We can breathe a sigh of relief because January is over and so is our long Pluto in Capricorn transit(almost). We are firmly in Aquarius territory this month and that is going to loosen some of the limiters we have been operating under for most of the last 5+ years. While we still have to look forward to Pluto’s brief foray into Capricorn from September to mid-November, it’s not going to be anything like what we have been experiencing since 2008. I am certainly glad of that.

February breathes new life into our potential and possibilities and we can start what we have put on hold and reconsider new options. This is going to be a good month for boldness, clarity, courage, and confidence and it being the start of the year of the dragon makes it all that more powerful and perfectly aligned with our new Aquarius paradigm. 

It’s February and we are witnessing a change of the guard in many ways. This new month is really the fresh start we were hoping for this year because January was full of loose ends, clearing up unfinished business, major setbacks, and very heavy energy. That wasn’t surprising given that we were closing up the Pluto in Capricorn cycle, a 16 year process of upending everything in our 3D material world and preparing us for massive change on the individual and collective levels. Now that that’s over, we can start looking forward to the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings of the powerful 8 year that is 2024.

In February we find ourselves in Aquarius territory and with Pluto just beginning its 20 year transit there, that energy gets an extra special blessing and attention. I don’t agree with those who say that Pluto is the planet of death, destruction, and misery. Pluto only destroys that which we have put off destroying and points out what should have been dead long ago because it is way past its use by date.

Pluto prunes the dead wood, but it doesn’t touch the viable growth unless what is getting its attention is rotten from the core, then all bets are off  and Pluto does what it does best – raze everything to the ground so we can start over. Haven’t we seen quite a lot of that in the past 5 years?

February 2024 ushers in a 10 vibration which is the number of fresh starts and action from a place of pure potential. Simply put, it’s a time for a return to the basics, setting intention and creating miracles. Manifestation is a strong point of February but not the kind that gets us out of a jam, the kind that requires us to acknowledge our mastery and start using our energy in ways that benefit us in both the short and long term.

I have been talking for a long time about how we need to stop the healing cycles, acknowledge our own path, and start moving forward in our own direction. I know that is hard to do when we are noticing how much people around us need help and support but it’s time to draw the line and make your energy boundaries strong.

In February the messages is to Embrace Enlightenment as we enter this new Age of Enlightenment. But that’s a topic with many variations.  As we enlighten ourselves, which means to light up our own lives, we can discover a lot of things hidden in the dark recesses where we put them so many years or lifetimes ago. Long forgotten dreams, delayed goals, plans set aside because of time, timing, events, and life itself. It’s time to get those out of their dark closets and re-visit them.

Is there something you have always wanted to do, to become, or to experience? Now’s the time to consider it. Even if you are not ready to take action right now, those old dreams and goals are going to become important this year and next, so give them some room to expand.

One interesting aspect of February is the movement of the personal planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, which are all in Capricorn at the beginning of the month and will be moving into Aquarius later in the month. Then they will all move into Pisces and then Aries. This grouping lasts through June and they stay in close proximity for most of the year.

It’s unusual for all of them to be in the same sign at the same time for so long but that is part of the supportive energies that are in place right now. I do believe that the Universe is supporting us in every way it can at the moment.

For the first 2 weeks of February we have these personal planets in Capricorn where they are holding onto that energy for us so we can eke out every drop of Pluto in Capricorn lessons. They then move in to Aquarius where each one will spend a day with Pluto, creating an energy exchange between them. Remember what I said about February’s theme of Embracing Enlightenment.

Do you remember the scene in the movie Sleeping Beauty when the fairies bless the baby with gifts? That is what these movements of the personal planets remind me of. They are all picking up gifts that they are offering us in a very congruent way because we’re addressing the foundation of our life path, represented by these 3 planets.

And it doesn’t stop there. On November 12, a few days before Pluto is set to exit Capricorn for good after its brief retro for 2 months, Venus enters  Capricorn, creating an Alpha Omega portal with Pluto at 29 degrees. This is significant because Venus was at 0 Capricorn when Pluto entered Capricorn on January 25, 2008. And when Pluto makes its final pass through Capricorn, not to return for 248 years, Venus is there to close the cycle and to wave goodbye. Now maybe you do not think that is significant but I do!

What I find the most exciting about February is the Chinese new year on February 10 when we begin the Year of the Dragon. It’s going to be a big change after a year of Rabbit energy. Frankly, I cannot think of two more opposed energies than rabbit and dragon (based on how I view rabbits and dragons). I am excited about the dragon energy simply because it suits my personality a lot better than rabbit.

And it’s the year of the wood dragon, which is the most creative dragon aspect so start thinking about your creativity (which is also part of the 5D paradigm) and bringing your dreams and goals forward now. It’s time. I also believe that dragon embodies the Aquarius energy very well, highlighting the daring, creativity, focus, genius, and brilliance of Aquarius. Remember the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in 1778 and that was called the Age of Enlightenment so having dragons to help us open the second Age of Enlightenment feels good to me.

