Here we are in a new month and we start this one with the fireworks of May still reverberating throughout the cosmos. You have to admit, 24+ X-Class solar flares including 3 in the past 24 hours is something special and it is going to have some kind of effect. And it has.

As I have been saying for months, June is going to bring up a lot of changes.  It’s a wild card in wild times so buckle up and keep shining.

With all of that energy swirling around transformation is the name of the game and we are setting up for it in June from Day 1. If you have been waiting for changes or hoping for some extra energy it comes this month. And it’s also the month represented by the goddess Juno, symbol of love and marriage, as well as women’s health, fertility, and child birth. Get ready for a whirlwind of a month with big surprises, energy moves, and a few wild cards along the way.

We are in the 6th month of the year and if it feels like you’re just barely recovering from January hold on tight because June is a month of wild times, wild energy, wild cards, and everything else. For many months I have been saying that June is the month when we will see momentous changes happening at every level, individual and collective. Pay attention to the changes going on in the world around you as you process the changes in your own life.

One of the aspects of 3D/5D ascension integration is the harmonization of the individual and collective so that there is the emergence of unanimity – the concept of the single soul. This is not being the same, it is being sourced from the same Source. We are all part of the Source soul, our Source of light. But we are each individual and individualized expressions of that Source soul.

This is not the ‘singularity of man and computer as envisioned by the  cartoonish figurehead of the WEF, this is the full alignment and embodiment of ourselves as expressions of the Source soul and light. This becomes a new potential in June and we will see a new level of connection, community, and cooperation (all 5D energies) this month.

June is also the month named after the Roman goddess Juno, representing marriage, fertility, and love and in some ways women’s empowerment. This is why June is the traditional marriage month. She was the wife of Jupiter, king of the gods, after all. June was also the daughter of Saturn, probably not the world’s best father figure. Interesting that we celebrate Father’s Day this month too. At a time when women and their identities are being assaulted and usurped at every level, this is a time to reclaim female sovereignty and its expression as the unique domain of women. June is our guide in this process.

A return to Source and re-sourcing our energy is this month’s energy theme as we reclaim our energy and simultaneously move into its 5D expression starting the first of the month, more on that later.

June 2024 has a numerology value of 5 which is the  number of transformation. 5 is between  the 4 of stability and the grounded energy body – body, mind, emotions, and spirit – and the descension of 6, when we bring in the new energies necessary to align our intention for material transformation with spiritual expansion.

5 is the number of transition between spiritual and material, the integration of human and spirit, the embodiment of our human self with our divine Self. And through this we are able to express our embodiment of the integration of 5D into 3D. This Is the day to day ascension journey – it is not the unicorn and fairy land of the unrealistic ideal that many people teach. As I always say, “ascension is an integration, not a takeover.”

5 is an awkward number and it requires release or expansion to feel balanced. That’s why its transformational potential is so important. We either go back to the stability of our comfort zone we can find with a 4, or we step it up to embrace spiritual expansion with a 6. Either way, a 5 month is focused on transformation to create what I call the  ABC of Energy mastery – Alignment, Balance, and Congruence.

We begin June with a rare and potent aspect, Jupiter in Gemini trine (120 degrees) Pluto in Aquarius and it’s exact to the degree and second. I could not find a historical instance of this aspect in over 2000 years. Here we have the themes of 5D integration, spiritual growth and maturity, karma release, and new paradigms. As I have been writing about the spiritual trifecta with Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune for the past three weeks, this takes it one step farther because Jupiter rules Gemini’s opposite sign of Sagittarius so it is injecting a higher vibe of alignment, balance, and congruence into Gemini – a sign that can be undone with confusion, doubt, and indecision. This sets the tone for June’s energy.

But that’s not all. With Jupiter going into Gemini we have to go back to June 2012, the previous time we had this cycle. Remember 2012? It was supposed to be the end of the Mayan calendar, the end of times, the infamous 12-12-12, and we are still waiting for something to happen. I think that was the beginning of a cycle, not the end and we are now in a place, energetically and spiritually, to create the new paradigms we thought were going to happen in 2012.

We have a chance to bring all of the promise of 2012 forward but in a new and different paradigm that can expand and actually be grounded in our reality.  In 2012 we had Saturn in Libra which meant that time was about learning balance between spiritual and material, a test I think we failed on a colossal level since everyone was waiting for the world to end and a new one to just pop into its place.

Well, that did not happen and instead, we started a new cycle with Pluto in Capricorn that was going to really push the transformation and energetic shifting envelope until we finally got it. Now we are in a new Saturn cycle that is the completion of a full zodiac cycle started in April 1996 when Saturn entered Aries. These are important times in our ascension cycle.

