The Revolving Door

door-113355_640What goes up must come down, what goes in must come out, and what we invite into our lives has to wait to enter until we release whatever is currently occupying that space. We can’t be happy until we release our sadness, we can’t have abundance until we release our poverty consciousness, we cannot be a victor until we decide that we will no longer be empowered by our victim status. It’s a basic law of physics, two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

If we do this in the right way, it’s a revolving door, where the thing that leaves is walking side by side with whatever is coming in to replace it. If not, then we feel like we’re waiting for something to happen and that can feel like a really long wait.

If you have ever walked through a revolving door, getting through it successfully means that you have to keep walking. You can’t stand still or you will get pushed by the door or, block the progress of the people around you. And the door keeps moving, as people come in and out so you would look a little silly, standing in one of the partitions, getting pushed around by the door. But don’t we do that when we’re scared, tired, confused, or just want to quit? Then the door keeps moving and we have to move forward anyway, just not very gracefully or with a lot of dignity.

It is our desire for change that gets the revolving door moving but we often try to bring things into our life before we create space for them. So we try to embrace the new while still hanging onto the old. Or we want to bring in the new, just to be sure that it is coming in, and then we have to stop and decide what is leaving so there is space for something new. We are afraid to let go of what we have before we know that something is replacing it but that only means we aren’t sure the process is going to work.

Then there’s the stuck revolving door, where we are in the door and nothing is moving. If that has ever happened to you, you know that you are truly stuck. The only way to get out of the door is to move it, the partitions only access the openings when they are properly aligned. The question to ask, if this happens, is ‘Where am I out of alignment?’ which is also one of the seven aspects of your Expanded I AM presence. It’s almost always an alignment issue, which is required for intention to work, and we must be in integrity for the outcome to manifest, we also have to allow energy to move, know ourselves as masters, and understand manifestation as the constantly renewing cycle that is how we create our expanding reality and the paradigms for the foundation of the new earth.


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