Shining our light is a great thing but not everyone appreciates our efforts. That’s because our light reveals their shadows and that can be too much for them to handle. In fact our light can be too much for us to handle as it reveals our shadows too and that can make us doubt our path, our progress, and our mission. But it shouldn’t because the purpose of the light is to reveal the shadows so we know where to apply healing and more light so we can continue to move forward along our ascension path.

It is so tempting to believe that the ascension journey is all love and light and we all have a first class seat on the ascension train. But it isn’t, as we have found out, it’s a lot of work and we’re not on the express train, which makes no stops, we’re on the one that stops in every little station in every little town on the way. Each time the train stops we think we’re there but we aren’t, people are getting on and others are getting off. Who would want to leave the ascension train? Those who have seen their shadows and cannot reconcile the dark and the light.

Light reveals shadows. In fact, it is necessary for the shadow to be revealed. If you’re outside on a cloudy day, you do not have a shadow. But stand outside in the sun and  look behind you. What do you see? Your shadow – a perfect dark silhouette of you. The purpose of the light is to reveal shadow and then when it does, we have our work assignment right there in front of us.

But then we have to make a decision, do we work on the shadow and deal with our darkness or do we just ignore it and get off the ascension train because now it is too hard? We like to think we’re all bright love and light and some parts of us are. But we have other parts that are dark, unloving, and shadowy. Their revelation is the gift of the light, a gift we don’t appreciate too much when we want to enjoy our first class ascension train ride and get our free food and drinks.

Our spiritual maturity and commitment are revealed when we have to face our shadows. That’s where the real work is and that’s also where we learn just how committed we are to our path. We can’t let others’ responses to our light be a barometer of our success. Everyone is on their own path in this journey, they are all doing their own thing. It may sound ‘unspiritual’ to say that everyone is in it for themselves but they are.

This is such a personal process that everyone has to be in it for themselves – no one can take on someone’s shadows to help them move forward. We have done that for a long time, we cannot do it any more.

So keep shining those lights in spite of what others do. For some people your light will be too bright; for others the shadows your light reveals will be too dark and that’s OK because for you the light is shining brightly, it’s lighting your path and that is all you need to keep moving forward.




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