A friendly reminder that we are in an eclipse portal that ended  on October 29 so if you’re feeling wired, tired, fried, and strung out, that’s why. The energies are intense and everything is shifting quickly and mightily. The world stage is a mirror of what is happening energetically and we are seeing so many layers of density and brokenness, a total lack of integrity, of genuine higher vibe alignment – it can be depressing. Just remember that we have to know what’s in the dark so we can create the light necessary to overwhelm it.

I wrote about the decaying 3D paradigm a few days ago, which explains what we are seeing. Not only is 3D dis-integrating (coming apart) because of 5D energy integration, but the 3D systems that support the darkest of these energies are decaying, like the rotten potato I found in my bag which caused me to think about these decaying systems. We have a visual representation of that rotting, decaying mess right now. Don’t lose hope – light always overtakes darkness.

Since I began writing this newsletter in February 2004 I have always said that we are ending karma in this lifetime and that includes our own grief and energy trauma, the karma cycles we have with our karma and soul groups, our soul contracts, and those that the earth has with us. This is an important step in our ascension cycle because there is no karma in 5D so whatever karma clearing is happening individually and collectively, it’s all part of the process. This week’s newsletter and podcast theme addresses the topic of karma. And it fits with the October theme of catharsis and November’s theme of reclamation.!

 I have long suspected that I had some serious past life issues around being a prisoner, being shackled, persecuted, tormented, judged and suffering as a result of injustice, abuse of power, persecution, and control. But I had no idea, until serious health issues forced me to look deeply within my energetic and karma core for clues to understanding why this was happening in my life and understand how far back these energetic imprints go and to what extent I have lived my life through them.

For many years I joked that I must have frozen to death Ina past life because I hate being cold and I always have a jacket or sweater with me, extra clothes in my car, and am always prepared for inclement weather. I wasn’t wrong, I just didn’t know it at the time.

For the past five years I have noticed this trend in my clients too, as I can always trace present life issues to past life traumas and show them how they can be healed and overcome. And these past life issues generally come up around serious life issues that they feel very challenged and disempowered by.

I used to do past life readings 20 years ago and they were always interesting and highly correlated to what was going on in someone’s current lifetime. Every challenging theme in someone’s life today was a reflection of some important karmic issue from their past.  Here’s one of my favorites from these past life readings out of the hundreds that I have done. (listen to the podcast for details of this karma history).

In my case, some of my karmic history included a time when I starved to death in a French dungeon, where I was shackled to a wall for expressing my political beliefs. In another place which looked like ancient Sumeria, I was a powerful teacher who was enslaved by the government, persecuted, imprisoned, and eventually executed for refusing to deny my beliefs that opposed existing dogma.

And in ancient Egypt I was an imprisoned queen, on public display in a cage, shackled at the ankles and used as a war trophy to intimidate and control my people by those who had overrun and occupied my country. In these past lifetimes, the person (me) was immobilized, imprisoned, and profoundly persecuted, which are powerful karmic themes for me today.  I lost everything because of others’ jealousy and betrayals.

Have you noticed how I have become the leading voice against content theft and theft of IP? These things have been happening to me in this lifetime and most recently in my business. I speak out and act very aggressively against people who steal my content and since doing this for the past 10 years I have inspired and encouraged many of you to go after people who steal your content (which is a great thing). From a karma standpoint, having my property, personal assets, and freedoms taken from me has been a long-standing theme in my karma repertoire.

As I looked at these lifetimes that involved extreme persecution I could see myself move from anger to despair at my situation. Struggle was futile, escape was impossible, and in a modern-day insight, I realized that the only way I knew of escaping from imprisonment was to die, which is what nearly occurred with severe health issues I experienced a few years ago.

As you know, in this lifetime, I was paralyzed by a vaccine at age 5 and could not move for 2 years and did not walk for 5 years. I have also had 3 near death experiences in which I was told it was not my time to leave so I had to stay. I also had an acute case of appendicitis that resulted in the discovery of what could have been a life ending problem which somehow did not manifest or I would have died 10 years ago.

If death was my past life option to escape imprisonment  and persecution, there are other options available to me today, which is why I am still here and still alive. Once I understood the karmic core trauma issue, which is a repetitive situation around being imprisoned, shackled, tormented, and persecuted (I have recurring problems with my ankles), being immobilized or ‘imprisoned’ or paralyzed, and being silenced for speaking out, I knew what was causing the situations I have experienced in this lifetime.

So I have the karmic scenario and know the core trauma energy, now it’s time to create a different solution to end the karma and to step out of this cycle that has repeated itself so many times in my lifetimes and in my life today.

If you can relate to any of this, there is powerful healing available to you once you are able to identify the karmic cycles you are part of and create new options for your life. What’s the core issue around a karmic cycle? It’s the thing that keeps repeating itself over and over again, maybe it looks a little different each time, but it is the same kind of situation.

What I have described here is my experience of karma and its trauma. There were other people involved – what about them?

