We’re beyond the midpoint of 2011 now and the big question we’re all asking is ‘Are we there yet?’ This has been a year of transformation, lessons, learning and choices. We have been asked, time and time again, whether we are sure of what we want. This month also begins with a new moon, a good time to create a wish list of areas in your life where you want more – more love, fun, excitement, joy, confidence and action. Are we ready to put ourselves first? Have we completed our karma? Is it time for us to let things go and if so, are we ready to fully release them and not let go and then look back, hoping they will catch up to us?

August gives us another chance to do that because it begins with a new moon and a Mercury Retrograde, this year’s second opportunity to re-view the past, repeat past behavior (or not), re-lease those things which no longer serve us and re-store our energies. We can use Mercury Retrograde in many different ways and too often we see these periods with dread, expecting the usual delays in communication and travel, computer problems, and general life upsets.

But Mercury Retro is more than that, it’s a time when we can take care of the little things that we put off because we don’t have time for them. In this next three weeks we will because they can come up in ways that we can’t ignore. If you haven’t backed up your computer in months and it crashes so you lose your work, this period will remind you that you need to take care of your life’s little details, both the outer and the inner ones. Have you been putting off making a choice or decision? Mercury retro will put you right in the middle of it so you have to do that.

So August begins with a strong reminder to prioritize, manage our time and energy, to not let things get away from us until our energy is scattered in 100 different directions. Then as we move through the month we will be able to create closure in many situations that have been nagging at us all year, mirroring lifetimes of experience. I’ve been seeing many people with choices to make about family responsibilities, commitments and connections and how they can learn to create balance among them. In August you can answer the question, ‘Who comes first in your life?” and re-assess whatever has been a priority for you to ensure sure that what is getting your time, energy and attention is also serving your dreams.  Have a wonderful month.

Jennifer Hoffman


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