tug-of-war-1013740_1920In the game of tug of war, two groups hold opposite ends of a rope, each one trying to pull the other one in their direction or to force them to let go of the rope.  It’s a back and forth struggle for control of the rope until one side wins. The strongest group (or the one that pulls hardest) will eventually get control of the rope.
But if the groups are of equal strength, they stand still because the balanced dynamic tension they exert on the rope will not let it move in either direction.  Understanding how this game works helps explain our healing roles, karma, and how we can take the next steps in our evolution, transformation, and ascension.

In all of our relationships, we’re playing a game of tug of war, where one person exerts just enough energy to balance the other person’s energy. We hope that by balancing their darkness, in the form of any healing we think they need, we will help them find their own light. This creates dynamic tension, where each person is equally balanced in the amount of dark and light they are expressing, and the relationship never moves beyond the healing mode because each person is waiting for the other one to let go of their end of the energy. The person we’re trying to heal, for example, is waiting for us to stop, and we, as the healer, are waiting for them to accept and integrate the light we offer, and change.

With dynamic tension, both sides are balanced, pushing or pulling with equal strength and the result is a total standstill, or a stand off because neither side will give up or ‘lose’. We can also call this polarity, the balance of dark or light. The solution is for one side to raise their energy, to choose a new vibration that will move the energy in a new direction but that will also end the tug of war, which we will either see as a loss or a gain. Who has the greatest amount of stamina, determination, and power? Who is more invested in winning? Is it easier for the dark to be less dark than for the light to shine more brightly?

The only way to shift polarity is to inject more light and that has to come from the person who is willing to let go of their end of the rope. Do they lose anything? Perhaps the need to show themselves that they can do what they accomplished in the scope of their journey of healer and healing, but was that really the intention after all? I believe that what we thought was our mission, to en-lighten the dark, was not clearly thought through. Instead, if we shine our light more brightly, the dark naturally fades away. Isn’t that what happens when the sun rises every day? Have we, in our effort to win the tug of war for humanity’s enlightenment, missed this important point that makes everything so much simpler?

As we approach another cycle of humanity’s ascension journey, we have to ask ourselves whether we want to win the energetic tug of war game or if we’re ready to just shine. The cost to us is greater than we know because we can no longer ransom our light to heal the darkness, no longer limit our life path and soul mission in the hope that the dark will eventually ‘see the light’. How can it, when we’re shining just brightly enough to be unobtrusive? What happens when we stop using our dimmer switch and switch on the high beams?

It’s a new era for us, one that can’t be played according to the old rules, or within the context of the old tug of war games. We lose nothing if our karmic partners don’t heal as we think they could or should, but we limit so much of our own energetic journey when we balance their energy with our own, staying at a level that will keep us within their sphere, just so we can see them (finally) healed. What if we give them the light they can use and then step into a reality of our own choosing, that is beyond their darkness, healing needs, and karma? That is what will win the game for everyone and release the dynamic tension that keeps us in the healing and karmic cycles of 3D and polarity. And it releases us, our soul group, healing and karmic cycles, humanity, the earth, and our universe, from the tug of war that can never be won unless one or both sides decide that they no longer want to play.

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