In March we get to spread our wings a little and start testing them out. We have had them clipped for too long and now it’s time to explore some new potentials and examine the possibilities.

Considering all of the release work we have done lately, we have plenty of space in our lives for new energy.

What do we want? We’ll get to explore that in March. And you’ll read all about it in the March Energy report

We can expect a lot of action this month, very fitting for the only month whose name is an action word. March implies movement and energy, moving towards something, and since it’s also the beginning of spring here, fresh growth, fresh starts, and a welcome release FROM the cold, dark days of winter. Of course we have to look at March as the new solar year as our new year begins with the Spring Equinox on March 20 so happy new year and happy new times.

March’s themes include motivation, mastery, miracles, movement, and manifestation. If you’re still feeling the energy hangover from January and February, don’t fret because that will pass after the first few days. We’re still reeling from the Saturn/Uranus square and all of the heavy Capricorn energy we had from 2020 even though the only planet left in that sign is Pluto but it does pack quite a punch.

Remember that the end of the global monarchies and their totalitarian reign happened the last time Pluto was in  Capricorn, in the late 1700s.  The US is having its Pluto return now, February 19, July 8, and December 28, 2021 are all critical dates for that return. This isn’t just a US aspect though, Pluto represents the end of the 3D domination and control paradigms all over the world. Expect to see global protests against tyranny, including medical tyranny, this year.

March opens on a Monday which isn’t unusual but for me, months that start on Mondays seem more organized and complete. I have a hard time when the month begins on a Friday, for example, as it feels like an oxymoron to start a new month on the last day of the work week.

February ended with a full moon at 8 Virgo which set off the healing energy of Chiron, known as the Wounded Healer. If you have been reading my energy reports for at least the last 10 years, we have had a very active Chiron and every time it is highlighted we get big opportunities to clear out energy, to heal our soul wounds, and clear out our emotional baggage.

This adds more fuel to March’s strong energy potential because without getting rid of our energy baggage we cannot expect to be open to new possibilities for our life and to have the energetic space to integrate and align with them.

Venus in Pisces bestows a special blessing in March. This is the planet of love and beauty and Pisces is where it’s at its most powerful. This is a highly spiritual aspect and with the strong Aquarius energy, helps ground our spirituality into the more grounded aspects of 5D, like community, connection, co-operation, and collaboration. And it’s going to soften the Saturn/Uranus square a bit this month too, at least until March 20 when Venus move into Aries, just in time to welcome the Equinox.

Mercury and Jupiter meet up the first week of March which is a very lucky aspect. Besides going retrograde 3 to 4 times a year, Mercury rules communication, our siblings, karma, and transportation. It is actually a very powerful planet on a personal level and its meeting with Jupiter gives us some impetus to remove the blocks to our forward movement.

We need momentum and we create that by removing the speed bumps that are represented by our energy baggage.

The Saturn/Uranus square, which was first active in February 2021 is going to be a signpost for all of 2021. Much like the Capricorn theme of 2021, we are going to have this aspect pushing us towards a higher level of self awareness and self actualization. The theme of the Saturn/Uranus square is ‘grow up and show up’. It’s not an insult, grow up means to live at a higher vibe, to remove the things that weigh us down, make us sad, and keep us in the past. Show up means to be fully present in your life and in each moment. Where is the present moment? It is the moment in which you are breathing and it is the only moment you have.

March’s themes are focused on our creativity, which is a 5D aspect. It’s time to get out of our karmic cycles, soul groups, release our guilt and shame that keeps us chained to the past, and start thinking about fresh starts, new seeds of potential, and new possibilities for our lives and for our world.

One thing that has changed our lives in the past 10 years, with the advent of the Internet, is that we are now globally connected. Isn’t it amazing how I can conduct my weekly Facebook LIVE presentations and I’m online with hundreds of people from all over the world and we can interact in real time. Never before in our history have we been able to connect with each other in this way. We have always had a spiritual connection, but we have never had a way to instantly connect in the physical world. Isn’t this another example of heaven on earth?

