Why is it that no matter how much we may want or need to change something stops us in our tracks when we get to a certain point? In spite of every promise we make to ourselves this time we’ll cross the finish line, we get stopped before we do. Our desire for energy expansion gets stopped by the limitations we have to protect us from expanding our energy into unknown potentials and it’s about our fear of change and our desire to avoid painful consequences.

There comes a time on every path when we ‘run out of energy road’, we want something different and the energy we have available to us is just not going to fulfill that need. So we set an intention to expand and we move in that direction and then we get stuck. There are several reasons for that and they are very important as they deal with our basic needs and our most profound fears.

Any changes takes us out of our ‘comfort zone’ and into unknown territory. If we aren’t prepared for that then we’ll block our own progress because before we make any kind of life change we must address our safety and security needs. This is where we feel that we’re in control of our reality and we won’t get overwhelmed by the changes we’re contemplating.

In this video I describe limitations (using my famous props) and how they work to limit our expansion, as well as how we can remove the limitations but what has to happen at the same time. Unfortunately, transformation and ascension do not happen all at once – they are part of a larger process that we must honor every part of, including our fears.

Then there’s the self esteem that is required for us to see ourselves as powerful and in control of the changes we are considering. Did we fail (that’s a very subjective word) the last time we tried something new? Are we going to fail this time?

What do we value more, being in control or expanding into new potentials?

How can we find balance between these two very important values?

What is more important to us, safety or transformation?  

These aren’t easy questions because they involve very important life issues. And it’s very tempting to turn back to the past, remember an old failure, and use that as a reason to not try again.

 The intention we set for transformation must be accompanied by the confidence to see it through to the end, and to be ready to course correct, instead of giving up, when we face challenges. It’s all part of our ascension journey and no matter how scared we are right now we will arrive at the point where we step into transformation with confidence, allow ourselves to expand into new potentials and see fears as an optional side dish instead of the main course and deal with them as we continue moving forward on our expanding path.

If we want to be loved by others we have to love ourselves.

We are told that we should love ourselves but we cannot do that until we value ourselves. Self esteem is the first step towards self love. But if you have been judged, criticized, betrayed, or ignored by the people in your life then you have very little, if any, self esteem. If they did not value you then you must not be valuable. And without self esteem you cannot have self love. But you can fix that and create a strong and unshakable foundation of self esteem. This is what you will learn in the Self Esteem Course. 

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