Dear JeCreate-the-flow-you-wantnnifer:  My partner and I are very committed to our spiritual path and everything you share resonates with us and with our experiences. This week my partner became very upset and depressed, to the point of being suicidal. He doesn’t like his job, feels he has made some poor life choices, is struggling financially, and says that he can no longer continue like this. Although I am a shiatsu therapist and do aura healing, I don’t know how to help him overcome his pain. He doesn’t seem to want to move on and is stuck. I’m afraid of what he might do or that he won’t be able to move beyond this. How can I help and what can you suggest for him?

Jennifer’s Answer:  Your partner is dealing with both present and past life issues now and this is causing his energy to be so unbalanced that his fear is being amplified to the point where he cannot allow himself to have any peace or joy. With a strong focus on his incomplete past life issues,  he cannot move forward in the present. He knows that he can choose each step in a more powerful way but he is afraid and rather embarrassed at his current situation, which is why he is giving up on himself. To change this situation he has to get grounded in the present, and get complete with his past life issues, which means forgiving himself. There are ways that you can help him with this, if he allows you to. But it is up to him to decide to forgive himself and to find himself worthy enough to accept your help, support, and love.

This is where forgiveness is important because when we don’t apply forgiveness to our past life issues we simply carry energy over, like so much baggage, from lifetime to lifetime. Your partner has past life issues around worthiness and deserving, and regret over how he has used or misused his power in other lifetimes. That is why, in this lifetime, he tends to give his power away and puts others’ needs first, and it is also why he makes bad or powerless choices. He feels foolish and silly right now, and he also realizes that he has not allowed himself to use his energy and expand into joy and success but doesn’t feel worthy enough to do that. Unless he disconnects from this energy, though, he is going to stay ungrounded and unbalanced, which is what is causing his depression.

I have always believed that what we call ‘mental health issues’ is a manifestation of being between worlds, in the past and the present, and we are not grounded in either one. What we call depression is a symptom of blocked energy flow. Powerful energy downloads amplify our current energy focus. For him, all of the energy is amplifying his regrets and fears from the past and he is experiencing those in his life today. In order to balance his energy he is going to have to face the past, learn how to forgive himself, and release it, so he can allow himself to live in the present where he can be powerful, and not in the past, where he has no power.

One thing you can do is help him clear this energy from his aura, which will allow him to  find a new way to focus his energy. Then he won’t be so tempted to try to atone for what he believes are the wrong things he has done in other lifetimes. Being on a spiritual path opens our energy in so many ways and believing that we were wrong in the past, or could have been a better person then, is one of them. But that is self destructive and incorrect — we always make the best and only choices that we can in every situation. It is our willingness to do things differently now that can allow us to create a different life path for ourselves, one that does not repeat the past.

Another way you can help him is to not feel sorry for him, or to be afraid for him. He feels your fear too and it just amplifies what he is struggling with. Ask him if he wants help, let him know that clearing the energy from his aura will begin the healing he wants and needs, talk to him about the energy of forgiveness (it’s energetic, not emotional), and let him choose for himself. As much as you care for him, this is his choice and he is the only one who can take the next steps. You can send him healing energy, love, and light and be strong for him, as he cannot find the strength to be strong for himself. That’s really all you can do until he accepts and forgives himself, acknowledges the perfection of his own being, reconnects to his light and power, and decides that he no longer needs to be afraid or to judge himself so harshly for a past that he cannot change and choose to live without the pain that does not serve him in the present.



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