How do we know when it’s time to stop blooming and move on because when we are finished where we are. The final choice is up to us but there are several considerations we have to make to get completion and closure. One of those is deciding we are ready to move on and the other is to stop waiting for others to be finished with their healing.

One year after I wrote an article entitled ‘Bloom Before You Go‘ that was a message to me, to be happy where I was now so I could have closure here and create the energetic paradigm for my new location from a place of joy, I got another message, bloom time was over, it was time to go. Other places are calling me and I am ready to go. I had done all of the blooming I could, ‘grow time’ is over and it’s now ‘go time’

I did my best to bloom, to be happy in a place where I was very unhappy, to put the lessons I had learned in place were I was and to seek fulfillment there, instead of dashing out the door at the first opportunity.

And I did that successfully, there was nothing more for me to do now but since I had decided to be at my highest vibes even though I did not want to be there, that was the energy I was taking to my new place.

I know I have put this article in the context of moving to a new area but this is part of every life transformation. The energy we leave with is the energy we start our new life path with.

We do have to ‘bloom where we are’ before we can move on because things are not always better somewhere else. And we have work to complete where we are so we can move on to another place at a higher vibe.  If we move on when we’re resentful, miserable, and unhappy, we’ll take that energy with us into the new place AND we will attract a place with that kind of energy.

It can seem like we’re the last in line, that others get to move on while we have to stay in a place where we really are not happy, don’t fit, and don’t seem to resonate with the energy of the place at all.

But eventually it is time to move on. That day of release we have long been awaiting finally comes around for us.

There’s another reason why we stay in places longer than we need to and this is part of the ‘bloom before you go’ lesson. Sometimes that lesson is for us to take control over when we are finished, when we give a voice to our soul’s desire to expand into new potentials and abandon our quest to heal everyone or change the world.

Sometimes that’s hard to do because we want to make sure that we have fulfilled our entire purpose where we are, learned all of its lessons, and done all we could do.

Sometimes the fulfillment of that life purpose is how many people we heal and transform. So we hang around, sending small or large hints at them to get on with it so we can move on. But, here’s an insight flash for you, our life purpose and life path movement do not depend on what anyone does with their healing.

Our mission is to put the information in front of them and let them choose. This is how we honor their energetic sovereignty.

Imagine what would happen if you went to a restaurant and after the server brought your food, they tied a bib around your neck, sat next to you, and fed you every bite, also telling you that you had to eat everything on your plate or you would not get dessert. You would probably think they were mad and would never go to that restaurant again.

Mostly, though, we don’t want to repeat lessons in our new place, we want a new beginning.

My geraniums are in full bloom now, although winter is approaching and they will die with the first frost. They know that their blooming season is nearly over but they’re giving me one final burst of beauty before they go. They could just stop blooming because they’re going to die anyway — we have already had a few cold mornings, and they know that winter is coming.

But they are blooming until the end, going out with a glorious finale and that’s how I’m going to go too. When we know it’s time to go we can stop blooming, wait, hold back on our joy but it’s much more fun to keep blooming as we walk out the door.

The decision to move on is often hard depending on how we view it. If we want to have perfection and completion, and we have created expectations about how that will look, we may never go because we will be waiting for something that may  never happen.

But if we focus on our needs and how we feel, and what our heart tells us is right for us, then knowing when to stop blooming and go will be clear.

That doesn’t mean we have to pull up our blooms by the roots before it’s time, we can continue to bloom as we prepare for the next steps. In fact, it’s easier to plan for new beginnings when we’re in a place of joy than when we’re miserable and unhappy.

Wouldn’t we rather move from joy to joy, than hope that the next place will be better than where we are? I have run away from unhappiness too many times to know that unfinished business finds its way into my suitcases and follows me to my new place, no matter how much I want it to just disappear.

The timing of this realization is classic, as a year ago I got the message to ‘bloom before I go’ and I did. I focused on being grounded and happy right where I am. It wasn’t easy because I really wanted to move on, but I also knew that I did not want to repeat these lessons in my new place.  

Now, a year later, the message is clear again, ‘know when it’s time to stop blooming’, prepare for the next steps, while I am enjoying the beauty of the present moment. It’s all going to happen with divine timing, which is not a matter of time, it’s a process of energy flow. And if we disconnect from our current space while we’re in full bloom, just imagine what high vibes we are setting our energetic paradigms with for our new spaces.

Impatience is not going to make this happen any faster, since we can’t hurry our way into new beginnings. We can, but if we think we need to rush into them, then we’re running away from something that is going to follow us.

Closure must be clean and clear now, in all aspects. Taking responsibility for our reality means owning everything we created so we know what we don’t want to create in our next space.

And if we let new beginnings flow gracefully from the beauty of our blooms, then we can leave our old path with a glorious memory of beauty, rather than frustration, unhappiness, and anger. If you have been ‘blooming before you go’, it just may be time to stop blooming and gather your seeds so you can plant them somewhere else.

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