On my recent trip to Europe I took the train from Amsterdam to Paris. The trip, which was supposed to take 3 hours had a 3 hour delay and the electrical outlets on my car weren’t working, meaning there was no way to charge our devices. Now a very well dressed woman had gotten on the train just before the delay and while she was rather rude and angry, I just observed her behavior and said nothing.

Then, when it was obvious that the train delay was going to be rather long and the people around me were getting worried about how to charge their devices, I got my super duper device charger out of my bag and invited others to use it, including the rude, angry woman.

As our devices were charging we began to talk and then shared our snacks. The delay created a wonderful compassion vortex of joyful energy that turned an unanticipated delay into an opportunity to share light and energy.

And the woman who wasn’t very nice opened up to laugh and talk with everyone else. I am sure the experience is one she will remember.

We can inspire others by observing them and responding to their needs. We don’t have to push or shove them onto the healing path. Often, we can just be ourselves and open the portal to the light, they will step in when they are ready.

Enjoy this week’s newsletter story:

As you watch the video ask yourself how you can open light portals for others and give them the freedom to walk through – or not – and know that just by extending the invitation your healing work is accomplished. Enjoy the video.


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