Dear Jennifer:  I have been trying to get a new job for two years. Although I was not happy in my old job and was relieved to be laid off, I never expected to be without work for this long. I’m at the point where I’m applying for any job I think I’m a fit for but I either get no reply or am told I’m overqualified. Does the Universe not want me to get a job? What else am I supposed to do?

Jennifer’s Answer: There is a solution to your work issue and it is right in front of you. In fact, there is at least one job, maybe two or three, that you could have by July and be very happy with the work. But in order to get there you have to clear the roadblocks in your path, starting with thinking that you are jobless because the Universe doesn’t want you to have a job. That is not a possibility because the Universe is completely without judgment. It responds and does not react.  The reason you do not have a job now is that the Universe supporting you in your desire to not have a job. How is that possible?

First, let’s look at your opinions around the job. You weren’t happy at your former job so what was it about the job you were unhappy with? Did you feel respected, valued, listened to and were you paid well? Were you doing work that you loved, made the best use of your skills and that you really enjoyed? Probably not. So you may be asking for a job that is ‘not like my old job’ and also, believe that if you work at a job you will have to ‘put up with’ the same kinds of people and circumstances that you had at your former job. Since the Universe is non-judgmental, it is responding to your intention that ‘you do not want a job.’

Now let’s look at you. Do you stand up for yourself, say what’s on your mind, ask for what you want, and are you clear in your intentions for your life? Do you expect to be treated well by others and are you confident? I’m asking these questions because I want you to consider them carefully and I don’t think that is true of you. I feel that you are a good person, you work hard and while you expect to be rewarded, you do not ask for it or set your intention for it. You don’t like to be noticed too much so you stay in the background. Unfortunately, this means you get ‘overlooked’ and since you can’t say ‘no’, you are given tasks that others don’t like to do because you do not speak up.

Since your work experience has been like this, it is not surprising that you have not found a job yet because while you need a job you don’t want to repeat the past so you are not creating one. It’s like telling the Universe yes and no in the same breath, so you get nothing. Are you willing to have the courage to look for work that really expresses your gifts and talents, instead of the job you ‘think’ you can do or that doesn’t mean you will be noticed too much?

You are going to have to do this to get the job you want and also, remember that the Universe doesn’t ‘want’ things for you, prevent you from doing anything or have any opinions about you and your life. It loves you unconditionally, and that also means that it waits until you figure out how powerful you are and supports you every on step of the way. As soon as you say ‘yes’ to yourself, your gifts, your power and what brings you joy, you will create that in your life and the Universe will be there to help you create a wonderful job you love.


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