If you are looking for some calm after January’s long and drawn out chaos it probably won’t happen in February. In fact, we may see more chaos and upset throughout the month as the battle between the darkness and the light continues – and make no mistake it is a battle. We’re making progress this month in bringing more light to the earth but we can’t control how people respond to it and that may be our greatest challenge as we see very clearly who’s ready to step into the light and who is not. The theme for February is balanced harmony and it may not be balanced or harmonious as the ascension cycle heats up but it will lead to congruence which is the blessing and promise of the ascension path.

First let’s look at February’s 22 vibration, which comes from the second month in an 11 (2) year. We will have the 11 mastery vibration all year (2+0+1+8 = 11) which is the first or novice level of mastery. This is a learning cycle that includes action but it inspires us to act with confidence even if we don’t feel we have all of the information or pieces of the puzzle that we need. Other levels of potential open up with each step, we just can’t be afraid to take that step.

The 22 vibration of February encourages us to take enlightened action so if we wait until we think we’re ready or have all of the information we think we need, we may find ourselves adrift in a sea of confusion. Act, assess, course correct, and act again is a good way to handle February’s 22 energy vibration.

To add to the 22 vibration of February, Pluto moves into the 20th degree of Capricorn (another 2). Pluto makes such slow progress that it moves about 1 degree a month. So every degree activates a great deal of transformation. With Pluto at 20 degrees, we have more 2 energy to add to the balanced harmony mix.

The number 2 refers to balance, pairs, togetherness, community, and empowerment through shared intention. Jesus said that when ‘two or three gather together in my name, I will be there.” In 2009 Lynn McTaggert conducted the first ‘Intention Experiment’ with a small group of 16 people in London who were asked to send their intention to make a leaf in an Arizona lab glow. The results were astounding and you can see the video at this link here.

While we have the 2 energy to create balance, it must be harmonious which means it is shared, equitable, and reciprocal. If there are relationships in which you give all of the energy and get nothing in return, or you’re doing all the work, they are out of balance, inharmonious, not shared, not equitable and not reciprocal. This 2 energy, plus the 22 mastery vibration, is going to help you to see this truth and to make corrections in how you share your energy.

But there’s more. February’s solar eclipse on the 15th at 27 Aquarius brings the energy of the August 21, 2017 eclipse forward. That eclipse path crossed the US and we’re now seeing the effects happen with the revelations of corruption and nefarious activity in various government agencies. Eclipses are energy wild cards, they can shift a lot of energy and create strong, unexpected change to us individually and to the collective. This eclipse also powerful for the US in another way, which I’ll explain in a moment.

A very powerful event happening this month and until December, something that happens once every 248 years, is the US Pluto return, where Pluto is at its point in the July 4, 1776 US chart (19’57” Capricorn) for the first time. A Pluto return never happens to individuals because Pluto takes 248 years to go around the zodiac but it does happen for countries, so it would be interesting to see what has happened in much older countries with their Pluto return.


For the US this degree will be repeated two more times as Pluto retrogrades this year, July 15 and December 12, 2018. My experience with retrogrades is the first pass is tough, the retrograde brings up more stuff, and the third pass is where situations get settled.  And if you look at the US natal chart, the natal moon is the same degree of the February 15 eclipse, that’s a lot of transformational energy at work. No wonder there’s so much chaos happening in the US right now. And there is more to come as Pluto creates deep transformation, and dredges the depths to get to the root of issues that create imbalance, disharmony, a biased and self serving playing field which has led to a vast amount of the world’s wealth and benefits in the hands of a very small group of people.

Pluto transits are very tough because they relentlessly demand transformation, in every way, until it is completed. This is transformation at profound levels, Pluto does not work on the surface, it goes down to the deepest roots and brings them to the light. Be prepared for the continuation of the ‘great awakening’ and more people arriving at the truth, they will be looking for light, peace, joy, and understanding so keep shining your lights so they see that there is a light destination at the end of that tunnel.

February’s theme of balanced harmony is strongly supported all month. But it won’t happen by balance being created for us or on our behalf. Instead, we will have a very clear view of what is out of balance and not in harmony with our intention and our energy, and we’ll have a chance to make adjustments and course corrections. Sometimes balance is achieved by shifting our energy, intention, and alignments. Other times it is achieved by the source of imbalance being removed from our energy field. This can include someone choosing to leave you, or a job you didn’t like or were not happy with ending with a layoff or firing.

Stay one step ahead of this process by using powerful intentions for what you want in your life. If your intention is not being fulfilled in your life right now, then these powerful energy shifts and downloads will create an opening in your life for new energy. Nothing happens by accident.

And there are no full moons this month, full moons bring completion, as January had 2 full moons (1st and 31st) so we will have lots of new energy coming in to help with changes but the final outcomes and results may not happen until next month. Watch how events unfold this month, in your life and in the world.

See how balanced harmony is being created – first by revealing the lack of balance and harmony, and then creating opportunities to make different choices. And if you aren’t sure what to choose, take a step back and remember your intentions which create the energy container and the frequency of the energy you can receive. This will move the energy in their direction. Remember to take action, small steps achieve the best results and often the first step is the hardest to take. Trust yourself, you are energetically sovereign – what do you want in your life?

This is a month for enlightened action which doesn’t mean taking any action just so you feel that you are doing something after weeks or months of feeling stuck. Take a step forward based on what you know in this moment. Then course correct, if necessary, to stay aligned with your intention and take the next step.

Keep February’s them of balanced harmony in mind as you contemplate your choices and see how energy movements and shifts are aligning with your desire to create balanced harmony in every aspect of your life. Act in the short term, plan for the longer term, and take enlightening action, every step is important.  

Have a great month!


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