As we roll into another month you may think ‘here we go again’ but that would be unwise because nothing is as it seems and everything is shifting we just are not aware of it all. I have a theory about that which I will discuss in the May Energy Report.

May opens with some beautiful blessings and that sets the tone for a month whose theme is abundance, fertility, new growth and beginnings, and the earth. Named after the Greek goddess Maia, the month of May is the start of the growing season so its focus is new growth, blooming, and fresh starts.

This month is part of the period I said would be a time of great change and revelation and we are here. So much of what we have done in the past decades, especially the past 5 years, has been a preparation for our new levels of expansion and ascension. We are becoming more multi-dimensional as we move from polarity to duality, from chaos to congruence, and from discord to harmony. We are still moving towards these final choices and it’s all part of the path.

May’s Energy Report is a beacon of hope as well as a clarion call to act and embrace our full energetic potential and then reach for higher vibes.

If you wonder why I always put the year in the monthly Energy Reports it’s because I have over 10 years of energy reports on the website and two files cannot have the same name. So I had to choose between giving each one a different name (other than Energy Report) or adding the year to the name which is what I decided to do. I started writing these energy reports as our downloads and shifts started to become more frequent and more defined. They have always given insights as to the nature of the month’s potential and the central energetic theme.

My monthly energy reports are my most read, shared, and downloaded articles every month and I know many of you look forward to them. I know others write monthly energy reports, copying my format and messaging. While I do not like it when others steal my ideas and work, they serve their audiences according to their energy and if that means appropriating ideas, concepts, and information from others to do so, in the end their karma will catch up with them.

You may not have noticed (but you probably did) that at 11:00PM Universal time on April 30, just before May began, we had an XClass solar flare which I thought was a great way to usher in a new month and cut ties to the old one. We also had a rare and potent astro aspect that is our example of ascension because it involves the divine masculine and divine feminine. More on that in a minute.

May is the 5th month of the year and in an 8 year (2024) that is a 13 or a 4. Now pay attention to 13 because it is a mystical number, not unlucky. 13 is one step beyond our 12 dimensions, it is the number of universal alchemy, and the number of full embodiment of faith and form, which we also call human and material.

In numerology we add any double digits so 1 + 3 = 4 and that is the number of stability,  aligned action, guided determination, and formation. April was a 3 month which fosters creativity and ideas, in which what we thought we knew was dis-integrated to make way for new thoughts and ideas. Now we can put those into play. I saw a lot of friendships and relationships dissolve in April and many were past their prime, held together by thin threads of hope and expectations but something pushed them over the edge and that was one of the byproducts of the April 8 eclipse.

May opens with a fabulous expression of divine masculine and divine feminine energy with Mars moving from Pisces into Aries (its astro home) and Venus moving into Taurus (its astro home)  from Aries. Both of these planets moved from their natural 12th to the first house. I will give you an overview here and if you are in the Core 4 Pillars of Karma program, I am adding it to the curriculum because it’s a great way to learn more about your karma path. 

Your natural 12th is the house before your Sun placement, and I believe it refers to your karma, life lessons, and the healing and overall purpose of your lifetime. If you are an Aries Sun sign and your sun is in the  6th house then Pisces, the 5th house, is your natural 12th.

If you are a Virgo sun and it is in Taurus, then Aries, the house before Taurus, is your  natural 12th house. This makes sense because Aries rules action and risk taking and Virgo can be very indecisive, doubt itself, and procrastinates a lot.

I did the research (I always look up numbers) and this particular alignment between Mars and Venus, both changing signs at the same time and moving into their astrological homes, has only happened 5 times since 500 BC. The way I see it is the coming home of our ascension journey, the completion of a spiritual cycle that makes way for the beginning of a new evolved paradigm. Remember ascension is not linear. We do not move up the ascension ladder or down the ascension road, we rise up the ascension spiral and expand as we rise into new dimensions and frequencies of being.

I have said that we would see a lot of changes in the May and June period, through August and that period begins now.

The world is so far off balance, the energy gaps between density and light, between 3D and 5D are so big now that the imbalance and the dis-order can no longer be maintained. 3D and 5D could live in a sort of harmony  as long as the light did not expand significantly more than the darkness dis-integrated. But now the separation between light and dark is so great that we have reached a tipping point.

So if you are wondering about your relationships and why you have suddenly shifted your energy or changed your mind about many things in your life, or your friends or family have created a situation where you had to choose between two things and each choice is independent, moving you from one energetic level to another (for example choosing between doing something illegal or not doing it, and the price is having a relationship with them), then welcome to the ‘no turning back now’ club.

We have truly graduated into new levels of being which means we are considering our next steps and our choices and decisions from a different perspective.

Are you finding 3D paradigm activities to be mind numbingly boring or uninteresting?

Do you have no interest in things that used to get your attention?

 When the people in your life sever connections do you mourn the loss or just bless them and send them on their way?

If this is all happening to you, and it is happening to everyone right now, don’t think you’re unlucky or facing tough challenges. Our karmic relationships with our soul group members was never designed to be lifelong, harmonious, or even to end in a joining of hearts, minds, and energies. While that could have been a possibility, it was never a guarantee and indeed it never has been in all of the lifetimes we have had together so why should we think it would be the case in this lifetime?

