May is a month for making decisions and taking action, even though Mercury will be retrograde all  month and you may be unclear about your next steps. The key for making the best use of May’s energy is to honestly assess your self confidence and how you make choices. In a month  named ‘May’, consider how you phrase your intentions, as a question by asking ‘May I’ or as a statement, ‘I may’. One way asks for permission, the other knows it doesn’t need it because it’s already there. Duality rules in May, and our own duality will be revealed, whether we are in faith or fear, confidence or doubt, abundance or limitation, asking for permission, or acting with powerful confidence. Balance is an important theme all month, on every level.

For the past few months we have been assessing our path and choices, clearing obstacles out of the way, biding our time since March because the timing and options were not aligned. Now we’re ready to take action but we hesitate, wondering if this is the best time, if the conditions are right, if we now have a clear path from start to finish. We can’t know that because the only way to know whether we made the right choice is when we’re looking back at the process from the outcome we have already created. Just remember we always get another choice to try again and if one thing doesn’t work out, it’s because there is something else for us to choose.

I have been writing about the end of healing cycles for several years now, and as we go through this year we will see where and how they play out in our lives. In May you just might get a call from an old fling, flame, or see something crop up from the past that you thought was long over. While the situation may be finished, the healing and closure may not be. It’s a chance to make another choice and this time put yourself first. What are your needs, what do you really want, how do you serve your own soul growth, and what are you willing to allow yourself to become? Do you wait for permission, for someone to fire the starting gun and tell you it’s OK to begin, or do you permit yourself to expand fully into your own potential and begin whenever you want to?

In February 2015 there was an exact conjunction of  Venus and Mars at 0 Aries, the beginning of the Zodiac, setting an important energetic symbolism for this year, the reconnection of the divine masculine and divine feminine, working in harmony for balanced creation (Venus) and action (Mars). Too much creation, including healing, without taking action, is the result of an unbalanced divine feminine energy. Think of the ‘smothering mother’ who tries to force food on you to make you feel better and appreciate her cooking, when you’re not hungry. Too much action, without compassion or forethought, is the unbalanced masculine. Think of someone who pushes their personal success agenda forward, without considering the consequences to anyone else.

We live with the results of the unbalanced masculine energy in the world today, with so many examples of power and control, dominion and domination, the grasping greed that puts politics before people and special interest ahead of social benefit. And in all fairness, an unbalanced feminine energy, that allows us to be passive in our creation, afraid to step forward and take action that serves us, so we don’t become one of those pushy people we blame for the world’s problems, is no better. We think passivity is spiritual but there is nothing passive about spiritual energy. It’s what miracles are made of and it’s the most powerful force in the universe.

May begins with an ongoing Mars/Venus connection, with Mars in Taurus and Venus in Gemini. Venus has now moved ahead of Mars and leads the way, encouraging us to balance action with compassion, love, social awareness, and benevolence. This movement lasts through August, as Venus retrogrades in July and Mars moves ahead. Then Venus and Mars form another exact conjunction, at 14 Leo on September 1. They stay relatively close for the rest of the year and form a third exact conjunction, at 22 Virgo, on November 1. This theme plays out for the entire year and is an opportunity for us to balance our own divine masculine and divine feminine, encouraging us to balance what we do with who we are, to actively multi-task so that we are creatively inspired while taking compassionate action.

Where is your imagination and creative energy leading you (Venus) but your action engine (Mars) is bored and uninspired? Are you really doing what you want or is there something else that would be more interesting and fulfilling? This is further highlighted by the Scorpio full moon, also called the Buddha moon, on May 3. In addition to completion from the April 18 New Moon, this one is at the critical 13 degree, nearly midpoint and also touching the degree of the early and recent Uranus/Pluto squares. If you’re inspired to do something else, give it some thought because that bored, stuck feeling is a sign that there is something more interesting for you on the horizon.

May will feature 5 planets touching Gemini, then Mercury retrogrades in Gemini on the 19th. This is its home sign, so the retrograde there will have extra oomph, bringing up issues around all forms of communication, including how we talk to ourselves. With Saturn opposite and Neptune square Gemini, it’s a good time to make sure we’re remembering that all of our thoughts manifest and to not delude ourselves. There is a very fine line between wishful thinking and powerful intention, and the key element is faith, starting with faith in ourselves and in our creative power and abilities.

This is a month for action but that doesn’t always mean doing something, it starts with our ‘being’. Do we think about alignment before we take action? Are asking for what we want, or what we think we can get? Is our confidence aligned with our desired outcomes because if not, we’ll ask for permission instead of powerfully stating our intention.

This is where our personal duality shows up, where we stand between two worlds, the one we live in and the one we wish we lived in. It’s time to bring those worlds together into a balanced, healed and whole reality that fulfills our deepest desires for joy, connection, awareness, peace, and love and lines up with our highest intentions and most powerful outcomes.

We don’t need permission to act, we already have it within us. No one can tell us what to do or when to do it, especially when we’re asking them for reassurance and validation, hoping that they can fill in our confidence gaps so we make the right choices. We can always make course corrections later on, it’s important that we take some action now.  It’s time to embrace our inner grownup and step forward confidently with purposeful, aligned, confident intention to bridge our energy gaps and use our inner power and light to illuminate the path that makes our dreams, hopes, and desires our present reality. Have a wonderful  month.


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