I have to say it again, we’re entering another big period and by this time next week we’ll be experiencing the second full moon of this month which is also going to coincide with the retrograde of Uranus, giving us a grand total of 7 planets in retrograde. That’s a lot, as we’ll discuss in this week’s newsletter.

By now we are all watching the geopolitical stage with a mixture of shock, horror, disbelief, and other emotions as we see in full display the kabuki theatre that we once called governance.  Don’t classify ascension as something that is happening in the ethers, it is happening in full 3D panorama right in front of us.

The battle between the dark and the light may involve spiritual forces but it also involves earthly players as well. And this retro period, which extends through the rest of 2023, is going to wrap it all up in a neat bow and bring in the light.

Every calendar year we have a number of planets that have retrograde cycles  and this year is no different. Except this year and specifically this month, we will have 7 retrograde planets and that is a lot. The only planet that is not retrograde will be Mars and it did a 3 month retrograde in Gemini in 2022, ending it the first week of January 2023. That Mars retro is significant to what is happening now, more on that later.  If you wonder why I don’t mention the sun and the moon, it’s because they never go retrograde and they don’t figure in here.

Technically we can include the Sun in this group of retrogrades because Venus is currently retrograde in Leo, which is ruled by the sun. So that gives us a total of 8 planets in a field of 9. I think that is significant, don’t you?

What does all of this retrograde motion mean to us? Well, first of all retrogrades invite us to step back, review, use discernment, and pause before moving forward.  Mercury will be retrograde, which is always a significant factor in our daily lives. If you don’t believe me think back to the last Mercury retrograde and your car broke down, you lost your keys, you tripped or fell and hurt yourself, you missed an important phone call, or something happened that upset your plans. Mercury retrograde has a way of being very inconvenient, especially when we’re rushed, in a hurry, or juggling too many things at once.

Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, one of its  signs of rulership, although I have always thought that Chiron should be the ruler of Virgo, especially when we consider its lower or more negative aspects of being the Martyred Healer, servitude, self-judgment, and it can be a bit OCD. This Mercury retrograde is tied to the Mars in Gemini retrograde, also another sign of Mercury rulership and this retrograde brings up our karma, soul cycles, soul groups, karma cycles, and stories in a big way.

I want to introduce something I call the 4 karmic milestones, which involves the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This figures very prominently over the next 3 months which is why I am calling it to your attention now. You may thank me for it later.

On the karmic path we make our start in Gemini, the natural 3rd house and the ruler of karma as well as siblings, short trips, and communications. Gemini is our first introduction to our karmic  path, which begins at the moment of conception, not when we turn 18 or 21 years of age.  We choose our family because of our karmic obligations and missions so we are exposed to our karma from the first spark of life and for a very long time.

Remember in 2022 Mars had a 3 month long retrograde in  Gemini and started the year as it completed that retrograde. That was the first step in this karmic path journey that we are having now. Remember it isn’t just Mercury retrograde, it is a total of 7 planets (technically 8), including Venus, that are retrograde. And that is a lot.

With Mars opening the door of the karmic path in the 2023 retrograde cycle, we have the beginning of the karma in Gemini. This is where we get our karma card, we set out on our karmic journey and try, once again, to resolve our karmic issues with our soul group. From the moment of conception until our death or until we decide we will no longer engage in the karmic dance (because that is an option for us) we are dealing with our karmic issues.

And we deal with our karma with the same soul group, the same energies embodied in the same kinds of people over and over again. Do you think that this is the first time that your mother was jealous of you or that your husband left you for another woman? Do you think it’s the first time that you have had to deal with harsh life challenges or to be persecuted, rejected, abandoned, and betrayed by the people who are doing it to you now?

Hardly. This is a repeat, a recycle of old energies and experiences that we replay because we want resolution, retribution, validation or vindication but most of all, we want to bring these souls to the light, to heal them and to make them whole, to prove to ourselves that they really do love us and are capable of doing better. This is karma and it has probably worked out for you now in the same way as it has in the past. But that’s the end of our karma story, let’s go back to the beginning of this karmic journey.

How many of you knew your mother didn’t want you or did not want to be pregnant? How many of you are the product of a traumatic conception?  I have often wondered, as many of you have, why innocent babies and children have to go through the trauma of karma at such a young age but they do as you may have experienced.

If you have had strong karmic issues with your siblings, this is also part of your karmic path and it is also part of the Gemini legacy. You may hav been the outcast, the different one, the one who did not fit in with your siblings. Maybe you were the one who was left out, picked on, bullied, or traumatized. As a gift of the light to our karmic group we are often rejected by them because of the light we bring to the family and to our karmic group. A gift we have been to trying to give to them for lifetimes.

