to bring your secret dreams to life

to start living your life on purpose

to stop experiencing lessons and start living in joy

it is time for you to shine and you know that there is something else you could or should be doing

but you keep getting dragged into drama and chaos

your life feels like it’s out of control

you want to have more joy, peace, love, and abundance but you are stuck in the same cycles of healing

Why is this happening to you?

Soul karma is the path of destiny, the one we have been on for lifetimes.


Do you wonder why your life is hard and you deal with difficult people all the time?

Do you struggle with money, finances, and having enough for yourself?

Do you repeat the same kinds of relationships, get the same kinds of results,  and you don’t know why?

How often do you say ‘never again’ and then you’re in another drama cycle?

Are you tired of feeling powerless, afraid, and out of control?

Soul Karma is the source of limitation in your life.


SOUL CONTRACTS are your karma connection

Do you feel ‘different’ in your family and never really connected with them?

Are you on ‘relationship repeat’ cycles and you seem to attract the same type of people?

Do you often feel left out, confused, and rejected? 

Do you wish you could have support and guidance from the people in your life but you never do?

Soul contracts are the source of karma cycles in your life.


SOUL KARMA is the destiny of our life path

Our lives are controlled by destiny and the desire to fulfill our karma.

That’s why we choose the same people, situations, and limitations over and over.

We want to be validated, vindicated, and to heal our past.  

Soul karma is complicated, difficult, and painful. It is the destiny of healing, suffering, pain, and trauma.

When does that happen – when are we free of our karma?

First we have to be aware that our soul is involved in karma too, its energy is limited by our belief that we have to heal others, to have our suffering vindicated and validated.

While we say we want to have freedom and to be happy, our secret desire is to have someone acknowledge our contribution to their healing and to apologize for the pain they caused us.

This traps our soul into a karma cycle and creates soul karma.

Without SOUL KARMA you have energy sovereignty

Energy sovereignty is the state of being in control of your energy, creating your reality with intention, serving yourself first, being in charge of your connections, and managing your reality with confidence, clarity, and congruence.

You have FREEDOM  to choose because you are no longer controlled by soul karma, soul cycles, soul groups, and the destiny of healing, reconciliation, retribution, and bringing others to the light. 

This is your path to having freedom from karma.


It’s time for a SOUL KARMA SHOWDOWN:


There comes a time when we must reclaim our energy sovereignty and say no to the karma path.

There comes a time when we must choose between wanting validation and having victory over our soul karma.

There comes a time when we want to move on, to abandon the karma path, to experience a life in joy rather than in pain.

And there comes  a time when the Universe supports us in releasing our karma and that time is now. 

We can have a relationship with our divine complement instead of the trauma and drama of soulmates.

We can leave our soul groups to create our energetic family.

Our soul contracts can end, we no longer need to be the healer, light source, guide, and martyr for the karma path.

And our Source contracts that have kept us in energy bondage for lifetimes can end without guilt, shame, or fear of failure.



The Soul Karma paradigm is the 45aspects of karma that we embody in energy and physical form.

They are the source of all of our pain, suffering, limitations, and sabotage.

These are:

Soul mates – the people who share energy trauma and karma with us

Soul Groups – the group we incarnate with who share our soul karma

Soul Cycles – the cycles of lifetimes and trauma we engage in to heal them and ourselves

Soul Contracts – the agreements we make for healing others and bringing them to the light

Source Contracts – the contract we make with Source that commits us to the healing path

Yes we can heal and release Soul Karma and once we do we have total energy sovereignty.

We are no longer committed to healing  others.

We are no longer connected to trauma and pain and suffering.

We no longer have our life path planned according to our destiny healing path and can choose our own path.

We no longer have to live in 3D density and are free to align with, integrate, and embody 5D energy – which is karma free. 




The SOUL KARMA Masterclass is a 2 hour class covering everything related to our karma – soulmates, soul groups, soul cycles, soul contracts, and Source contracts.

Did you know that you have a contract with Source which binds you to a path of karma? You will learn what that is and how to release it (and why you absolutely must release it now).

You’ll get Jennifer’s detailed and informative training, worksheets, pre-work to prepare you for the Masterclass and it’s all recorded for you too.

Includes: 2 hour live class with replay and audio/video recordings, worksheets, and pre-work module.

Sign up now – only $97 for the final days of Pluto in Capricorn special as we move from 3D to 5D.

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  •  Discussion of soulmates, soul groups, soul cycles, and their soul limitations
  • The Source contract promise and how to end it now to reclaim your soul’s energy, identity, and freedom
  • Soul reconnection of the 4 Cardinal Energy Pathways
  • Release Source contract meditation
  • Introduction of the Divine Complement, the 5D love and relationship paradigm
  • Create your Divine Complement Blueprint
  • Next steps to release CORE karma energies and reclaim your energy sovereignty

AND an option for individual coaching (select that option on your order form) with 4 coaching sessions.

Special  Masterclass price is $97 (save $100) – LIVE class is at 2:00PM US EDT January 21, 2024

You have instant access after registration and lifetime access to program materials.  4 Session coaching option available on checkout form


Get 4 20 minute personal coaching sessions with Jennifer  for $347 (a $600 value) – available on your checkout form. Sessions are recorded and audio and video downloads provided.


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