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The good news about this month is that it’s not October any more. With so much energetic activity, a Mercury retrograde, daily X class solar flares, multiple planets changing signs, and our need to de-clutter, clean, and clear our internal and external spaces, last month was busy. And while in some ways November is a little quieter, it gives us a chance to integrate and align with what we have already done before we start on a new project. I am not saying that nothing happens this month because it does, but in a more organized and orderly way, because it’s preparing us for December’s movement. Our objective for November is to live in AWE, and what that means will be explained in this article.

If you have ever watched a car race, all of the drivers are lined up at the starting line so they start the race together. While they’re waiting for the flag to drop so they can take action, they’re revving up their engines and making lots of noise. At least some of the drivers are. Others are making last minute checks to their cars, not over-heating or flooding their engines, or using the extra time to sit quietly and prepare themselves. Mindset is more important than muscle in winning a race and although the muscle may initially be flashier, it’s the mindset that wins out in the longer term. And have you noticed that as soon as the race begins, the starting line becomes the finish line? Are you trying to win your race through mindset or muscle? Do you realize that there is no end or beginning and as soon as you finish one race you’re qualified for the next? 

It’s tempting to get impatient and want to take action but first we have to know where we are going and that may not be clear this month, so use any time you may spend being impatient, wondering why you don’t have all of the answers, second guessing your life path and soul mission, and generally becoming disillusioned with the whole process to relax, rest, refresh, and get ready. By ‘get ready’, I mean to start blooming where you are, to live in the space of being, rather than waiting, to avoid what we tend to do, which is to think that our joy, peace of mind and heart, happiness, love, and abundance are somewhere else. I wrote about that in the Bloom Before You Go article, which you can read here. It was an enlightening realization for me, and for many of my readers.

Thinking that everything we want is ‘somewhere else’ or happens later is a little like being pregnant and thinking that someone else is going to go through the birth process for us. When the going gets tough we tend to give up or question ourselves, rather than seeing what blessings we can create in this moment, where we are. It’s a process of awareness, wholeness, and expansion, or AWE, which is the keyword for this month.

Awareness is a combination of accepting the limitations, lessons, and learning of where are in each moment, and then looking one step beyond that, to new opportunities. What we see or pay attention to with each new energy cycle is a tool for healing, wholeness, and forward movement,  unless we use it to limit energy flows by focusing them on self judgment and criticism.

Wholeness is what our healing journey is all about. Wherever we are hurt, sad, in pain, bruised and battered, and disconnected is where we are not whole and our energy is used to empower our pain. We need to re-align with our divinity, to reconnect with our Source which is internal, not external. But “Divinity is about wholeness, not holiness”, and we need to know our pain before we can heal it. If you cut yourself, where do you put the bandage? On the cut, of course. You don’t choose some random place on your body to place the bandage, you put it on the wound. If our pain is the wound, then awareness is our bandage. Awareness of our soul wounds point us to where the healing work can be focused and that is what helps us heal and become whole.

Expansion is the polarity of limitation — we are either limited or expanded. We can use the multiple energy sources that are being given to us to either beat ourselves up for being so foolish, naive, and unwise, or see where we have limited ourselves, stop the energy leaks, and expand into wholeness. Only the third dimension is dense; higher dimensions are expansive and to access them requires that we are able to expand our energy fields enough to access them.

It’s a month to get ourselves to the starting line and be grateful for how far we have come. While we may not be ready to take off just yet, we do have some choices. We can rev our engines, make a lot of noise, and waste our gasoline, as we wait for the race to begin, or we can bloom where we are, create the container for the love, joy, peace, and abundance that we want to live in right now (because it isn’t going to pop up at some point in the future unless we set the energy for it now), and use this time to explore our options, to finish up this level of clearing, and to expand our energy as widely as we can to receive the blessings of new frequencies and vibrations that are happening right now. Remember, mindset, rather than muscle, wins the race in the long term and when you learn to bloom where you are, to flourish in this moment, you have already reached your finish line and are ready for the next phase of this journey. Have a wonderful, awe-filled month.


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