NEEP_nestThere are different interpretations of the phrase ‘feather your nest’, I’m going to use the  most positive one, which refers to what birds do when they prepare their nest for their eggs. After they have gathered the twigs and straw and built the foundation, the birds make the nest soft and comfortable with their own soft, downy feathers. They do this to protect the delicate eggs so they can incubate in the best, warmest, safest environment. We can follow their example and feather our own nest, to give our dreams, wishes, hopes, and intentions the most comfortable, protected environment until they are ready to hatch.

The greatest challenge to our ascension and evolution isn’t what’s going on in the world, it is what happens within us when we create the foundation and forget to add the feathers, the warm, soft, comforting, supportive beliefs and thoughts that nurture our dreams. Instead, we sit on the hard sticks and let ourselves get poked and prodded by our fears. What would happen if we remembered to add the feathers to the foundation, like the birds, to give our dreams that extra cushion they need to get started. Did you know that egg shells are soft when eggs are laid and the feathers protect them from damage during those first crucial hours, until they harden?

This can seem like so much work, trying to remember the process so we get everything in order, hoping that we’re doing the right thing for us and for the world, trying to do our best and hoping that we don’t make any mistakes. What if, instead, we just relaxed and focused on feathering our nest, making sure that our dreams have a soft, comfortable, protected space in which to incubate and grow? It would be nice if their realities launched successfully immediately out of the starting gate, but while that’s possible, it is not always what happens.

When we encounter delays, interruptions, and ‘false starts’ we rush into doubt, confusion, and denial but they’re often signs of where we need to add a few more feathers, where our dreams need more protection and support. And sometimes we get stuck in one spot and don’t know what to do next — is this a sign to make our dream a little bigger? Does it have enough room to grow and expand? We don’t need to ‘go with the flow’ as much as we need strong intentions to show the flow where to go. Energy moves within the boundaries created from our intention and that is a dynamic process. As we expand our energy containers to make room for new energies, our dreams need more room to grow and shift, and that may require a few more feathers to create the nurturing and support they need.

We’re into the NEST phase of our ascension and evolution, that stands for New Earth Strategic Transformation. What kind of nest do you want and what strategies are you implementing to create it? Boundaries are so important now, not the ones that keep people out of your life, the ones that guide energy into the flow of your intention. With strong boundaries we manage energy, control our reality’s dimension, stay in our joy, and create the love, joy, peace, and abundance that we desire. It’s time to ‘feather our nest’ and start creating the world we want to live in by creating the reality that brings us the most joy, peace, love, abundance, success, fulfillment, and satisfaction. And try adding a little dose of self-ish behavior, by taking care of your own needs. You can read my article on how to be ‘self-ish without being selfish’ at this link.

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