The prior year of the dragon years are also interesting to note. They are 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012. Each of these years included highly transformation al global events and we’ll focus on 2000 and 2012 for now. In 2000 we had the turn of the century, an event was celebrated by the entire world. I was in Sydney, Australia to celebrate the new year with friends and it was one of the top spots for that  since Sydney’s postal code for the city center is 2000. We had such high hopes for what this shift would bring. All was not lost but it felt like it.

Then in 2012 we had another global transformational event with the Mayan calendar ending which was to take place on 12-12-2012 and it was another disappointment. Given the number of times our calendar has been changed, our December 12 date did not correlate with the Mayan calendar and I believe that 2012 was a start of a cycle, not an ending.  And now we have another dragon year that promises to be very impactful and transformative.

What comes to your mind when you think of dragons? I envision a large reddish-green creature with wings, a long tail, big claws and it breathes fire. My dragons are typically the mythical stereotype representing powerful beings of ancient lineages. ‘Here be dragons’ is what ancient map makers wrote in the areas of uncharted territory, meaning that there were mysterious and possibly dangerous creatures there.

But if we move beyond the Disney or sci-fi stereotypes, dragons are ancient creatures with a very long and powerful lineage of power.  Dragon qualities include leadership, courage, fearlessness, power, and clarity. They also have the power of invisibility, can travel to different dimensions, and they are the guardians of ancient wisdom. To have a dragon totem is to embody these traits as well as rise to a new level of initiation and embodiment. The imposing energy of dragon doesn’t fare well with doubt, timidity, and anxiety.

The energy theme for February 2024 is Ride the Dragon and that so aptly describes the energy of this month. From the bright, fresh energy of Aquarius to the ascension path that is becoming more mainstream and stronger every day, to the integration of this auspicious year, dragons will be a good mascot for us as we navigate the unknown and uncharted territory of our new paradigm.

And I think dragons are an excellent mascot for our ascension cycle now. Among their more mystical qualities are spiritual wisdom, the ability to fly, the ability to move between dimensions, they can become invisible, and they are fierce, strong, powerful, and very protective. I love the idea of being able to take a ride on a dragon and soar through time, space, and dimensions. Imagine harnessing the potential of dragon energy and using it to move a dream or goal out of the shadows and into the light.

TMoreover, dragons are keepers of ancient wisdom and they reveal that wisdom to those who have the heart and courage to walk with dragon energy. The rewards of this knowledge are great but the path is difficult and dragon does not connect with those who are not committed, serious, and of the highest intention. If you’ll remember when I mentioned dragon year dates earlier, that’s because every dragon year has included a significant global challenge and it’s during those times that we see what people are made of.

There are those who rise to the challenge and carry the light and those who hang back, willing to let others lead the charge because they are too scared or too unwilling to stand up for the light, the truth, and the ascension path. Dragon energy may just reveal who your true friends are, and who are your enemies. And somewhere, as dragon walks with you on your path, you  may just find the courage, empowerment, and reasons to bring your old dreams and big goals to life and to the light.

February’s new moon on the 10th is the Chinese New Year and while new moons are dark we’re invited to shine our light. What can we create with this smorgasbord of energy that is before us? We have been held back, or held ourselves back, a lot in the past few years and despite the seemingly glum situation globally we are in the pride of place to boldly go ‘where we have never gone before’.

The full moon of February 24 is in Virgo which shines on Saturn in Pisces, our friendly grounding agent that reminds us to integrate our divinity into our humanity and our ascension journey is about creating ‘heaven on earth’, not destroying the earth so heaven can take over. That’s going to be a big theme all year.

And one last highlight in February that will last through May and it’s the conjunction of Chiron and the North Node, both in Aries. This aspect happens about every 200 years and it’s a big karma and block revealer. This aspect will reveal the blocks and then we can clear them, if we want to or can or are willing to. It depends on what they are, the consequences, and how much effort it takes. The North Node in Aries has already been involved in some major aspects in the past 6 months and this one is big too. If you’re seeing or feeling more of your emotional or mental blocks being revealed now, this is why.

Chiron is the wounded healer and the North Node deals with our life purpose and karma so together they create a window of opportunity for creating energetic wholeness and congruence that we should not ignore. If you don’t address it this month that is OK because it will continue through May so you have plenty of time.

February is not just about expanding into new potentials, it is a month for actually getting things done or at least started beyond just thinking about it. The past few months have been challenging and 2023 was not an easy year but we have moved out of that energy and are now in a paradigm of new potentials so it’s time to dust off those dreams and see what is possible. If the old ways and things don’t serve you and don’t make you happy, turn your attention to a new level of being.

This is why I encourage you to abandon your healing cycles, karma, and release the blocks and limiters that have held you back for so long (especially grief) and start thinking about yourself, what you want, what brings you joy, and what fulfills your soul. It’s a big task to start over, I know I have had to do it many times, but we’re in a new paradigm and it demands new thinking and new action.

And start thinking about the dragon energy that we are all blessed with. Has your inner dragon been taking sleeping pills and is non-functioning? Is it time to wake it up and discover the secrets it has been guarding for you? Is it time to take a ride on the dragon of clarity, empowerment, valor, and courage? All of the energy is aligned for success so take a chance on yourself and your dreams and soar into the stratosphere of new potentials and possibilities for your life. It’s time to shine so get going and get glowing.

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