GPS 2024 – The SHIFT


The last 4 years, 2020-2024, have been tough and we wondered whether we were still on the Ascension path.

We expected abundance, prosperity, joy, love, peace, and instead we have a lot of chaos, disconnection, disruption, repression, separation, and no joy.

In 2022 we entered a new ascension cycle in January. Beginnings and new starts can be complicated, new skills must be acquired, and new energy pathways created.

In 2024 we say goodbye to 15 years of Pluto in  Capricorn and welcome Pluto to Aquarius – the 5D path is illuminated now, time to reclaim our divinity and our divine blueprint. We are in the era of the Divine Human, the perfect synergy of spiritual and material.

We are doing this for ourselves and at the same time, creating the ascension pathways for humanity.


We have been doing double duty, multi-dimensional multi-tasking for a long time. We have been creating the path for the  light even when it meant we had to experience darkness in our own lives.

We have silently struggled with loss, pain, fear, loneliness, anxiety, and set our dreams aside.  We hoped that one day it would be ‘our turn’, we could re-vibe our dreams, re-vibe our path, and restore our own energetic power. 

Now it is time for us to be fully integrated into 5D and give up our healing missions, karma cycles, our light work, and the Martyred Healer paradigm. We can now integrate freedom, self awareness, joy, peace, love, and prosperity into your lives. 

It is our time to shine. 

The theme of 2024 is The SHIFT – it is time collate our learning, embrace our light, and replace our old, worn out missions with new, brighter, more joyful and fulfilling potentials that highlight our strengths, power, and creativity. 

Say good-bye to 2020 to 2023 and all of the struggles of that ascension cycle and hello to 2024, and a new level of resonance, reclamation, resurgence, and revival. This is more than  mastery and miracles, it is a portal into the age of  Enlightenment.  This is a new era, the true Age of Aquarius, and we are ready for it. 

The SHIFT in 2024 is for those who are ready for less struggle and more peace, for less pain and more joy, and for less giving and more receiving.  Are you ready to embrace and express the Divine within, to own your power and shine your light boldly, proudly, and with gusto?

2024 introduces a new level of 5D integration and a new I AM paradigm that is fully integrated with 5D energy. This is more than intention and manifestation, it works with the aspects of the SHIFT to create confident action and motivated movement. We are energetically sovereign and the masters of our reality.

This is our  Ascension Path and Mission. I always say that ascension is an integration, not a takeover. We transform our 3D reality into an integrated material/spiritual paradigm where joy rules.

Every year, since 2008, I have featured a program to start the new year with empowered intention, deliberate action, and determined creation, aligned with that year’s energy and designed to create an energy container for empowerment. This is the real new year program – all others are simply duplications.



The GPS 2024 – THE SHIFT

Embodying the SHIFT of 2024 – Synergy  – Harmony – Integrated Intention – Flow – Transcend

Establishing your 5D I AM paradigm – 5D Intention – Action – Movement   This is the new, multi-dimensional integration of human and divine

The Intention formula for 5D integration – My easy to use formula for knowing how to set powerful, manageable intentions

BONUS # 1 – LIVE and Recording of the 2024 Predictions Masterclass with Jennifer with Q&A AND special 2024 Predictions Q&A

BONUS #2 – The new I AM  – Masterclass training for Intention – Action – Movement

BONUS #3 –  The SHIFT Masterclass training for 5D embodiment

We have been working towards this moment for lifetimes, we entered Ascension 2.0 in 2022 and now it’s time to activate, integrate, align, and move and expand the energy.  A bold, bright new energy portal is opening and it’s our job to support it by embodying, aligning with, integrating, and becoming the divine sovereign beings that we are.



BONUS #1 - The 2024 Predictions LIVE Masterclass & PATH Training

An in-depth LIVE Master Class with Jennifer featuring the 2024 predictions and guided channeling and meditations. 1 hour live and recorded,  with Q&A.


Bonus Masterclass for the I AM 5D paradigm and energy portal. How to use the energy, what to expect, and how to embody and align with this 5D energy. 1 Hour LIVE and recorded class.


Take your SHIFT integration to a new level with this in-depth masterclass with Jennifer focusing on alignment, integration, and embodiment of the SHIFT paradigm for 2024. With Q&A, LIVE and recorded


The 2024  New Year Celebration & Predictions LIVE
2024 Predictions Q&A LIVE and replay
I AM – the 5D paradigm live training
The SHIFT – live training

12 months of access

$111.00 (Valued at $397)




Release what no longer resonates
create your own 5D
energy pathway for 2024.
Empower and embody your 5D I AM paradigm
Move your ascension path
into higher frequencies and
transform into a new ascension  path for 2024,
one that you intend with
self awareness, abundance,
and an active, empowered, intentional energy process

 to live fully, deeply, and widely so you can
embody your new potential and possibilities.



The 2024  New Year Celebration & Predictions LIVE
2024 Predictions Q&A LIVE and replay
I AM – the 5D paradigm live training
The SHIFT – live training

12 months of access

$111.00  (Valued at $397)



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