If you’re feeling the need to make some changes in your life it’s a perfectly normal response to the energetic climate right now. Just be sure to give those changes the time and attention they deserve because they are not signs of a mid-life crisis or a foolish idea or temptation, they are your soul telling you that you have run out of energy road in your current reality (which you probably already knew). As our energy fields expand we can connect with new potentials that match the new energies we’re receiving. But no matter how attractive the changes may be, we have to negotiate with our fear first, before we allow them to happen.

Fear is a normal response to change. It’s normal because change disrupts and dis-integrates our reality. Old paradigms dissolve when change occurs and our comfort zone is disrupted. No matter how uncomfortable our ‘comfort zone’ is, it is known, familiar, safe, and secure. Fear wants to keep us safe; our soul wants us to expand our energy and integrate new potentials for joy.

Chaos is a side effect of dis-integrating realities, where the energies in our life are disrupted and then we have to put them back together in new and different ways. But this is not only our chaos, it’s the collateral chaos that the other people in our life will experience when we make changes that impact them. Whether those changes mean we are not physically, emotionally, energetically, or spiritually available to them, they will resist our changes because they are impacted by them too.

The real choice for us distills down to this – do we benefit from staying where we are or by allowing change to happen? The call of our soul will continue to pull us towards new awareness, energy expansion, and fulfillment. Our fears will resist and try to negotiate us away from them. It’s our decision but the longer we wait and try to avoid changes, the narrower we make our available pool of options until we have very few options left.

The video series here describes this process of change and I hope it helps you navigate through the changes in your life with grace and ease so you can usher in change with congruent harmony, alignment, and joy.

Allowing change into our lives happens after we negotiate with our fears. Our soul wants us to forge ahead while our fear wants us to stay right where we are. This is why we feel stuck and paralyzed, no matter how much we want the change. First we have to address our fears and create the energetic space in our energy field for the change to happen, while knowing that there will be fear but there can also be flow, joy, and congruent harmony.

In video 2 of the How to Make Changes with Grace and Ease you will learn why we delay changes until the last minute, other tactics we use to avoid making changes we don’t want to make, how that limits our option.  And you’ll learn some strategies to ensure that you can make changes with clarity and confidence so we have the maximum number of options available to us.

We consider many options when making life choices, including how others may react to our choices. But then we’re making choices based on someone’s standards and opinions and that isn’t going to be useful, or helpful, or allow us to make fulfilling choices that serve our needs. Our final choice must be the one that fulfills our intention to create the life reality that we enjoy.


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