Mother’s Day in the US was celebrated this weekend and it is a day that affects us in many ways, depending on our mother/child relationship. Some of my clients dread this day as they grieve the passing of their beloved mothers.  Others, who are angry with their mothers, spend the day being angry, resentful, and frustrated.  Some of my childless clients cry for the children they never birthed.  Several of my clients, who have experienced the unimaginable loss of a child, spend it quietly, grieving their loss.  And others spend a joy-filled, grateful and appreciative day with their mother. Each of them, and many of you, has a different experience of the mother energy. Whether that experience was wonderful or awful, it fulfilled a purpose in your life and if you have not cleared your emotions around it, you are neglecting an important aspect of your soul growth.

We expect our mother to meet our physical and emotional needs in the ways that will allow us to become fulfilled, happy adults. But we forget that before our birth we created a contract with the being who would become our mother in this lifetime and worked out the ways that she would empower us and provide the best path to our healing. Lessons in power are rarely easy and usually involve a lot of disempowerment, so we can find our power within ourselves. While the ‘Hallmark moment’ of motherhood is the sweet, gentle woman who wipes our tears, bandages our wounds, and bakes cookies, our own experience of mother energy may be very different. But each mother and child share a bond whose purpose is healing, growth, forgiveness and transformation that ultimately leads to the end of a karmic cycle and our evolution into new dimensions of being.

Our mastery journey evolves as we are able to clear layers of energy and in every aspect of healing we come to a point where we must extend compassion, forgiveness and acceptance to complete the healing cycle. This is the fork in the road for us and the next step either takes us forward into enlightenment and ascension or back into the pain of the past. As much as we want to grieve, rant and rave, rage, regret our mother choice, or demand an apology from her for all of the things she did or didn’t do, the direction of our life path depends on our willingness to master our emotions, including those we have about our mother. When we close our hearts because of our painful or difficult mother experiences, we also cut off our access to the divine feminine energy.

Let’s not confuse mothering and motherhood with the divine feminine energy because they are two different things. Our mother as a parent performs a social and biological function. The divine feminine energy is an energetic construct that is expressed through our ability to be creative, compassionate, nurturing and caring. It is not exclusive to the female human but is part of both the masculine and feminine. Both of our parents can teach us about the divine feminine energy and how to use it in balance with the divine masculine. It is the imbalance that they teach us, mirroring their own imbalance, though, which can be the portal to our greatest healing and transformation. But we judge the divine feminine through what we experience with our human mother and deny this aspect of ourselves as a rejection of this relationship and this how we have lost touch with the divine feminine.

No matter how your experience of the mother relationship played out in your life, it was part of your journey and you were not an unwilling participant but a willing co-creator. How do we cope with our experience of mother energy? We separate the truth from the illusion. The truth is our spiritual journey; the illusion is how that is played out in the material world. From a spiritual perspective our mother is simply an energetic manifestation of a spiritual being whose purpose is to help us heal karmic cycles. In our material world mother energy is a lesson in emotions, power and empowerment, healing, transformation and evolution. Karma is not a one-way street, we have participated in every permutation of this journey too. You can shift the illusion to whatever reflects your most cherished vision for your reality and heal and release any aspects your past that you are ready for, so the vision can unfold in more powerful, empowering and healing ways.

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