Some squirrels have moved into my home’s attic, which is not a good thing. They are messy and chew on everything, and can be quite destructive. Not to mention that I occasionally hear them running around above my head and I’m dreading the day when one of them might drop through the ceiling into my house. But they’re a small sign of a bigger issue that I need to take care of, which is replacing my home’s roof. If I had a new roof, I probably wouldn’t have the squirrel problem and their presence has become the deciding factor in getting the roof replaced now. It’s a small challenge pointing me towards a bigger issue.

I was hoping to negotiate the roof replacement after I sold my house. But since it has not sold yet and I do need a new roof because squirrels are chewing through this one, it’s a situation I have to take care of now. This is an expensive repair as roof prices start at around ten thousand dollars, the weather has to be right, I’ll have roofers at the house for at least two days, and the entire roof of my house will be removed and then replaced. Considering what is going on in my life, this is yet example of how a small issue reveals a bigger, more important issue and how all things are connected.

The current energy flows and shifts are bringing up immediate problems while highlighting the existence of deeper challenges. My squirrels are a nuisance and they highlight the need for a new roof but more than that, they also highlight completion for me. Rather than waiting to sell the house to think about the roof, I need to do it now. From an energetic perspective, it’s ‘finishing off’ the work I have done here. Think about what a roof is, the cap or top, it’s also the last thing that is put on the house when the outside structure is built.

What little challenges are you experiencing now that are pointing to a bigger picture challenge? The difficult partner, co-worker, or neighbor is an immediate concern that may be highlighting a bigger challenge around your boundaries, how you limit your joy, how much  pain you are willing to tolerate to avoid confrontation, what you will do to ensure that you are loved or valued by someone, or your fear of success. When people intrude on your boundaries, they’re showing you where your energy is leaking and is not contained, where you give your power away, or do not own your power. Maybe they can intrude on your boundaries because they don’t exist, or you move them around depending on who you want to attract into your life.

As I have shared many times, boundaries aren’t about keeping people out of your life, although they will have that effect, they are how we manage our energy flows. With strong boundaries you set an energetic admission price for your life, as well as how you will extend your energy to others and allow them to connect with you. People who can understand and are willing to honor the boundary’s admission price don’t even notice the boundaries; those who cannot will not be able to connect with you. One of my best boundaries is this affirmation, ‘Everyone in my life loves, honors, and respects me.’  All that says is everyone who wants to enter your life has to be able to love, honor, and respect you. Everyone who can’t do that won’t want to or be able to connect with you.

I will call a removal service to get the squirrels out of the attic, then I’ll put a new roof on my house. It is the topping off of my work here, putting a new covering on the foundation, capping off the structure, and, since I am replacing a wood shingle roof with composition tiles, putting a stronger boundary in place (one that squirrels can’t chew through).

Here are some ways you can set stronger boundaries in your life:

  1. Make them positive and avoid using negative words like won’t, don’t, never, or can’t.
  1. Make them general, since they are about energy, instead of naming specific people because one person simply represents an energetic connection. If you have been treated disrespectfully by a friend, then your boundary should be focused on being treated respectfully by everyone because that friend is the small issue that is allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.
  1. Be clear about how they serve you. Boundaries work best when they enhance aspects of your life, and it’s easier to get clear about how you want to feel instead of what you don’t want to experience. You can create positive boundary statements by making a list of what doesn’t serve you and writing each thing as a positive boundary statement.
  1. Use them to claim your power, so make sure they’re strong and confident. Use words like deserve, respect, honor, compassion, cherish, love, and other words that inspire and encourage you.
  1. Don’t worry about how they impact others. If your boundaries prevent people from connecting with you, then there was something limiting about that connection and it was an energy drain. People can always be part of your life, once they are willing to respect your boundaries.

Are you ready to use boundaries in positive, powerful ways and use the small issues in your life to get clear about your big picture? Are your boundaries secure and strong or do you need some minor issues (which may not feel so minor), to help you see the bigger picture? It’s never too late to make changes, as long as you are clear about what you want and are willing to use these changes to serve yourself and your life in more powerful ways that serve your desire to have love, peace, joy, honor, respect, and whatever else you want, in your life.

And as a side note, the squirrels in the attic will be humanely trapped and released into the wild, far away from my house, which has to be done before the new roof can be installed.


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