Have you ever wanted a do-over in your life, to turn back time and have another chance at things? I have, even though I know that going back to the past would not solve anything unless I could take what I have learned with me.

But there is a way to turn the past into something new and different and to  know when it’s time for renewal. It doesn’t involve returning to the past but it does involve a sort of time travel and timelines and transformation.


When I was young my mother listened to old country songs and one of the songs had the chorus “if I knew then what I know now”. I thought that was rather silly because you could not go back to the past with the knowledge from the present. But it was an interesting thought and when I got older I remembered that phrase and more than once, as I wished that I could go back in time and tell my past self what I had learned so she could avoid making certain choices.

The things we secretly hope and dream of if we could just turn back time. How often have you said those words to yourself?

The relationship we would leave or would work harder to keep.

The words we would say or would keep to ourselves.

The choices we would make or avoid.

What would we do if we could turn back time, go back to the past, do-over portions of our life, and especially, not make certain choices?

But while we think about these things we also know they are just pipe dreams. There is no way to turn back time, to undo what has been done, or to re-do a choice or action. The past is a fixed moment in time.

We cannot undo the past or go back to it and the only reason we would want to is because we think that somehow we could undo the lessons and experiences of the past and have a much different present. Just imagine if we had not said yes, or said no, made a different choice, or realized how important the choice we were making at that moment, which we thought was inconsequential, was actually one of the most important choices of our life.

If there is anything that is immovable, unchangeable, and set in stone in our lives, it is the past. There is nothing we can do to change what once happened but there is something we can do to change the effect the past has on our life in the present. We cannot time travel to fix the past but we can use our timelines to shift what is happening today and to create transformation. The secret to time travel, to turning back time, to knowing something new, is in understanding timelines.

Timelines are the linear expression of an energetic imprint. A timeline is the outcome of an energetic event that sets us on a specific path  and that path and its energy determines the frequency, vibration, and flow of our life’s energy and all of its connections.

The timeline continues on autopilot, sometimes like a runaway train or an avalanche that wipes out everything in its path, until we decide we have had enough of that and we want something different.

Then that timeline starts losing energy until it comes to a full stop – it has run out of energy road. And now we have two choices – to restart that time line with a rebirth (renaissance is one word people like to use) or to create a new timeline.

We can always restart an old timeline by going back to it but it doesn’t feel the same, everything is off balance and different, and we feel stuck and out of place. It’s like going back to your high school reunion and remembering all of the old battles and rivalries and realizing how much you didn’t like those people then and they are still not very nice to you. You try to talk to them and there is no energetic connection. That timeline is ended and there is no bringing it back.

The other choice is to create a new timeline and it is also built on the past but in a different way. A new timeline gives us a fresh start but it’s not a rebirth because we are different. A  new timeline begins where the old timeline ended, it doesn’t start from the beginning. And this is where we can use the past as a stepping stone to raise our vibes and make the different choices that we wish we had made in the past.

Now the past is still there, it does not go away. But rather than being a source of regret, it is a source of renewal. Rather than judging ourselves for our choices and decisions in the past, we celebrate the clarity and insight that we have because of the past. And because we are not judging and criticizing ourselves about the past, we can consider how we  can apply this learning and awareness to the present.

With the benefit of time travel we can go back to the past to see exactly where those fatal moments occurred and the circumstances surrounding them. We can look at the people and situations involved and realized when we made critical choices and how that happened. Then we can file away that information for use when we connect with a similar situation in the present.

Do you remember me telling you that the past doesn’t just disappear, that it remains with us? Its energy created the timeline we are on and we have to decide to heal that timeline, which involves completion and closure and a new level of wholeness to create congruence, to do that.

And that’s the problem. We hang onto old timelines because we want what we call closure – we want redemption, validation, acknowledgement, apologies, and maybe even a do-over. We want to be vindicated and exonerated. We want to undo our pain, suffering, heartbreak, and anguish. We want to know why and how this could have happened. We want someone to acknowledge what we went through before we allow that timeline to close.

So we try to undo the past, repeat the timeline’s elements, get a different outcome, and satisfy our longing for closure, meaning we want to have a happy ending. Be honest here, how many times have you done this? And for how long? This kind of closure expectation can last for decades or longer.

Eventually we have to come to the realization that we aren’t going to get what we want and the people and situations that caused us pain have long moved on and meanwhile, here we are holding open the past for them to rejoin us or a do-over where they do things differently and we feel vindicated.

That’s not going to happen. Need an example? Here is one that I have used before and it sticks in my mind because it is an example of how this works in families. Listen to the podcast for this example.

The timeline shift, time travel, and the path to joy all depend on one important element – transformation. Are we willing to transform or are we going to stew in the past because we regret certain decisions? As required by our transformation, are we willing to release the energetic and emotional baggage of the past so it can be alchemized into something functional, beautiful, and uplifting?

Sure, you might say, that is a no-brainer. But it is not. Transformation means to change form. We often say transformation when we mean change and they are not the same thing. Transformation is a total makeover while change is a different perspective on the same issue. For example, to change may involve not calling someone ten times a day. A transformation would be deleting their phone number and never calling them again.

Transformation requires an energetic shift into a new frequency and vibration, where we are no longer returning to the past in the hope that something will change. We are not limiting our lives in the present because of something that happened in the past. And we are not waiting for an acknowledgement of our suffering to move on from a situation that is a source of constant trauma and pain.

As Cher sang, ‘If I could turn back time, if I could find a way, I would take back the words that have hurt you, and you would stay.’ I remember when that song was released I was going through a challenge with someone I loved deeply and I had made some choices that had to be made at the time but that had also placed our relationship in limbo. How often did I think about turning back time to undo those choices. How many times did I replay our final conversations over and over, wondering what I could have done differently. In the end, I had to walk away because I was not going to be able to move on with my life until I did.

As painful as the past may be, it is a fixed moment in your life. And so is the energy and the timeline it creates until you decide to do something differently and allow transformation to occur. If you have the courage to allow transformation to occur and to allow a timeline to end even though you are not getting the validation you want, then you will be rewarded with a new more joyful timeline, a chance to use the past as a tool for empowerment, and to allow the energy of transformation to raise your vibe, shift your frequency, and move you into a new paradigm for your life.

That’s the formula for timeline shifting – are you ready and do you have the courage to proceed? It’s up to you, just remember you cannot change the past but you can change the timeline it has created in your life.

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