Here are some ways to use March’s energy the most efficiently and productively:

  1. Do a big energy clearing – release your energy baggage. All of the anger, resentment, guilt, shame, fear, regrets, and bad memories need to go. You cannot be open to new potentials if you’re tied to the past with the heavy chains of your regrets. And no one benefits from that, especially not you. Yes it is hard to let go when you really want someone to give you some acknowledgement of your suffering but there are times when we have to weigh the cost of our pride and hurt feelings against the price of our emotional freedom and energetic sovereignty, the theme of 2021.
  2. Let some beauty into your life, indulge yourself this month, especially in the first three weeks. This can include your physical appearance, your living space, or your wardrobe. It can also be allowing yourself to see your inner beauty, appreciate your power, grace, your accomplishments, and to see yourself as special, deserving, worthy, accomplished, and powerful. We need to feed our egos too. When there is too much focus on our spiritual side, we forget that our body needs nourishment and so does our mind. Get comfortable with the term self-indulgent this month and do something nice for yourself (at least once and preferably several times).
  3. Stop thinking about the people who betrayed, used, or mistreated you. I can bet that they do not think about you at all and they’re living rent free in your head. There are no mistakes in life, there are just decisions and choices that seemed right at the time. It’s when we get a different outcome than we thought we would that we start analyzing our past and our choices. But when we make them we really did think that was the best option or we didn’t have any other options.
  4. We’re still in the active Saturn/Uranus square energy which represents the need to get serious about our life, our choices, and our potential. Every potential is not going to get grounded in our reality until we believe it is possible. If you’re holding yourself back, you will see where that is happening. If you’re carrying energy that is not useful or is out of alignment with a new life path you want to create for yourself, it will be revealed to you. The question for you is, do you still want to continue on that path or do you want to do something different? What holds the greatest joy for you?
  5. Progress is so much easier when we are moving towards a new goal rather than running away from something we are trying to avoid. Movement has to be intentional and deliberate or else we can waste time running around in circles. And when we are trying to avoid fear, rather than moving towards a new potential, we are not using our energy or out intention very efficiently. Set an intention and let that be your goal. Then each step is one step closer to that outcome.

Remember Mercury is still in retro shadow until March 20 so while the actual retro is over, shadow retro can be sneaky so follow up with communications, leave extra time for travel, and try to stay grounded instead of going off into other dimensions when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Mercury retro can make those times really difficult for you.

The new moon on the 13th is the only one this year that fully highlights Neptune, which is in Pisces, the house it rules. This is going to give March a spiritual quality which doesn’t mean we all get to take a vacation in fairyland and ignore our reality, hide from the ego, and think the Universe is going to gift us with all the goodies.

It means that we have more access to the spiritual energy for whatever we want to manifest. And it empowers us to use our spiritual tools, like our intuition, intention, and miracles, to shape our reality into something that matches our soul’s vision of our potential.

The real energy jolt happens at the end of the month, where we have a full moon right on Chiron, the Wounded Healer. So be prepared for some upsets, reveals, and restarts in the healing and release. Chiron has a way of bringing the wounds forward in ways we cannot ignore and if you have had your Chiron return, which happens around age 49 to 52, you know. Whatever is brought up in March can be completed by October, when we have a new moon that aspects Chiron.

It’s a month with a lot of potential but you get to decide what becomes a possibility and then gets integrated into your reality.

First, clear the emotional and energy baggage because it occupies a lot of space in your life and in your energy field.

Indulge your potential and your vision for yourself and for your life.

Don’t let energy drains and light dimmers dilute your energy and your joy. And remember that whatever you release makes room for something new.

Finally, the Universe works with us, not for us. Ascension is not a ride in a chauffeur driven limo. It’s more like a ride on a tandem bicycle and we’re pedaling in the front.

It’s going to be a great month, a new year, and good times for everyone. Have a wonderful month.


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