Energy Boundaries Allow you to Control Your Energy Flows

Do you ever feel like you have no control over what happens in your life? Things just seem to appear, people take advantage of you, you say ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’ and find yourself overwhelmed, overcommitted, overtaken, and unhapppy.

When you learn how to create and maintain your energy boundaries you are no longer overwhelmed by life and things that happen because they set your standards for what is allowed access to you and your energy field.

Don’t think of energy boundaries as a wall to keep people and situations out – think of them as a container that allows you to manage your energy frequency and vibration. 

Energy Boundaries give you confidence, clarity, and control over your energy, your relationships, connections, and your life.


Energy boundaries help you put yourself first so your needs are met and you manage your self care. And with strong energy boundaries you find that you get the respect you want because your energy boundaries send out a silent statement to everyone about the kind of energy you want in your life.

This doesn’t mean that your energy boundaries won’t get challenged – because they will – but you’ll have an energy system in place to keep you on track and within your energy boundaries so you don’t react with anger or fear, or guilt and shame, you can ignore your challengers, critics, and judges and not let them drag you down or drain your energy.


Do you have different energy boundaries with different people and situations in your life? Do some people get to be unkind and disrespectful (maybe because they’re family) and others don’t? One of our 3 Energy Boundary Challenges is having too many energy boundaries. This means we have different energy standards with different people. 

But we need one energy boundary, our Master Energy Boundary, which is the standard for how we want to be treated by everyone. And by creating your Master Energy Boundary you will get the love, honor, and respect that you want to create peace, joy, and abundance in your life.

I can show you how to do that.

What You Receive with the Energy Boundaries Program

The Energy Boundary Program

The Energy Boundaries Program allows you to activate your Keys to Freedom you need to control your energy.
Here’s what it features:

6 modules with videos, worksheets, and exercises you can implement in your life

  • Definition of Energy Boundaries
  • How to Create your Energy Container
  • The 3 Energy Boundary Challenges and how to fix them
  • Learning to manage your Precedents to avoid sabotaging your energy boundaries
  • Creating your Master Energy Boundary
  • Anchoring your Energy Boundaries

3  Recorded Q&A calls with Jennifer

90 days of access and all downloads can be saved to your personal media devices

BONUS #1:  Jennifer’s ultimate Energy Boundary energy activation and how to use it to activate your energy boundaries

BONUS #2: How to set strong intentions using Jennifer’s trademark intention work that has taught thousands how to set intentions and use them as powerful manifestation tools to manage, direct, and control their energy flows

BONUS #3:  How to overcome the critics and challenging people in your life – Jennifer’s method to stay strong and maintain your energy boundaries in any situation




Here’s your opportunity to learn how to create energy boundaries and control your energy all the time
so you have clarity, confidence, and feel like you’re in control (because you are).

You get the full program  PLUS 3 RECORDED Q&A calls with Jennifer PLUS 3 fabulous bonuses

SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE for my customers – only $197 for this essential energy foundation program.

FULL PAY $197 (SAVE $150)

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2 PAY $101 (SAVE $150)

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