Intuitive Readings with Jennifer

Jennifer is the world’s most accurate intuitive and uniquely gifted Energy Savante. Her intuitive readings are a journey into your soul path and her laser focused insights provide a blueprint of your past, present, and future, with solutions to propel you into ‘rich, happy, and successful’ living.

Energy & Soul Mastery Classes and Coaching

Release energy trauma and align with your soul’s priorities for congruence and divine harmony. Align with your highest potential, integrate new energies and release lifetimes of suffering to become healed, whole, and congruent. Jennifer’s master classes and coaching programs have helped thousand achieve profound transformation in their lives.

GPS Business Coaching

Coaching, consulting, and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs at every stage of business, from an entrepreneur and business coach with the experience, expertise, and education to deliver results with a unique intuitive advantage. This is the best business training and content that includes trademark systems like 90 Day QuickStart™, Congruent Business Model™ and Cash Flow to Profit Platform™ offering expert strategic advice with tactical implementation processes to create a strong platform for business success and profit growth.


7 Day Energy Detox

Release toxic energies from your energy field to help you re-set your energy flows from unmotivated and uninspired to creative and motivated. You’ll receive the tools you need to release energy limiters, blocks, and old energy habits and patterns to free yourself to explore new intentional pathways for your energy to flow into. Upsource affirmations to inspire and encourage you to be at a higher vibe. All materials available as downloads for your personal spiritual library.


Self esteem is the measure of your value and self worth. Without it, self love is impossible. You’ll learn the self esteem keys, how to create your value standards, how to ignore and silence your critics, and create a strong and unshakable foundation of self esteem. Bonuses include energy priorities training and how to avoid criticism and judgment courses.

The Surrender Course

Mastering manifestation requires that we learn to surrender, to stop resisting, to allow the energy to flow to us, and to receive. You’ll learn the 7 energy tools to integrate this process and get the energy flowing in your life. Remove resistance to transformation, align with your highest potentials, upsource to a new frequency, and create a fulfilling, joyful life.

Portal Keepers Course

Portal Keepers hold space for ascension, often in challenging circumstances. It is time for us to release that soul mission and this ground breaking program defines the Portal Keeper missions and what they entail, and helps you release your commitments now. Includes a release meditation and bonus classes on dense energy escrow.

Energy Boundaries - Keys to Freedom

Jennifer’s trademark work in creating energy boundaries has been a source of empowerment for millions trapped in victim thinking, energy trauma, helplessness, doubt, and confusion. This course helps you identify the cornerstones of your energy boundaries, how to maintain them, and how to keep them strong. You’ll love this course and it will help you create strong, empowered energy boundaries.

Life Lesson Release Formula

Learn the formula to identify, integrate, and release your life lessons. This powerful 5 step formula applies to every life challenge and will help you clear the doubt and confusion around every life trauma and challenging person. Moving from birth to post-enlightenment, you will identify the awakening, trial, lessons, and enlightenment so you can integrate the learning, accelerate your ascension cycles, and move forward into joy, fulfillment, peace, and love. 5 lessons with audio & worksheets, all downloadable.


Release the Core Trauma Energies that limit your joy, block your abundance, and keep you locked into healing and karma cycles of pain, grief, and fear. This program focuses on the Maternal Emotional Energy Imprint, Family Karma, Child/Parent Karma and the Forgiveness Energy Release process, Jennifer’s unique methodology to help release energy trauma and heal emotional imprints.


Heal and release lifetimes of trauma held in the body’s 7 energy centers, the soul wounds. These energy blocks limit access to the full expression of our soul energy and in this program you will release soul wounds from each of the body’s 7 energy centers and re-calibrate them to their divine potential. 5 modules plus bonuses


Activate your 13 strand DNA and supercharge your ascension process as you set your DNA to receive 5D energy and expand its light codes. This program allows you to shift your 2 strand DNA to the 13 strand model and move from 3D density to5D creation, divine alignment, and full integration of your Christed Awareness.

Intuition Expansion Program

Get clear and confident about your intuitive gifts and how to use them with the best and  most comprehensive course available. You’ll explore the 7 types of intuition tools, find out which ones work for you, then use them in mediumship, channeling, and 5D energy reading. You also get Jennifer’s powerful energy exercises to clear and protect your energy field. Awaken your intuition power now.

Becoming 360 Energy Congruence

The path to wholeness, divinity, and harmony is the 360 Pathway of Energy Congruence. It is a process of AIMing for AWE – Alignment, Integration and Mastery for Abundance, Wealth, and Expansion. This 8 week program features some of Jennifer’s most profound work, including her Becoming 360 Energy Congruence model that takes you out of chaos and confusion and into confident and congruent harmony so you feel in control of your energy and are able to activate your miracle potential.



The Energy Mastery and New Earth  Energy Workshops deliver a wealth of information on topics such as 3D/5D energy integration, empowerment, mastering ascension, creating congruence, balancing and grounding your energy, releasing energy as you shift into new dimension of being, and more. With the Energy Mastery Workshops you receive a 2+ hour audio file with an energy exercise and 1 or 2 meditations. Your purchase includes downloads of all files which you can save to your computer or digital media device. All digital file downloads are subject to our Terms of Use which you can read here.


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