Well, that’s another aspect of karma that is quite compelling, I just looked at my energy trauma from my karma perspective. What about the people involved in the karma with you? What happens to them? Well, they come along for the karma ride and you stay with each other through lifetimes, repeating the same karma over and over again.

For example, who was persecuting me and why? What was their objective in challenging me on every level – what did they want and hope to achieve? And how do they figure into my life today?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that my biggest persecutors in past lives are part of  my karma circle and soul group and some of them are my closes family members (parents and siblings). One of my most aggressive betrayers in a past life is a man I fell deeply in love with and wanted to marry although it never worked out. I had a great relationship with a man I worked with and realized he had a past life as a roman guard who was one of my protectors (I always liked and trusted him).

Have you ever met someone who you instantly liked or disliked, or who was hell bent on making your life difficult? Welcome to your karma!

Let’s look at some other examples and I’m going to be reading from my book ‘Ascending into Miracles – the Path of Spiritual Mastery here, from the chapter on karma, soul contracts, and soul groups. (You can hear these examples in the podcast. You can learn more about the book on my book website, jenniferhoffmanbooks.com Ascending Into Miracles

Why is it important? Because it is the reason for your lifetime today, to experience it and to create a different outcome.

How do you manage this karma and the people who come along for the ride? Unless you are consciously aware of it, you do the same thing each time, unaware of what is happening and not seeing the repetition, and repeating the pain without realizing that you are doing it.

With awareness, you can see the pattern,  create multiple alternative solutions, and have the courage to implement at least one of them. Usually, the answer is the one thing that you do not want to do or have been resisting.

But there is a reason for all of this (isn’t there always a reason), and it has to do with ascension, transformation, transitions, and new beginnings. As Jesus said, ‘you cannot put new wine in old wineskins,’ and I don’t think he was talking about alcoholic beverages.

If we’re the ‘new wine’ we can’t step into our new paradigms still carrying our old beliefs, habits, energies, frequencies, and karmic patterns. I have often referenced the eye of the needle’ in my writings about karma and soul groups and that can refer to the biblical verse in Matthew 19 but we are not talking about camels and needles here. I think the bible verse translation is wrong and rather than referring to a ‘rich’ man, it should refer to a burdened man, someone who is carrying a lot of baggage.

How much karmic baggage do you think you can take with you as you go through the eye of the needle in your life (which is the 4D bridge between 3D and higher dimensions)?  How much are you willing to delay that journey to keep your karma commitments intact? And before you say ‘of course not’, remember you have agendas, motivation, reasons, purposes, and a whole lot of emotional energy tied into your karma. This is a very complex situation and you are not going to go down without a fight.

What do we do to release our baggage? We arrive at what we think is its core and uncover that truth, which includes the actions we repeat, our personal agendas (because we have one/many), lifetimes of effort and focus, a lot of expectations, the desire to have validation for our suffering, and more. Then we dig a little deeper to find the bigger truth, the one that lets us see the connections between every situation, relationship, person, belief, and event that we have experienced in our lifetime, uncover the buried lifetimes they are related to, and see how we have built and retro fit our lives today to  re-create them.

And if we aren’t ready to see that yet we will get a big push, in the form of a life event that compels us to really take notice, to explore those areas until we are willing to face ourselves in all of our aspects, history, and energy so we know exactly what is required to bring us back to wholeness  or being karma free.

So often we tend to simplify karma into a continuous  interplay of one upmanship where someone did something to us in one lifetime so we’re going to get back at them in another, and that is one aspect of our karma connections. But they are so much more than that too. Deep trauma, hurt, pain, and suffering demand some kind of restitution and we want to know that someone could do better so we’ll give them every opportunity to prove that they can.  Or we want a do-over to undo past actions so we’ll engage with the same people over and over again, hoping the ‘next time’ will be different. Our emotional trauma is a sordid tale of love denied, lost love, unrequited love, abandonment, betrayal, and extreme disappointment.

We are not blameless either, as we make it our life purpose to make someone see the light, change their ways, and make amends for the wrongs they caused us. In addition to our karma connections we have secret agendas, the 4 karma anchors, the 3 karma expressions, the 4 karma embodiments and the 5 karma agendas.

Karma is complicated and ending it is not that simple but it can be done and it’s time for us to consider that as an option before we dive into another iteration of karma with someone who has already let us down multiple times and will probably do so again.

It is a journey from healing to wholeness which leads to congruence and harmony and whatever is the source of our core trauma is preventing us from being ‘whole’. Karmic cycles are energy drains which use our energy, limiting our ability to expand into higher aspects and to release the density necessary to achieve new frequencies and cross over into higher dimensions.

Hidden within our core karma is how we have experienced 3D energy that now weighs our soul down with pain and fear. Like the ballast that weighs down a hot air balloon, if the balloon is to rise, the ballast must go over the edge. The choice is ours, to stay on the ground or to rise, to be in a karmic cycle or to forge a new path.

There is no better time than now to do this level of work, as the entire universe is encouraging us to complete this and move into the next phase of our ascension cycles. It’s your time and your turn, are you willing to throw off some karma ballast and soar?


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