This Easter Sunday was much different from those of the past few years for me. There was a new brightness in the air that fueled the feeling of anticipation and excitement I have had for the past week. I was sitting in church this morning, listening to the sermon and thinking about Easter’s symbolism and then a new realization hit me, this is the “Second Coming” we have been waiting for. And in April we find an opening door, support from every angle, and a Universe poised to see what we are going to do next.

The second coming of Christ, which has been anticipated for centuries as when we would be released from our human bondage on earth, was always thought to be a time when Jesus would come down from heaven, in physical form, and take us back with him (or some version of that). I think that many of us had a secret hope that it would be a combination of Ghostbusters and Terminator, the final battle between the good guys and the bad guys, with us standing on the sidelines, cheering on our rescuer.

But while this is the story we have believed, it is a false assumption that has led us to think that ascension would come from forces outside of us. And so we have waited for the second coming, to be saved, rescued, validated, vindicated, absolved and forgiven for sins that we never committed. Our only sin (or separation) lies in our belief that we are disconnected from Source. We are the second coming, it is our connection to our own Christed Consciousness that has led us to this moment. Jesus didn’t say he would come and rescue us, he repeatedly said, “This you can do and more.” He just showed us that ascension is possible, the rest is up to us. We’re there now and no one is coming to rescue us because we don’t need it, we are who we have been waiting for, it has been within us all along and we can now become it and live our lives through this aspect of our being.

It’s time to trade in our crown of thorns for a crown of stars and start shining.

Since the beginning of 2013 we have been processing our disappointment at what we thought would be a world-changing ascension event fizzle into a what was a rather uneventful end of December, then January and February were filled with one clearing opportunity after another. Just when we thought we had finished with our healing work, another chance to go even deeper came up. By the end of March we were gasping for air and wondering whether there was ever going to be an end to this endless journey. The convergence of planets in the sign of Pisces assisted in our healing journey. In April, those planets are in Aries, the sign of the pioneer and it’s time to take action. (All of you Aries please read the next paragraph before you get too excited!)

With April’s energy we have everything we need to take those first steps and they are first steps. It’s not time to jump in the pool without a plan, but to consider our options based on our intention. With Mercury still in its shadow until April 6, the final details may not be clear, be sure to follow your internal guidance, ask lots of questions and then listen for the answers. In early April we have nearly all of the personal planets in Aries and they’re square Pluto, inviting transformation in a very no-nonsense way. This doesn’t happen outside of your will but Pluto has a way of tearing things down when the time is right, even if we don’t think that it’s the right time. April’s energy is building to the next Uranus/Pluto square on May 20, another point of transformation that will expand on what we have created this month.

We have a new moon April 10 that may bring lots of relationship issues to the forefront, starting with our most important relationship, the one we have with ourselves. Do you really love, value, honor and respect yourself? That may be tested this month as you see the mirror of your value in others. Remember to not take this personally and use any experiences to check in with yourself. How others love you is a mirror of your self love. The full moon lunar eclipse of April 25 will have a hurry up/slow down feeling to it as we are compelled to take action but to do it in a considered, thoughtful way.

April’s energy invites us to move forward in new ways, starting with intention and intuitive guidance. We can take action now but that doesn’t start with getting off the couch, it begins with being grounded, centered and aligned with our intention, then the next step becomes clear. When we move forward from our point of intention, we ensure that we have integrated the energy we wish to embody. When we partner with our intuition, we stay aligned with our human/divine partnership and that allows us to receive the guidance we need to make choices that best serve us.

We are surrounded by potential this month and it is what we choose to align with that will manifest for us.  Just because everything is possible doesn’t mean we want it or that it is useful to us. And most change or transformation takes you from your comfort zone, or what is familiar to you, to your discomfort zone, the new and unknown and which can be fairly uncomfortable at first. Choose what serves your intentions for joy, peace, love, and abundance and that is what you will create in your life and that enables it for the world too. The shift into 5D has already happened, the energies are there for us to align with and use now. Trust and have faith in the process and in a loving, benevolent Universe that has been waiting to welcome you back to your Christed Consciousness for a very long time. Have a wonderful month.


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