This is an Archangel Uriel channeled message.

Those of you who are currently empowering the ascension cycle are among the ascension pioneers who have achieved the level of energetic frequency and vibration to ground the 3D/5D integration and lay the foundation for heaven on earth. Your path has often been met with disapproval and criticism from those whose opinions and connections you value. Many of you struggle with understanding who you are and what you should do as the paths that are available to you are so different from those of the people around you. In a world where it is important to have the approval of others, it is one thing that is often denied to you. But you often seek approval from those who cannot give it to you and who are not on a similar ascension path as yours. Are you seeking security, safety, and congruence with approval? Whose approval is important to you, yours or that of others?

Seeking approval means asking others for their validation of who you are and what you are doing. If this is important to you then you will change what you do until you obtain others’ approval and you will be more like them, conforming to their opinion of the type of person that you should be or what you should be doing. When others do not approve of you, do you understand that it is because your knowing and presence are an unfamiliar energy they cannot align with?

Someone who is critical and judgmental of you is acting out of fear because they do not understand your energy and cannot be part of your energy space. Once you can see their fear of you their judgment can no longer matter.

How can you be afraid of someone who is afraid of you?

Because everything in the Universe is a mirror of all, if you are experiencing disapproval from someone and it inspires fear in you, examine your fear and consider your history of persecution, judgment, and its effects on your lifetimes. Do you approve of yourself? If not, anyone can cause you to question and doubt your motives, even when their disapproval is based on their own fear.

Are you satisfied with yourself, your actions, and with what you are doing? Or are you self-judgmental and self- critical? Remember that everything in your reality starts with you, and you will see your own emotions, beliefs and opinions about yourself reflected in your reality. To gain others’ approval, you must start by approving of yourself and ensure that you are seeking approval from those with similar energies, ascension paths, and soul missions.

Acknowledging your own perfection is the first step towards approving of yourself. Everything that you do is perfect at the time you are doing it. You see its imperfection when your perspective changes and that is merely a shift that precedes a corresponding change in your reality. Instead of staying stuck in disapproval, your next step is to question your need for approval. Why do you fear your critics? Does their opinion matter to your ascension path? Can you embrace your energetic sovereignty in the face of others’ judgments?

You will experience the disapproval of others from time to time; do not let it stop you on your path. Acknowledge their judgment and criticism as an expression of their fear that they cannot align with your energy, and disengage.

At this time forward momentum is critical.

Consider whose approval you seek and why it is important to you.

Are you willing to make changes to who you are and what you do to obtain their approval?

Can you see their fear and feel compassion for them while also disengaging your emotions from their judgments?

Are you willing to move forward on your own path in spite of others’ lack of approval?

The only approval that you need in your life is your own and when you approve of yourself, you will move towards your own ‘heaven on earth’ and that invites like-spirited people in your life who approve of you because they can share an  energetic frequency and vibrational space with you.


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