This is an  Archangel Uriel channeled message.

Prayer is your most powerful manifestation tool yet it is one that many associate with religion and lack of energy control. You resort to prayer when you desperately need a miracle and hope that Source will hear and respond. Prayer is not a wish list or a plea for help, it is a powerful energy tool that must be used with clarity, intention, and faith. It creates a strong energy container for the manifestation of your intention, that is supported by your faith in your co-creative partnership with Source and your own divine sovereign inheritance.

Clarity in prayer is important because you must be clear in what you want to create as this helps you align with the energy which will manifest it. Too often prayer is used as a wish list, with the hope that the Universe will find you worthy and deserving of what is on your list or bless you with exactly what you want without your participation. Prayer is an energy tool that manages energy flow and you must pray from a point of power, not of weakness or desperation, to use prayer within its best creative context.

Intention is a component of the prayer process as it is the energy container for your outcome. You cannot ask the Universe to manifest your life on your behalf and hope you like the outcome. Your awareness of your power is established through your intention, as is how you focus energy for manifestation. What is your intention for your prayer? You must know that to use prayer powerfully and effectively.

Faith and trust in your ability to co-create your outcomes is another aspect of prayer. Those whose prayers are answered are not lucky or special; they are committed to their outcomes and have faith and trust in their own power. You must also have faith and trust in your Source connection but Source cannot override your fear and doubt, if you have them. Have faith in your own divinity for it is through the partnership between divine and material that energy moves into miracle paths.

Use prayer every day. Do not reserve it for special occasions, use it only when you feel challenged or powerless, or not use it because you do not want to ‘waste Source time’. Prayer connects you to the Source in a powerful way and also connects you to your own divinity so that you work through Spirit in everything that you do.

Spending time in prayer acknowledges your purpose, mission, divinity and power. It is your time to communicate with Source, to maintain your focus on your goals, to ensure that you are aligned with your purpose, to obtain answers to your questions and to get help with every problem. Through prayer you allow Spirit to guide you and give you clarity in all areas of our life. In prayer there is no fear, for you speak to the Source of unconditional love, which does not know fear. Spending time in prayer reminds you of who you are and that you are never alone.

When you pray remember that your words have power. You are communicating with Source, which you are an aspect of. You are as wonderful and powerful as every other being in the Universe. You do not need to beg God for what you want; when you pray you acknowledge your power and ability to manifest the reality that you desire. In your prayer you can ask for help, which is not a sign of weakness, it is an acknowledgement of your many helpers whose mission is to help you with your work.  When you ask for guidance you are not admitting that you are weak, you are taking the situation to a higher level, so that it can be resolved in accordance with your Highest Good and the good of all.  The answers you seek will be given to you, perhaps not immediately but watch for the signs, they will be there.

Spending time in intentional prayer is important because you need to remember who you are if you are to do the work you came here to do. Many of you are confused and frightened by changes that are happening in your lives and in the world. All is in divine order. Prayer is the acknowledgment of the power of Spirit and unconditional love. When you pray you spread your light to the world. through prayer. Each time you open your heart and spirit to communicate with Source, it is a prayer. Pray for peace, unconditional love and joy, see it as being true and you will bring this energy to the world and everyone in it.


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