Happy new year everyone. No, I have not had a brain freeze, nor am I reposting the January 1 article, March 20 is the beginning of a new astrological cycle, the date the zodiac returns to the Aries point, which is 0 degrees of Aries. The Spring Equinox is always the beginning of the new year and that falls in line with nature, as a new growing cycle begins and we see the release of winter (at least it’s supposed to, this has been a very long, cold winter for many of us). It’s a good time to clean out, tune up, tune in, and turn off anything you don’t want to take into the new year with you.

I had an unexpected opportunity to do a lot of cleaning out today, as I ran a checkdisk function on my computer, which is a process that goes through a computer hard drive, sector by sector (I have a 1 terabyte hard drive, which is a lot of space), and cleans it up. When I started the checkdisk, I thought it would be a quick process. But it has never been run on this computer and the process kept churning and churning, eventually taking over four hours. At first I sat in front of the computer and waited for it to finish, thinking it would only be a few more minutes. When I saw that it was going to take a lot longer than I thought, I started cleaning my office and organizing some files.

These are things I have meant to do for a while and started when I had some free time here and there. Now I had a big stretch of time ahead of me and I could either sit in front of the computer and be annoyed that it was taking so long, or I could use the time to go through my files and re-organize my office. So that’s what I did. I would glance at the computer screen from time to time, watching the checkdisk process, but it wasn’t going any faster and since it happens at the DOS level, I had to wait for it to finish before I could use my computer again. This wasn’t something I could stop mid-stream and finish, once it starts, it has to finish. Hmmm, what else in life happens that way?

By the time it was done my entire office was cleaned up, I had thrown away, re-filed, and re-organized a mountain of old papers, articles, found things I had forgotten about, read old notes and even found the outlines for a few projects that I will finish in the next few weeks. None of this would have happened today if I hadn’t decided to clean up my computer’s hard drive and it was all good, as my business, office, and my computer are ready for the new year.

Everything about our life path, ascension, evolution, transformation, healing, and release work is a process. We tend to do it in fits and starts, when we have time or when it is convenient, we try to fit it around the other things we have to do, or as our schedule permits. Then one day we just have to do it, to put everything else away and get it done. That usually happens when we least expect it or think we don’t have time for it but it happens at the right time. For the past few weeks, probably in preparation for today, I’ve been thinking about going through my files but never had the time. Being locked out of my computer meant that I had the time; the Universe is funny like that. It gave me both the time and the opportunity to get this done.

No matter where you are in the process, there’s always a right time to do things and that time presents itself to you when you are ready for it. It is not something you can rush, nor is it something you should be afraid of. The only reason we ever think about making a change is when the path we’re on has no more energy for us. We know this because it doesn’t support us, doesn’t feel right, nothing works and we are struggling and feel stuck. We may not be ready to leave it but it’s ready to leave us and when that happens, our attention is turned to other possibilities, a doorway opens, and we’re guided through it (gently, I hope).

As long as we remember that the process is always moving us towards the light, towards our healing and transformation, to greater and greater expressions of our energy, we can stay in that flow and let the process unfold in a very organic way. The more we release, the more we create energetic space for new things and we get unstuck and start feeling excited about our lives again because we are in the flow of new, more fulfilling, powerful, and supportive energies that are aligned with our intention and are ready to give birth to our new dreams and realities.

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