Dear Jennifer:  I have been reading many spiritual books, attend classes and workshops and study all of the spiritual material I can find. I have spent many years doing this but I don’t feel that I am being enlightened through all I do. How long do I have to study and work at this before I feel enlightened?

Jennifer’s Answer: There is  difference between the journey of enlightenment and the journey to enlightenment and neither one is a final destination. There is no final destination, no end to our journey of enlightenment. You will never ‘be’ enlightened because you are already enlightened.  Maybe if you saw it as a process of connecting with and acknowledging your divinity, light and power, you would find the peace that you seek, instead of being confused and frustrated by this journey.

The first moment that you began to search for a new truth, to go within and to find new avenues of understanding, you completed one level of enlightenment and began another one. Did you celebrate yourself for that?

Each lifetime is a journey of whose purpose is our healing, learning, growth and transformation, which completes one level of enlightenment.  From that place we begin the next level. There is no single definition or way to do this, it is part of every lifetime and each individual is on their own path.

What you may be looking for is something you will not find, and that is someone who can tell you that you are enlightened, or to read or hear the one thing that will give you the confidence to know that you have reached this pinnacle. You can find what you are looking for in each step of this path, if you will acknowledge what you have learned, where you have transformed, the new truths that lead to more joy, peace, light and understand in your life.

A question I have to ask is what does being enlightened mean to you? What do you think you will feel like, what will your life be like and who will you be once you acknowledge yourself as enlightened? That’s an important question to consider because there is an expectation that you are hoping will be fulfilled. It can be, but not by reading more books, taking more classes, or seeking new avenues. It will happen when you decide that you are there and create that foundation in your life. Then you will have a starting place and you can acknowledge each new success because you are starting from a place of confidence instead of confusion.

Where you only see a lack of results because you think that there should be a final end is actually a series of successes, if you can acknowledge each new step for yourself. What have you learned about your power? Are you at peace with a situation that was once frustrating? Are you less afraid and more connected to your power? These are all the results of enlightenment and should be celebrated. When you can celebrate the completion of the smallest step (and there are no big or small steps where the universe is concerned), you will acknowledge your enlightenment and the peace, joy, and satisfaction you seek will be there for you.

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