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about Jennifer HoffmanJennifer is globally celebrated powerhouse of life and business transformation whose trademark work provides a ‘Becoming 360’ framework for success, joy, and prosperity.  She is known as the world’s most accurate intuitive mystic, an iconic Energy Savante™, the leader of the self awareness life platform, and is an expert in energy vibration, resonance, alignment, and intention.  And Jennifer is also a former business and technology expert, with more than 20 years of corporate experience in a range of industries from banking to telecom, and in sizes from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. This uniquely qualifies her as a business coach to offer real business ‘advice, resources, and training’ that is grounded in the expert knowledge of what it takes to start, grow, and expand a business.

Her pioneering work in the concept of ‘Becoming 360’ has created a new paradigm for freedom from the limitations of trauma and opportunities to create ‘rich, happy, and successful’ living.  Jennifer’s GPS Business Academy offers training in business startup, management, and growth, as well as master classes providing the skills that entrepreneurs need such as profit planning, book writing, email marketing, platform building, and more. She is also a top-selling author of 8 books, a popular radio, video, and podcast host, business and life transformation catalyst, and spiritual teacher.

Since 2004 she has published the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter, with more than 5 million readers, which is the Internet’s oldest and most widely read and shared publication.

Jennifer provides life intuition, spiritual wisdom, and business savvy to a client base that includes celebrities, business and industry leaders, professionals and other clients from  more than 75 countries.

She is a life long intuitive whose unique gifts allow her to read energy fields and instantly know a client’s soul purpose, karmic path and life lessons, and what is required to bring their energetic vibrations into alignment with their soul’s desire for wholeness in body, mind and spirit. She is recognized for providing highly accurate and focused intuitive and channeled guidance to raise energetic  vibrations and create a clear path to a joyful, fulfilling life.

If you’re ready to book a session with Jennifer or learn more about her transformational coaching programs, click here.

Jennifer’s unique life history has been an inspiration to her clients. As a young child she had vaccine induced paralysis, also called Guillain Barre Syndrome, and her complete recovery, after five years of near total immobility, was called miraculous by her doctors. Then as a young teen she was hit by a car and miraculously walked away from the accident. Jennifer was told that she had a mission here which would be revealed to her at the right time.

After graduating from college with degrees in Economics, Finance, and Business Administration, Jennifer began a career in technology during which, in her words ‘all I wanted to do was be a corporate vice president.’ But the Universe had other plans and after experiencing six layoffs in less than eight  years, Jennifer decided to focus on sharing her spiritual gifts as she was guided to do and had been asked to do by Archangel Uriel in October 2003.

Her writings have been featured in many publications around the world, she is a featured writer in some of the Internet’s most popular spiritual sites, and her writings are translated into dozens of languages. Her popular classes and seminars are widely attended and the list of newsletter readers grows daily.

Jennifer’s work has helped many people connect to and understand their spiritual gifts, find peace on their life journey, learn how to use their own spiritual gifts and create powerful transformation in their life. Jennifer has worked with thousands of clients with her intuitive readings and coaching programs and trained people to use their spiritual gifts and abilities in empowering, life changing ways.

Visit enlighteninglife.com to sign up for the celebrated Enlightening Life newsletter and learn more about Jennifer’s work, her transformational life mastery programs, and her GPS Business Academy  where you will find the best business training resources and the only business training developed and provided by an experienced expert in business processes, management, marketing, and systems. 

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Our goal is to empower the individual and the world for when one is inspired to transform their life, a vibration of transformation is created for everyone, everywhere. We are all connected, all intuitive, all powerful and when we understand how to powerfully co-create our reality into the world of our dreams, we empower ourselves and everyone to do so.

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