sign_thiswayDear Jennifer:  I have been through some very difficult personal issues in the past two years and felt that I wasn’t connecting to my guides very well. I began to use tools to help me and the information I receive is often confusing and sometimes even misleading. Why are my guides confusing me like this and how can I be open to receiving the best  information from the highest sources and not feeling like I have been fooled by energies that do not act in my best interests or in my highest good?

Jennifer’s  Answer:  We feel that we need the most powerful and immediate guidance in our time of greatest need. And during these times we are often scared and confused and we want to be guided in the right direction, so we ask often and with great sincerity. But because we are scared and confused, we are at a fear-based level, so we can’t connect to the highest energy sources because our level of connection depends on the energy that we are resonating at. To get to higher levels we must get out of the fear, which can be hard to do when we’re in a challenging and scary situation.

Another thing that happens in these situations is we want to be told what to do, we want the fastest, easiest, least painful way out of our situation so we’re open to anything. Sometimes we can’t imagine that a positive, beneficial outcome is possible, so we are willing to settle for whatever releases us from our pain and fear the quickest. By being in this space, we open ourselves to some pretty low level energy and guidance and because we think we don’t have very many options available, we’re willing to take the first thing that comes alone. That’s where we create more problems for ourselves.

To get a higher perspective, we need to be at a higher energy level. But we think that once we are at a higher energy level, away from the problem, we will have a higher perspective. It doesn’t work that way. And when you’re asking for guidance from your fear, you are getting guidance that resonates with your fear, which is why it is leading you in circles. First, stop using the tools because they are not helpful when you’re in fear. Second, start asking the right questions. Instead of asking things like ‘when will this be over’ or ‘will I ever get out of this situation’, ask to see the lesson and blessing in the situation and what you need to learn from it.

Remind yourself that you create your reality, so ask yourself and your guides why you created this situation. We’re responsible for every aspect of our reality, including the worst and most difficult parts. We can’t be responsible for half or part of it, we are responsible for all of it. Do you have to learn lessons in value or deserving, worthiness or in setting and staying within your powerful  intentions for the love, peace, joy, and abundance that you really want in your life and not letting yourself get distracted? Ask for the highest guidance from the highest sources, but ask in a powerful way which reminds them that you  know you are in control, you just need a navigation partner instead of someone who insists on driving the car where they want to go, without considering your input (which is what happens when you do not take responsibility for your reality and ask for the quickest and easiest way out).



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