While I am glad that 2017 is over and very excited about this new year and its 11 vibration, I am equally excited about how many people I saw awakening in the last four months of 2017. In January we have strong support for a big start on the fulfillment of this mastery year, with two full moons, an eclipse, the end of Mercury’s retrograde shadow, and no retrograde planets. The ride is still wild but we know what to do and we’re in charge of the energy flows with our boundaries and intentions.

January starts off with a supermoon full moon and Uranus goes direct. After the 11th, once Mercury fully recovers its shadow retrograde, we have no retrograde planets until early March. So we have all of the energy of our solar system moving forward with us. That’s good news because we have a lot of work to do, starting this month, to work with and expand the energy potential of 2018.

But this is not the ‘nose to the grindstone’ hard work we have been doing for the past ten to twenty years.  This is not light work, it’s being the light beacons, exploring how far and how brightly we can shine our own lights, as an example to others of how to experience the rewards of the ascension path. And remember all of the energy work we do in our own lives we also do for the earth grid and that energy is available for the rest of humanity too. So shine on and be as bright, bold, and beautiful as you can this month, while you are enjoying the journey.

January has some great energy aspects all month, including wonderful connections with Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Neptune. Saturn just moved into Capricorn, its home sign, in mid December, starting a cycle that we previously had in November 1988. And Uranus goes direct after a 5 month retrograde. It’s going to change signs too, in May, something that happens every 7 years. With the January 1-2 full moon on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, we are starting the cycle that will culminate in the Saturn/Pluto Capricorn conjunction of January 2020. That has not happened since 1511, so it should be quite exciting. In 1511 Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door, started the Protestant Reformation movement against the catholic church, a dominant world power at the time, and greatly reduced its power and influence.

The second January full moon is also an eclipse in Leo, touching the moon’s North Node, that should bring about some interesting upsets and revelations in the world. I think, with all of the work that is being done to get rid of the deep state elitists (Leo is the sign of kings and rulers), we may see some high profile arrests and charges, which we can all celebrate. We are in the throes of the battle between the light and the dark, and good and evil right now, as I talked about in the 2018 Predictions which you can read here. This is the 3D/5D integration, the dis-integration of the 3D paradigm of domination, power, and control and integrating 5D energies of connection, collaboration, community, and creativity. That creative energy is strong this month, use it to empower your intentions and manifest your new realities.

We know these are challenging times and we take our responsibilities very seriously yet, at times, we need to recognize that we are co-creators of and contributors to the ascension cycle. We do not have to bear the weight of this all by ourselves. Take some time this month to enjoy the energy expansion and use that energy in your own life. How do you want to experience your life this year? Is it time for you to move to a new location, invite a new relationship, create new friendships, and find a new energy community? We have done a lot of releasing people and situations that no longer serve us in the past few years, it’s time to fill those gaps now.

The energy can be used in many different ways, be sure to use some of it for yourself. We’re much better Light Beacons when are batteries are fully charged and this is one month you can do that. Have a wonderful month.


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