Then on the 6th we have a new moon in  Gemini and it’s exactly square Saturn. Remember Saturn in Pisces is grounding that spiritual energy in place. We cannot have a balanced ascension process if we do not stay grounded. That’s why Saturn in Pisces at this time, and the previous time was in January 1994, is so critical to this process and it is supporting Neptune in Pisces, preventing it from overdoing and overreaching on the spiritual side and not allowing us to ground this energy as we need to.

We have a full moon on June 21 at 1 Capricorn that opens an alpha omega portal which will last until July 21 with the full moon at 29 Capricorn. This sets the stage for Pluto’s return to Capricorn from September to mid-November, ending its final pass through Capricorn for another 250 years. We will be seeing a lot of cleanup and clearing out, especially of people and situations that have been a challenge or an issue since 2008.

The karma boomerang always returns with a vengeance when Pluto and Saturn are involved.  In  2020 we had the Saturn/Pluto conjunction which started the tyranny of the plandemic and have you noticed, it is now unraveling and a lot of things are coming to light. Watch these events because they present us with a unique karma boomerang and awakening on a global level.

June’s energy theme is 5D creation which is beyond simple manifestation. This is about energetic embodiment, in a process of expansive becoming. Our ascension path is not linear, it is an expanding sphere so when we engage with transformation it has an impact in every area of our life.

We cannot limit this expansion to a single area and still experience the full impact of ascension. We must be willing to let go of what doesn’t serve us simply because it doesn’t fit our energy vibe, intention, and won’t be able to integrate with the next phase of our journey.

We make this a very personal process but there is nothing personal about it. It is an energetic process that we apply emotional energy to. And this is where our big shift happens with ascension is that instead of being led by our emotions and fitting our energy to the emotion we are now led by our energetic frequency and vibration and we choose our emotional experiences and connections based on the energy we feel. This is why I tell someone who is looking for a new job, home, or relationship to start with the experience they want to create the energy container for it.

Since I began this journey first in the early 1990s and then again in late 2003, I have seen and heard just about everything imaginable when it comes to ascension, the awakening, the 3D/5D integration, our ascension cycles, what is happening on the earth, energy grids, energy shifts and downloads- I have been through it all with many of you. It has been quite a wild ride for all of us with many stops and starts, many twists and turns, moments when we thought we had finished only to realize we had just turned another corner on the ascension path.

That said, believe me when I say that we are nearing the end of this ascension cycle but that doesn’t mean ‘the end’. It is the process of the awakening and awareness expansion of humanity, the engagement, and alignment, the energetic congruence and sovereignty, and the creation of our 5D communities. It is all happening now and we’re part of that process. It was never designed to be easy or fast or a mystical experience. We’re creating ‘heaven on earth’ and it does tend to get messy here.

This Saturn in Pisces transit is particularly important to our ascension cycle as is the entry of Pluto into Aquarius. Remember me saying for quite a while that Saturn with Neptune is fully grounding and integrating the spiritual energy. There is no more separation, no more veil between spiritual and material, we are integrated, embodied, and congruent.

And we will see the full expression of this when both Neptune and Saturn enter Aries first in May 2025 and then again in January 2026.

We are working on becoming multi-dimensional, integrated, aligned with new frequencies, learning to embody and work with energy, to do more energetic expression and less actual energy ‘work’ this is the honing of our miracle and manifestation abilities, becoming more integrated within our own energetic frequency, and learning to shine for ourselves without feeling the need to heal, help, or somehow support others. It’s all happening in everything, to everyone, and everywhere.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, battle weary, and energetically overdrawn, take a break, take a nap, give yourself some time to regroup. As I always say, ascension is a relay race, not a marathon. We can’t get ‘there’ any faster so we may as well slow down and take our time to celebrate our victories and get completion and closure with the present before we move on to new things.

We are also crossing into a new dimensional plane with our 5D integration. The 4D bridge is the bridge between the dimensional plane for dimensions 1, 2, and 3 and 5, 6, and 7. So give this process the time and space it deserves because it is a very big deal and a lot is happening on multiple levels at the same time.

So with that knowledge  I hope you appreciate and value your efforts, your ascension symptoms, and the shifts and movements. If they do not make sense now they will later and if you look at the bigger picture, you can see the ascension journey and where it has taken us from to where we are now.

We are moving at light speed so expect to be a little seasick but we are moving forward and that is what is important.

Also remember that when the light advances the dark pushes back and we are getting a lot of pushback right now. The dark can never overtake the light an

d the only way to get rid of light is to intentionally and deliberately put it out, that is why I always say to shine on and remind you daily that we are here to shine = not for others but for ourselves. Be the light that glows in the dark as you radiate joy at every vibe of your being.

That’s all supported by the energy in June so get busy and start shining. Have a great month.

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