As we enter a new month we have a new mission and it is the harvest, the gathering up, processing, and storing of food for the upcoming winter. Until the birth of grocery stores, refrigeration, and freezing, this was the focus at this time of the year, and I think we should bring some of that back. We have lost touch with the natural rhythm of life and have traded convenience for congruence with nature.

Don’t get me wrong, I love modern conveniences but if you know me you know that I do enjoy more traditional methods of food preparation and this is a time when I harvest my garden’s bounty, can, freeze, and prepare my food for winter, and begin to think about cooler temperatures and warmer clothes.

As we enter September we break free from the intense retrograde activity of the last weeks of August, but we have our assignments to clean up, clear out, restore, and restock our energy. September’s theme is convergence as these energies come together and we have yet another opportunity to assess our ascension path from a new angle, working from the desired outcome back to the present.

There is a futuristic note to this month’s 7 vibe and multi-tasking is going to get us where we want to be. Let’s discuss it in the September Energy report.

This is the beginning of the season that I truly enjoy with its cooler temperatures during the day and especially at night, as the leaves change color and the sky turns that brilliant blue that you only see at this time of the year. September begins harvest season as farmers and gardeners reap the bounty of their efforts during the summer. If you have ever worked on the farm, you know that autumn is a busy season as you rush to harvest before the weather makes it difficult or ruins your crops.

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This is our gathering time, the time to bring in the harvest and with the harvest comes the winnowing, where we separate the wheat from the chaff, what we want to take with us on the next part of our journey and what is no longer relevant or resonant. And if you’re a gardener like me, it’s time to can, freeze, and preserve the bounty of your garden. While I enjoy modern conveniences and the availability of grocery stores, the state of the food industry and my own thrifty nature means I mostly make my own food and stock up now.

September is for action with an eye on both the past and the future, taking stock of where we have come from with an equally discerning eye on where we are going next. We’re preparing for the future as we are simultaneously winding down the past.

So this is not a month for solitude, solitary contemplation, meditation, or spending too much time reviewing the past, in spite of September’s retrogrades and 7 vibe. This is a month for the future, opening new pathways, and considering other options, and for looking at what we have been creating on our life path. Even with a hefty slate of retrograde action, September is a month to take action and to be part of the action, creating our own action as we embrace our power and empowerment and light our own path.

September is a 7 vibration which is the number of the seeker so many astrologers say it’s a time for introspection, solitude, and contemplation. And I disagree strongly. To be honest, I am tired of being told to contemplate, rest, go inward, and stop every month. As an Aries this goes against my nature but just as many astrologers tell you to avoid doing anything while Mercury is retrograde, that aspect encompasses up to 39 weeks a year. There are only 52 weeks in a year.  Does this mean that I have only 13 weeks a year to get stuff done? Poppycock or bollocks as my UK friends would say. In France we would say ‘n’importe quoi’. Let’s take a new look at 7 as the number of the harvest and future directed action.

7 is between 6, the number of descension and 8, the number of infinite regeneration and renewal. And 2023 is a 7 year so we have double 7 energy this month. According to many astrologers we should all be comatose for the month but we’re going to take a different route because we like taking action and there are a few things about September’s energy that make this a perfect month to put it in gear, put the pedal to the metal, and get out of the driveway.

Remember the big energy downloads of August, which was a 6 month? I know there was a lot of energy moving because I spent a lot of time cooking, cleaning, organizing, and catching up on old projects. This  September we are not going to use the 7 energy (we will address Virgo season in a minute) to meditate and spend time in solitude. We’re going to use it for harvesting, winnowing, separating, deciding, and taking intentional, direct, and guided action towards the future. And if you’re a silent, suffering Virgo we’re going to express the empowered mastery side of Virgo, not the Martyred Healer, and act as a source of inspiration and being of service, not the obedient servant who is in service.

This month’s 7 vibe is many things –  harvesting, gathering, planning the future, taking action, and managing our change and transformation. Once again I looked at the tarot cards for inspiration, but I did not look at the 7 which is the 1+6 of September 2023, I look at the 16 which is the card of the Tower, the card of misfortune, calamity, and unstoppable change. I always think of the Tower as being the force that comes into play when you avoid, delay, resist, or prevent change from happening until it just happens by itself, usually in a rather disastrous way because through our delay tactics we have lost control of the process.