Maybe it’s because we know at the foundation of our being that this is our final lifetime together and we want, more than anything, to bring our soul group members to the light. Maybe it’s because we want to have our efforts validated, we want our suffering to be vindicated, we want to know that they could have done or been better, kinder, more compassionate, and less evil.

But we are kidding ourselves here and if you are experiencing this final countdown in your life, it is not a random incident. The end correlates with your ascension path and seeks the answer to this question:  are you ready to let go of the karma wheel and move into your own 5D path or not because you feel you have an obligation to your karma partners to get them to the light first?

Your answer to that question will decide the direction of your path. And there is no right or wrong or good or bad answer, it’s all about your intention, your CORE karma issues and path, and when you are ready to let go and move on.

This is supported by May’s energy theme which is about how we use and interact with energy.   

From an energetic standpoint, we are always engaged in one of 3 energy pathways:  evolve, devolve, and revolve.

When we evolve we are moving out of karma and soul cycles.

When we devolve we are moving back into karma and soul cycles with a lower frequency – the experience has taken us back into cycles of wanting karmic fulfillment

And when we revolve, we repeat karma cycles we just went through.

There are only 4 ways that energy moves – forward, upward, downward, and repeat. With the forward movement we are in 3D linear mode, moving forward on the same path into new experiences that are on the same energetic wavelength.

With upward movement we are ascending and raising our vibes. Our best use of this energy motion is in conjunction with forward mode but this requires a 5D energy vibration.

Downward means we have chosen a lower frequency to engage in and we’ll have more lessons to learn there.

And repeat means just that, we are in repeating cycles because we cannot let go and move on. Our karma legacy is too powerful and we are not ready to  let go yet. We still have a karma mission to fulfill and our karma agenda wants validation so we’ll stay with it for a while longer, no matter how difficult that is. If you’re ready to explore how to release your karma path then you can join my CORE 4 Pillars of Karma Healing & Release program at this link.

This is the ascension path, it’s how we move energy in our lives, and decide our next steps. It looks a lot less complicated than it is because we are just looking at the energy here, not at the  emotions, the connections, and the entire karma path.

But in May we will have options to consider and opportunities to experience a variety of energy movements, all within the scope of our own personal experience, of course. Right now this is affecting everyone. So as you are going through this, other people go through it too. They have a different perspective, a different karma path (aside from the one they have with you, and it is their karma path and their choices that determine what they will do.

May is a month whose name is both a question and a statement, I write this every year. We can ask for permission ‘May I?’ or make a statement “I May” which does not imply a firm decision, as we do when we say ‘I will’. Here we are allowing ourselves to have some options. I may do one thing or I may do another thing, but I know that I have choices to make and I have more than one path open to me.

May does not have any eclipses, we had those last month but we are not finished with them yet. Eclipses have a long action path, from 6 months to a year or  longer, and that April 8 eclipse was powerful so it is going to hang around for a while. You can read about the April 8 eclipse in the April 2024 Energy report.

On May 1 and 2 we have 3 big astro events:

Mars and Venus are both at the beginning of their home signs, with Mars at 0 Aries. This is the zero point, the very beginning of the zodiac. It is the most powerful point in the zodiac, followed by 29 Pisces and what planet is almost at that point? Neptune, the planet of illusion, deception, spirituality, and enlightenment. This is a huge Alpha Omega portal and it is moving us into a greater level of spiritual awareness which is why we are seeing the frenzied activity of so much chaos, perversion, degeneracy, and chaos. Remember that chaos is a by product of descension, it happens with the dis-integration of 3D.

If you are wondering about the strong spiritual awakening and movement at this time, don’t be because Neptune has been quietly working in the background since 2011, slowly creating space for 5D energy and dissolving illusions, deceptions, and veils of confusion. It doesn’t leave Pisces until early 2026.

And on May 2 we have Pluto turning retrograde at 2Aquarius and it will continue its retrograde back into Capricorn, hanging out at 29 Capricorn from September 2 to November 20. We will not have Pluto in Capricorn for another 248 years (and that is a very good thing). The final countdown of the Pluto in Capricorn, which began in 2008, will finally be over. While we may think it had a disastrous effect and caused so much trouble, it did  remove the veil of illusion and reveal  the truth about vast conspiracies, corruption, social contamination, and a lot of dirty deeds.

This is just the surface, the real truth is far worse than what we have seen but this is what is going purged from the earth grid as we continue to bring in 5D energy and light so don’t despair. The battle against the darkness is one we can’t lose unless we stop shining our lights.

May’s new moon is on May 7 at 18 Taurus which is going to bring Saturn into the mix. On May 23 we have a full moon at 2 Sagittarius which forms a nice angle to Pluto as it retrogrades to 1 Aquarius. And the Aries, Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces planetary concentration is finally over when Venus goes into Gemini on May 23 followed by Jupiter on May 25.

We have had this energy focus for months and it has caused a lot of upheaval but it’s finally over this month. And one more thing, Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow on May 14 so that will be over too. It won’t quite be smooth sailing ahead but at least we’re going to be out of the storm and into some calmer waters.

May is a month of options, opportunities, and outstanding results if we stay aligned with our highest intentions, stay focused on our creative powers to move and manage energy, to not focus on the dark and fear, and remember that we are here to live in joy so make each moment a joyful one. Use your powers of appreciation to raise the vibe and keep your lights shining. Have a wonderful month.

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