Life Turns From One Breath to the Next


pinwheelWhen I think of the energy this week, I see the image of a pinwheel like the one here.  Making them was a fun rainy day project when I was growing up. There are two secrets to a making a good pinwheel (and this has everything to do with how to manage and use this week’s energy effectively, it’s not an art lesson):

1. The sides must all be equal and firmly fastened in the center, and

2. A spacer must be inserted between the pinwheel and the stick so it will turn easily.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is also a square and that’s how a pinwheel starts, with a square sheet of paper. Then each corner is cut diagonally, towards the middle. The four outside corners are brought in to the center and anchored there. The separator goes between the back of the pinwheel and the stick and this allows the pinwheel to turn.

A pinwheel turns the square into a beautiful shape that effortlessly turns in the wind (or when you blow on it). When you blow on the pinwheel it turns; if you stop blowing on it, it stops moving. Transformation takes consistent intention, but that doesn’t mean hard work, it means consistent attention to your intention. “I am”, “I have”, and “I will” are all intention words which, when used regularly, will generate powerful results.

What does it take to move the energy in your life, in the direction you want it to flow into?

How can you transform drama and chaos into outcomes of grace and ease?

Where do you need to get grounded, centered, and balanced, so you can view your situation with detachment and find its common center, from which you can create new outcomes and potentials?

It’s all about perspective and process — we are all powerful enough now to create the outcomes we want to be in our reality. We are creators, it’s time to create.

Think of the square as the areas of your life where change is possible or desired and that can be fueled by the transformative energy of the Grand Cardinal Cross. The cuts represent the intention you set to make something beautiful and functional out of any challenge you are faced with. Any challenge, no matter how difficult, can be addressed when we are grounded and centered, when we find a core element that all of our challenges possess, and if you dig deeply enough, you will find that every life challenge has common core. It could be victim consciousness, a lack of self love, anger, resentment, overwhelm, powerlessness, paralysis, worry, doubt, or fear.

Setting an intention creates a container for energy to flow into, so it can be channeled into manifestation. Without intention, energy is scattered, purposeless, and has no direction. It is our nature, as humans, to seek balance, which we have when we are at our center, detached, without  judgment or fear. Being grounded and centered allows us to find that fear-free place and we can do that by remembering that life happens in each moment, there is no tomorrow or yesterday, it is only in this moment, the present, which is where we are breathing, that we are living. And the pinwheel’s stick is a reminder that you hold the challenge and the solution in your hand. As creator, you have the power to turn any situation into something beautiful.

To assist you in managing this process, and for this week’s Archangel Uriel channeled message, I am sharing my most cherished channeled message, of all of the many hundreds that I have channeled in the last ten years, which is ‘From One Breath to the Next.’ It is one that I re-read often, especially when I am feeling challenged and ungrounded, when I try to live in the future and forget about the present, and when I need to be reminded that this moment is my most powerful one because it is from this moment that all other moments are created.

If you want directions on how to make a pinwheel, Wiki-how has instructions by clicking here

Be present in the moment, create a huge container for your energy flows and remember to leave a little extra space for miracles, as the Universe is very imaginative and clever. Then put your attention on your intention, not wondering when it is going to happen, but affirming that it is happening now and there are no delays. We have a window of opportunity that can change the world and when we do our part individually, we expand the power and potential of the energy that can be used by the collective.  Above all, remember that all intentions are manifested without judgment, so set some big intentions, and let the manifestation begin.


Read the From One Breath to the Next message by clicking here

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