And if you also consider the energy theme of September which is convergence, it’s best to be in action mode and in control of the process as the driver, rather than trying to keep up and take notes while the process is careening down the road with no one at the wheel. Listen to the podcast to hear the story of how someone who was very process oriented in one of my university classes was nearly seriously hurt because she refused to acknowledge our warnings. It is a rather funny story with a happy ending.

The Tower card, to me, represents the divine retribution meted out to people and situations whose arrogance and hubris lead them to believe they are above or out of reach of x, that there is no consequence to their actions, or that they can do whatever they want and act out of integrity with the divine nature of the universe and blithely act out of entitlement and a sense of their own importance. Well, as the old saying goes, ‘pride goeth before a fall’ and some of these people are going to see a spectacular end to the path they have been on, and they will fall from their ivory towers with a resounding thump. Maybe they should have spent time preparing their wings instead of  padding their bank accounts.

And I am not talking about only politicians or global figures here, although they are included in the mix. I am also talking about some people in the self help and spiritual communities who have been acting without any sense of ethics or integrity, divine or material, or regard for their audiences. I always thought that about Sylvia Brown, someone who could have done great things but who ended up being just another grifter and then one day I read that she passed away. She is not the only one this has happened to in the past 20 years.

Doreen Virtue, the former ‘angel diva’ had been a leading Hay House author and producer of books on many spiritual topics suddenly decided that she no longer believed in that work and made her very vocal and radical exit  from the spiritual industry. To be honest, I found it very disingenuous of her to badmouth an industry that made her a multi-millionaire and then go after the Christian market in the same way. It’s going to be the case for many people although most won’t pass away, they are going to see a quick end to their audiences and their presence.

September’s energy will bring about the endings and closure that you have avoided, ignored, or resisted and now the forces of the universe will conspire together to make this a reality for you. After August’s inflection point energy, this is going to take us farther down the path of transformation and ground our new paths in our reality because as everything comes together, or converges, it will either catapult us into a new path or make us realize that our current path is no longer relevant, resonant, sustainable, or bearable.

Convergence means to come together but not as in a friendly gathering. For us this month it means the paths that we have worked so hard to keep separate and apart are going to start to merge. Let’s look at a few –

Your intentions for yourself and your life that compete for your time and attention with your responsibilities and commitments to others

Your plans to ‘some day’ do something or take care of something suddenly become today’s priorities

The conversations and decisions you have avoided because you do not want to hurt someone’s feelings, make waves, or cause problems become today’s topics of discussion simply because you ‘can’t take it any more’

The job you have wanted to quit gets rid of you and makes it necessary for you to start that business you have been avoiding for a long time even though it is what you want

And the life changes you have been considering from a distance suddenly become your top concern or consideration because you get sick, a deadline looms, or the foundation drops out of whatever you have been using to support your life and lifestyle. This includes the end of relationships, living arrangements, where you live and who you live with, and your life choices that once were the best thing for you  now no longer work, make sense, or are desirable.

What was once part of the convergence of energies in your life, where you did your best to bring energies together and force them to cooperate, are now divergent, they are expressing their true nature and the result is like an orchestra where every instrument is playing a different song.

We can spend a lot of time maneuvering ourselves into place before we make any actual move. And that can be a problem. In our attempts to set ourselves up for the perfect landing we circle aimlessly around the situation waiting for the right moment to move or set things in motion.

Can you imaging being on an airplane and approaching your destination, plotting how you’re going to run through the airport because you have a connecting flight, and the pilot spends an hour circling around the airport trying to maneuver the plane to plan for the perfect landing. I have been in many airplanes and the passengers are willing to tolerate some rough landings, as long as the plane lands safely and they can leave to complete the next part of their journey.

So if you’re looking at your current situation   are you making maneuvers or moves? Are you planning for the right moment or taking action now? I’m not suggesting that you act without adequate preparation, I am saying that endless preparation does not prepare you to act, it just lets you think that you are.