Then we move on to the sign of Virgo in our karmic xxpath. This is the house of work and health and our work on a soul level includes our karma. This is where we take on the martyred healer roles and aspects and become the servant to our karma. This is where we choose to be in service as a servant or of service as an empowered master. It is not an easy choice because it involves turning our back on the CORE karma issues, the things we have promised to resolve. It is part of our soul mission to be with these people and giving up is not something we do easily.

After Virgo we move onto Sagittarius, this is the house that governs law, philosophy, and higher thinking. If karma begins in Gemini it is resolved in Sagittarius, its higher aspect. Every sign  has its higher complement, which is the sign that is 180 degrees opposite, also called an opposition. If we are to complete this karmic journey and not repeat it then we have to deal with our philosophical issues around our karma, our own self imposed obligations to our CORE karmic issues.

Here we have to deal with our need for fulfillment, satisfaction ,and vindication. We have to decide whether the battle is worth the fight and how much longer we are willing to walk this karmic path.  On this step we look at the emotional issues and our pride because our pride takes a hit when we have to ‘give up, or that can be how we see it. If you know the sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, its downside can be arrogance, pride, and self aggrandizement.

From Sagittarius we move on to the fourth and final milestone on our karmic journey and that is the house of Pisces. The 12th house, also called the house of self undoing, the house that rules prisons, drugs, illusions, and self delusion. Here we deal with the spiritual side of our karmic journey, our source connection, our source contracts and soul promises. This is where we have made the promises of care, support, vindication, revenge, and blame that began our karmic journey but it is here that it either ends or the next round begins.

It is here that we either let ourselves off the karma hook or decide that we’re going to try one more time. No judgment either way but it does make a difference I our lives and in our life path. If we decide to have another go at the karma wheel with this soul group then we’re going to incarnate with them again, have the same experience or maybe worse, and come to the Pisces milestone in our journey again for a review of our karma to make this choice again, do we stop the karma dance or do we try it again?

In the 1920s and 1930s dance marathons were all the rage. These were contests that required couples to dance until they could dance no longer. Sometimes people collapsed from sheer fatigue, one person died on the dance floor, they were banned after several unfortunate incidents.  I have often said that karma is a dance and when one partner decides to stop dancing the dance is over for them. In the 4th step of our karma journey, the house of Pisces, we have to decide whether or not we will stop dancing.

But we have to do it while also realizing that we are not losing anything, we have not failed, and we are not wrong if we decide that we have had enough there is no blame or shame associated with deciding that we no longer want to engage in a karmic journey with our soul group. Especially after they have rejected and renounced us time and time again. Do you think we get tired of this kind of treatment? Of course we do. And you may be there too.

Since 2004, when I first began writing and channeling Archangel Uriel I have said that this is the lifetime that we will end our karma and with a rare Neptune in Pisces event, which happens every 165 years, we do have the forces of the universe on our side. But w have to understand two things: 

  1. That this is not a failure, it is actually an ending that spans lifetimes of suffering, and
  2. That the karmic lesson we always think belongs to others or is for the benefit of others is also for our benefit. Very often our karmic lesson is for us to let go of the CORE issues we have imposed on ourselves.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months because although we are at a karma crossroads, abandoning lifetimes of healing effort is no small feat. If we can resolve our need to provide healing and wholeness to people we see as broken, limited, and in the darkness with our desire to expand into the joy, peace, abundance, and divine harmony of 5D living, we may choose to leave the karma dance.

And one more thing. This is not just happening to us individually, this is a global event. It’s a power to the people moment, a chance to override centuries of overt and covert tyranny and break out of the 3D paradigm of control, domination, power over, disconnection, and systemic corruption into 5D living. This begins with the truth of who we are, something that has been defined by a scientific community whose agenda is to keep us limited, sick, and energetically isolated. If you watched my recent webinar about 5D DNA  and you can register here if you missed it, I talked about the fallacy of our DNA structure. OurDNA is an antenna that connects with the morphogenic energy field.

Do you really think that your DNA is only 2 strands plus a bunch of ‘junk’, as they call it? Why do we never see the ‘junk’ DNA shown on any images? Is that the truth? Or is our DNA a well ordered, organized, and energetically resonant and congruent structure that allows us to effortlessly connect with our Source energy? What do you think? Watch my webinar and learn for yourself, then sign up for the 13 Strand DNA Activation program and learn how you can organize and calibrate your 2 strand DNA into its 13 strand 5D model and access greater potentials for your life.

Karma is a 3D construct, there is no karma in 5D. This is one of the final parts of our ascension cycle, the decision to continue with the karma dance or not, to keep holding onto the CORE karma energy commitments or to free ourselves of these restrictions so we can live our lives on our terms instead of through our karma.

We will choose what is right and best for us and no matter what we choose, each iteration of our karma milestone journey will be a learning experience and an opportunity to choose between karma and creation, between freedom and limitation, and use the spiritual pilgrimage of the karma milestone journey to make peace with your karmic past and free yourself to a 5D creation life and lifestyle. 


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