Sometimes it is hard to know when to stay with something and wait for a final outcome we know is possible or let go and be satisfied with knowing we did our best. The way to know which one to choose is to look at the energy around our expectations. If the outcome we desire means that someone else has to change or do something differently, then we may be looking for closure, validation, a reward for our contribution to their life, or some gratitude. This involves ‘energy’ and while that may happen, it may not. Are we OK with letting go and moving on, which requires a higher level of ‘Energy’? Can we give ourselves the closure we want and not regret, resent, or feel dissatisfied with the results? The answer lies in the difference between energy and Energy.

The little ‘e’ energy is our personal energy flow that we control and direct, its source is within our energetic body and field and it feels very familiar, as it should because it’s usually our own inherited and recycled energy. Whatever we are doing with this energy, what we are feeling, thinking, believing and the experiences that we are having is part of very old patterns we have repeated throughout many lifetimes. If it feels frustrating and annoying, if we’re working hard with it and not getting the results we want, it’s because we are stuck in an energy cycle and there is no way to resolve it unless and until we are willing to uplevel  our energy with new Energy.

The big ‘E’ Energy is universal or Source energy. It is what we call unconditional love (which is an energy and not an emotion) but I think ‘love’ is the wrong word to use, we should see this as an expanding awareness that is available to us once we remove the filters of fear, doubt, and limitation. It is the flow of energy that we connect with all of the time, we can also call it Source energy. 

So if it always available to us, how do we get from the highly expanded and expansive Energy to become the energy that we use in our daily lives, and if we are always connected to this powerful flow, why can’t we experience more joy, peace, love, and abundance in our life?

The answer is simple — energy exists at all frequencies and we have access to all of them but we cannot connect to, receive, and integrate the universal Energy that is at a higher frequency than our own. We are aware of and access the frequency that corresponds with our own frequency, and we can connect with the vibration that corresponds to and aligns with our own level of vibration.

Basically, we cannot be aware of an energetic frequency that is higher than the one we currently embody, no matter how many other potential frequencies are available.

Imagine having a quart of water and some glasses of different sizes. It is impossible to put that entire quart into a 1 ounce shot glass, an 8 ounce glass, or even a 16 ounce glass. We must have a container that will hold a quart of liquid if we are going to transfer all of the water from one container into another. In order to receive higher frequency energy we must raise our own energetic vibration to be able to integrate it. We cannot expect to be a compatible container for energy whose energetic frequency and vibration we do not match.

There are many ways we lower our frequency, block energy flows,  or limit our energy expansion. One of the top ways this happens is if we are trying to heal, change or transform someone. When we do this we have to match their energetic frequency so we can connect with them. Then we are at their  energetic frequency, not ours and we’re recycling energy, not inviting new frequencies. So we’re trying to change them by mirroring their energy, which means we cannot access the energy that we are capable of connecting with because we have abandoned our frequency to heal someone else by embodying their frequency.

That is why making the choice to walk away from a situation can be so difficult, as we have sacrificed a lot to be on that path with that person or in that situation. We have a strong energetic investment that we want to see a return from, that return being someone’s transformation, or that we gain their love, acceptance, and validation. We want to be vindicated for our sacrifice and exonerated by their healing. This is often a repeat of a long energy cycle though, and our peace and validation come through accepting that someone doesn’t want to be healed, enlightened, or saved — they are fine with where they are no matter how wrong we think that place is for them. 

But in the end, the choice is about energy and the frequency we want to embody that will help us align with the love, peace, joy and abundance we want to create in our life. This is where we put our energetic needs first and we do that by creating powerful and potent intentions for our life which allows Energy to come in to fill that energy container. Make the choice to add a higher frequency Energy to your own energy field. You have the power to do that and can change your energy path, frequency, and vibration at any time. Choose the energy of joy, seek unconditional love and an expanded awareness, be clear in your intention for your life, the kind of life you want to have, and what you want in your life, and the Energy you need to accomplish those things will be available to you.


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