All of this convergence is supported by the extraordinary number of retrogrades we have as September opens which includes all the planets, either by retrograde or association, with the Sun and the Moon (they never go retrograde). This doesn’t last all month as Venus goes direct on September 3rd but Jupiter goes retrograde on September 4th in Taurus, Venus’ sign of Rulership so it does maintain some of its retrograde energy by association.

Retrogrades mean that the planets go back over ground they have already covered, allowing us to reconsider and review the path we took during their direct motion. If you have noticed for the past few months we have been covering a lot of old ground, review past choices and decisions and reviewing them for relevance and resonance. Pay attention to those two words as they become very important this month and through the rest of the year.

September’s new moon on the 15th is in Virgo, reminding us that 3D karma is one choice for our path but 5D  creation is another choice we can make. It’s up to us whether we are facing the past or the present and we cannot face in both directions. If we face the past our back is to the present. If we face the present our back is to the past. The past contains useful information that can guide us in the present, but it cannot be our driving force unless we want to stay in the karmic cycles, healing, and repeats of the past.

On the 21st we have the Autumn Equinox (spring for those of you in the southern hemisphere) when the sun moves into Libra. Isn’t it interesting that in a month when we’re facing big choices and decisions, convergence, and choosing between the past and present that the sign of balance, Libra, makes its entrance. This reminds us that every choice requires balance. Not equality or equity, but the synergistic flow of spiritual and material, of human and divine, of giving and receiving so that our energetic bank account is never overdrawn or depleted.

And on the 29th we have a full moon in Aries, which will inspire us to wrap up September with a final frenzy of action before we move into October and an eclipse cycle.

I have said that this is a month to prepare for the future and we should even though the only moment we have is the present moment, the moment in which we are breathing. Everything that we do is in preparation for the future because the future is any moment beyond the present moment.

I was thinking about that and the perspective I have on this comes from French (my native language) which has two words to represent the future. ‘Le futur’ is a noun and refers to a specific moment in time, situation, or event in an upcoming time frame.

Another word for future is ‘avenir’ which means ‘what is to come’. This is a more fluid, unpredictable, and less rigid way to refer to the future and it is the word for September.

What we do in the present moment creates an energetic pathway for what is to come. You know that if we plan for the future and set those plans in stone they won’t work out the way we anticipated. Instead, if we look at the future as ‘what is to come’ and set the energies in motion to create a most benevolent outcome we will get something that closely resembles our desired intention plus a bonus. Remember my free trip to France – I got paid for going which was a bonus.

September is the end point of this high energy period which began in May, in what I have been predicting to be a period of great chaos and change. And it has been. A lot has been revealed and most is to come, along with the action of resolution as these dark agendas converge into a brilliant flash of light. It makes me think of the old Star Wars tv series when they tried to avoid having the matter and anti-matter energies collide. This is the dark forces colliding with the truth and the forces of light and it’s not going to be pretty or fun for those who are pushing the dark. If you have wanted vindication, this may be it and at the very least, it will be fun to watch the ivory towers tumble and their arrogant occupants along with them.

As I stated earlier, September is not a month to sit back, relax, go on a silent retreat (I have never understood why anyone would want to do that), meditate, or spend too much time contemplating the past. It’s a month for intentional action, directed transformation, clearing out, cleaning up, establishing boundaries, and choosing the path of the Martyred healer or the empowered master. I know which one I prefer, how about you?

Remember you never make a wrong choice or a bad choice. Every choice feels like the right and best one at the time you make it. It’s only afterwards, after you live with the consequences of your choices, that you judge them. Don’t do that. Let the convergence energy of September show you what’s working now and what’s beyond its use by date and then make course corrections accordingly, with loving attention to what is in your highest and best good and leaving all criticism and judgment out of the process.

It’s time for you to remember that you always do your best, you are your best source of inspiration, and you achieve balance when you let relevance and resonance figure into your choices and decisions and insist that you receive as much as you give because you deserve to have a life filled with joy that you enjoy.

Have a great month.


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