It is a terrible feeling to be stuck, with its accompanying indecision, fear, lack of motivation, and uncertainty. We’re often stuck because the way forward is a big change we aren’t ready to make or there are other factors, like fear of success or criticism, that we use to limit our success and expansion. While we may use outside sources to maintain our stuckness its actual source is within us – we create our own blocks and limitations. And we do it for good reason that benefits us in the short term. If you’re stuck and you really want to expand out of it, you just need to  ‘raise the BAR’ by changing beliefs, alignments, and how you receive.  Let’s get started.


Beliefs are the foundation of our energy field. They are the ‘food of thought’ as they create our thoughts. When we feel stuck we are the victim of our own belief system which tells us we cannot move into a bigger potential, higher frequency, or a more expanded state of being. As long as we allow our limiting beliefs to lead the way we’ll resist any transformation and once we expand our beliefs to accommodate a new reality, we won’t be stuck within our old belief systems any more.

Alignment refers to how we co-operate with energy and work with it. When we are aligned we are ‘in line’ with something. We vibrate at the same frequency, we share an energetic pathway, and we are in synch with its reality. Without alignment any change or transformation feels wrong, impossible, and out of our reach. 

Receiving is the second part of manifestation. We ask and then we have to step aside and receive. But our ability to receive is limited by our feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy, our fear of change, and more importantly, fear of criticism and judgment for our success and new opportunities. Whatever limits our ability to receive also limits our ability to manifest and keeps us stuck in a reality that no longer serves us and cannot support our new intentions.

We feel stuck when we are between two worlds – the uncomfortable comfort zone of a reality we no longer want to be in and the even more uncomfortable reality that we want to be in but which requires a major shift in beliefs, alignment, and what we allow ourselves to receive. There is no transformation without an accompanying price to pay in terms of changing our beliefs to align with the outcome our intention invites us to accept.

So when you’re feeling stuck ask yourself what you are trying to avoid in creating a new reality that offers joy, fulfillment, success, and opportunities to expand your energy to align with a higher frequency. What is the price you have to pay in terms of shifting beliefs and receiving? Are you willing to pay the price? If not you’ll do everything you can to avoid the transformation until you’re ready to accept your joy and align with that frequency to create the joyful, fulfilling life you intend for yourself.


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