Grief is the energetic embodiment of emotional trauma

Do you feel sad, depressed, angry, hurt, and powerless at times – maybe even a lot of the time? 
Is there something that holds you back from claiming success, joy, freedom, and peace of mind and heart?
Do you think about the past and focus on the hurtful things that have been said and done to you?
Is there something that troubles you deeply but you don’t know what it is, can’t face it, or don’t like to think about it?

Grief is an energy that we feel as a profound sense of loss, sadness, and despair. Its energy seeps into every part of our lives and limits our joy, squashes our dreams, and can even create blocks, limits, and sabotage.   


Grief defines our energy bodies

We have 4 energy bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
Grief sets the energy for each of those energy bodies and becomes their dominant energy.
In our physical body it can manifest as illness, pain, and limitations.
In our mental body it takes over our thoughts, creates limiting beliefs, and prevents us from moving out of unwanted and joyless energy habits.
In our emotional body grief manifests as sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, and unworthiness.
In our spiritual body grief creates a wall between us and our spiritual source. It can manifest as anger, spiritual emptiness, abandonment, rejection, and powerlessness.

Grief becomes who we are and how we see ourselves. We lose our identity, our energetic sovereignty, and our spiritual congruence.

We become the outward face of our inner grief and feel doomed to live a joyless, painful, and solitary life.  Reaching out, expanding our energy, seeking new pathways become opportunities for more grief so we stay hidden, alone, unfulfilled.

The Grief Healing Program

The Grief Program is your resource for identifying, clearing, and releasing grief, replacing your grief energy with a higher frequency. Grief occupies space in our energy field and in our energy bodies.  And that includes energy from other lifetimes, not just the emotional trauma that you have accumulated in this lifetime. 

With the Grief Program you will have:

An opportunity to identify the grief energy in each of your energy bodies

Learn how the grief is manifesting in your life  – the blocks, limits, and sabotage that it is creating

Release the grief and transmute it into a higher frequency

Create a new paradigm of joy in your life so you can know true love, joy, peace, and abundance. 

The Secret Burden of Family Grief video replay

This is the replay  of the BONUS training in the Grief – The Secret Energy of Limits, Blocks, and Sabotage which addresses the issue of Family Grief.

This was a great training with lots of great questions at the end. I hope it gives you the insights into your Family Grief that help you see how this extra layer of grief can add so much to your grief burden and if you have been the grief keeper in your life, that it helps you release that burden now.



What You Will LEARN in the GRIEF Healing Program

Learn how to release yourself from the grief and emotional trauma so you can live from a place of joy, fulfillment, and peace.


Here is what the Grief Healing Program includes:

  • 6 week program focused on identifying, healing, and re-calibrating your Grief Energy Impring
  • Energy meditation to identify grief in the 4 energy bodies
  • 6 Program modules with in-depth training, including videos, audios and worksheets
  • 6 live (and recorded) calls with Jennifer one each week
  • How to replace grief with new energies, recalibrate your energy bodies, and break the chains of the past
  • BONUS – Secret Sorrows & Silent Tears masterclass – how to transform your greatest sorrows into new paths of truth and joy


Your resource for releasing your grief burden, recalibrating your grief imprints, and re-setting your joy paradigm

The Grief Program is $297 (save $200) for the 6 modules and live calls with Jennifer, replays, recordings, bonus,
and materials, with lifetime access.

Full pay or 2 payments of $155, choose your option on the checkout form 

Grief Relief begins September 7 2023








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