are being held for you in a secret place

This is your secret hidden treasure room and I can show you how to access it now.

It is time for you – to bring your secret dreams to life

to start living your life on purpose

to choose your path of success and joy intentionally

It is time for you to shine and to live the ‘life of your dreams’

without limitations and regrets, without the sadness of unfulfilled potential.

You have a hidden secret treasure room that only you can access

Unfulfilled dreams do not disappear, they get put away until it is the right time for them.

Your dreams,  plans, and goals are waiting for you to re-vibe, reconsider, re-energize them now.

If you are ready to re-consider what you thought was possible for you, let me show you how to reconnect with your potential.



We all have things that don’t work out and that can be disappointing, even devastating.

Too many people tell us we can’t, we never will, we aren’t worthy, or we just can’t do things.

Then we stop believing in ourselves and the potential of our dreams, so we abandon them. 

Are you ready to recapture your potential and bring your dreams, goals, plans, and wishes to life? 

Let me show you how you can do that.

Your Secret Hidden Treasure Room

Our unfulfilled dreams do not die, they are held in a secret place for us.

In this hidden treasure room we can find all of our old dreams, plans, and goals

The keeper of our treasure room is our Higher Self

And our Higher Self will show us how to access this room when we’re ready.

Are you ready?



How you discover and re-awaken your old dreams, goals, plans, wishes, hopes, and desires

Your resource to partner with your Higher Self to access your hidden secret treasure room

Your guide to accessing all of your old dreams, plans, and goals and renewing your potential

Regaining your confidence and courage to fulfill your most cherished hopes and wishes

How you learn to ‘live the life of your dreams’ and bring those dreams to life

A pre-work video with worksheet to help you identify your old dreams, goals, plans, wishes, hopes, and desires

A 20 minute guided meditation to take you, step by step, into your hidden treasure room and work with your Higher Self to reclaim your dreams and other treasures

Worksheets and downloads to personalize your journey and make this a permanent part of your spiritual journey



The Access Your Hidden Treasures program is your resource for reconnecting to your old dreams and plans that are now waiting for you to re-energize, re-vitalize, and re-vibe them into your life.  They did not die, they are being held in your secret treasure room for you. And it’s time for you to visit them and reclaim that energy, potential, and purpose.

If you want to have the ‘life of your dreams’ you must know what those dreams are, reclaim them, and start manifesting them.

Did you know that your dreams and their potential are held for you by your Higher Self until you’re ready to claim them? It’s true, and they are held in a hidden secret treasure room that you are going to be able to finally access with this program.

In the Access Your Hidden Treasure program you’ll get Jennifer’s detailed and informative training, worksheets, pre-work to prepare you for the program meditation and it’s available for download too.

Includes: Pre-work with video and worksheets, 20 minute guided meditation with Jennifer, downloads

Sign up now – only $33 as a New Moon/Chinese New Year/Venus in Aquarus price  expires February 20, 2024

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Get 4 20 minute personal coaching sessions with Jennifer  for $497 (a $600 value) – available on your checkout form. Sessions are recorded and audio and video downloads provided.


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