Have you ever said that you would ‘never’ do something again, usually after going through a situation that didn’t have very good results? Maybe someone betrayed you and you said you would ‘never’ put yourself in that position again. Or maybe someone broke your heart and you said you would ‘never’ let that happen again. Or maybe you made a decision, didn’t like the results, and said you would ‘never’ do that again. Never is a  strong word that blocks energy flow and through it we create a lot of judgments of ourselves that block even more energy.

It’s usually a difficult, disappointing, or hurtful experience that causes us to make ‘never’ statements. And while we may not want to repeat that event or situation, the long term effects are pretty powerful because ‘never’ is a decree that blocks the flow of energy in that area of our life. For example, if you have said ‘I won’t let someone break my heart again’ in the past’, how long has it been since you have had a relationship? If you have said you would ‘never work with those kinds of people again’, how long have you been looking for a job? ‘Never’ is a mirror of our fear and a judgment of ourselves and our abilities.

Many judgments are tied to our ‘never’ statements. Maybe we think we were being stupid, naive, powerless, or we made bad choices. These are all judgments and our ‘never’  statements reflect more than our desire to not repeat the past, they are a statement of belief that we aren’t very good at making better choices, aren’t smarter, or more powerful or more capable. Think of something you said you would ‘never’ do again. What do you think about yourself and the choices you made which created that situation?

Never actually means ‘not ever’ and it is not constrained to this lifetime. The strong energetic imprints that are created when we make ‘never’ statements become part of our emotional and energetic DNA. So ask yourself, what could you have said in previous lifetimes that has created the lack of movement, momentum, or freedom in your life today? What ‘never’ statements have you made in this lifetime that are impacting your life in profound and unconscious ways? Do you see what a powerful  long term effect a ‘never’ statement can have?

Another thing about ‘never’ statements, is that energy follows emotion and intention. The more powerful the emotion and intention, the more powerfully they draw energy. Remember that energy is non-judgmental, so it expands everything that it connects with, without judging it as good or bad. Imagine how strongly you feel about things you will ‘never’ do again. Now consider that all of that strong emotion is attracting energy to it.

What have you said you would never do again and how is that working in your life right now? What energy is being blocked or limited because of your ‘never’ statements? A different way of ensuring that the past is not repeated, while leaving the door open to a more joyful experience in the future, is to do a power check. Very often, those things that we will ‘never’ do again resulted from situations where we gave our power away, didn’t use it to our advantage, didn’t believe we were powerful enough, or thought that if we acted less powerful than we actually are, we would get what we wanted from a person or situation.

Instead of saying ‘never’, be open to a more fulfilling, joyful and powerful experience of that situation, in a new and different way. So instead of saying you will ‘never’ let someone break your heart again, try inviting a fulfilling, loving, committed partner into your life. a Where can you be more powerful, confident, trust in yourself and be open to a joyful, fulfilling and expanded life? Limitation is empowered by our fear, our ‘never’ statements, so as we stop saying ‘never’, we start saying ‘yes’ to ourselves and to our potential.


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