Are you having trouble sleeping lately?  Is it hard for you to fall asleep or do you wake up around 3AM and you stay awake for a few hours, unable to fall asleep? If you’re one of those people, like me, who used to easily fall asleep and sleep all night without waking up, this has been a real problem but it serves a very big purpose and while you’re awake in the wee hours of the night you’re being a nightlight – shining the light in the dark.  

Have you had nights with only a few hours of sleep lately? Do you wake up one or more times and can’t go back to sleep for hours? Or do you get no sleep at all on some nights, no matter how tired you are? We’re doing important energy work at night through a process I call ‘nightlighting’, using the more open energy potential of the night, when most people are asleep, to bring in more high frequency and expanded energy and ground it in the earth’s grid. Nightlighting is important work, no matter how uncomfortable it is for us now.

As Nightlighters, we are points of light in the darkness and our energetic signature is more visible because it is not obstructed by the busy-ness of our day, other people, or activities. This means it’s easier for our energy to be at its highest point so we become a magnet for that level of energy. And because we are awake, we are both receiving and grounding energy at the same time.  

Like the small lights we light at bedtime to help us find our way in the dark, we are also that light source for souls that are crossing over, those who need to find a light to guide them home, as well as a light beacon for the energy that needs a container to be grounded.

As Nightlighters we shine our lights in the darkest hours, when most people are asleep, and acting as portals for energy downloads when there is less energetic interference (because most people are asleep). It may be annoying and it won’t last forever, but as a Nightlighter you are serving a powerful purpose for the world, for humanity, and for the light. At night when most people around you are sleeping, their conscious mind is shut down and they are more open to receiving energy too.

And without the distraction of all of the active energy during the day, we can bring in bigger downloads, higher frequencies, and process more energy. When that is needed, we can’t sleep and are awake at night, sometimes all night. The days of a full night’s sleep will return but our light is needed at night, and we are doing powerful work now.

Here are some suggestions to help you facilitate this process.

Doing active breathing and breath work, where you are conscious of each breath in and out, and as you are breathing, be aware that you are connecting with Source and the light. Counting your breaths will help you stay focused on the work you are doing and maintain a balanced connection.

Be aware of the energy levels you are in the process of receiving. Set an intention to be at your highest frequency and receive energy at the highest frequency you are capable of. As you receive the energy, expand it and send it out to the world and to humanity so you ground the energy in the earth’s grid.

Try to not worry about losing sleep or how tired you are going to be the next day. You can set an intention to awaken refreshed and energized (although you may not be). If it gets to be too much and too tiring, remind your guides that you need to sleep and to keep the energy work short.

Like many of you, I have had more sleepless nights in the past few months (now years)  than I can ever remember having before. I miss the days when I could lie down and fall right to sleep. Now, I am lucky if I’m asleep by 3AM or if I do fall asleep, I awaken suddenly after only 2 hours and I’m awake for several hours. I know that I’m doing a lot of energy work at that time, and so are you. 

We’re the nightlights for the energy that is pouring into the earth’s grids now so while you’re awake in the night’s wee hours remember you are a container for the energy that is coming in, receiving it and grounding it in the earth’s grids. So be a portal for the light, bringing in the highest frequencies you can, and know that you are doing the work of the 5D integration into 3D that you came here to do.

And if it helps, think of yourself as a Nightlighter, a spark of light in the darkness, lighting the way for the new earth and the light age, doing the work of the light in the dark and providing the light that is available to everyone who awakens.



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