And we roll into another powerful week of energy movement that is part of our never ending ascension path. I know we want things to settle down but that is not going to happen any time soon. If anything, the energy is intensifying and May is going to be another month with some stellar energy aspects that will continue to support the vast transformation that is occurring for all of humanity. This is our ascension path and it’s not the joyous ride into unicorn and fairyland that we thought it would be. It’s better. It’s an exercise in raising our vibes, expanding our spirit, and embracing the opportunity to shine our lights and eclipse the darkness.

What did we just experience? A powerful and rare eclipse at a critical point that is already turning the tide of darkness. It’s a reason to celebrate the new potentials, not wish for a return to ‘normal’. I think in the coming months we are going to find out that the normal we thought was the status quo was an illusion. Be prepared for this, it’s not going to be a pretty revelation.

But the next step is going to be the replacement of dark with light, and the full expansion of our ascension path. And that will be something to celebrate as we allow the light to eclipse the dark and for fear to take a back seat to joy.

Any hesitation we have is from where this places us, at the intersection of intention and interests. Which path will we choose? That’s up to us and whether we are unstoppable in our desire for healing or we have an unbreakable spirit which allows us to transcend the past and eclipse our own darkness.


The recent April 21 eclipse was indeed a powerful one. A rare hybrid eclipse that began as an annular eclipse and morphed into a total eclipse that could be seen in in Australia and parts of the south pacific region. It is another astronomical phenomenon but we know it’s much more than that because it is part of a vast energy movement that has been showering us with energy shifts and downloads for the past 4 years. With a solar eclipse, which means that the dark obscures the light, the sun being covered by the moon, but don’t stop there. To eclipse something is to surpass it, to be the best in comparison to others.

This eclipse is our opportunity to eclipse our karmic path and focus our light on what is most important to us. If we are not sure what that is, having to choose between the dark and the light will push us in the right direction. Just remember that while an eclipse is momentary, the effect is long lasting.

I believe that we are coming out from under centuries of darkness and only now are we able to see the light and to have the awareness and spiritual maturity to choose between the dark and the light and that is happening because we are now aware of the darkness. It was never visible to us before because it was fully integrated into 3D, as we were.

But as we awaken from our collective slumber, like sleeping beauty and her 100 year sleep, it is not the magical kiss of a prince that awakens us,  it is the moment that the darkness is eclipsed by the light. In a total solar eclipse that is the moment after the moon  has covered, or eclipsed, the sun, there is a brilliant flash of light as the sun’s light begins to show again. In our lives it is when the light becomes so bright and so strong that we must abandon our darkness and let the light in.

What does it mean to be eclipsed? If you are eclipsed by someone or something it means that it overshadows you and you pale in comparison. More simply – it is better, brighter, and bigger than you are. Now think about what happens when you eclipse something – say you eclipse a challenge or a problem or you finally overcome an issue you never thought you would be able to move on from. Congratulations, you have eclipsed the darkness in your life and let in the light.

But before we get too pleased with the process and you think that I am being overly simplistic about a situation, let’s take a look at what you are trying to shine the light on because like most things, it is just not quite that simple.

To be able to eclipse an issue, to shine enough light on it to overcome it, you have to take yourself to the intersection of intention and interests. This is where your intention meets the wall of resistance – the interests you have in whatever you are aligned with in that moment.  Yes, I am saying that you have an interest in whatever is going on in your life – you created it, you are aligned with it, and you will keep it in place to the point of resisting any change, no matter how you feel about it, because it serves a purpose for you.

Whether that purpose is to be a victim, to act out your disempowerment, to wait for vindication, to have your feelings or efforts validated, to prove a point, or for your own reasons, you have a vested interest in your life circumstances, whether you like them or not. This is you making a statement to your abusers, manipulators, your critics, and your judges. You have an agenda and you are going to get it fulfilled, no matter how long it takes or what you have to do to get it.

You know the process of setting intention for transformation by now, it has been mainstream for some time and I have been writing about it for 20 years. And your intention can be powerful, you can be committed to it, you can truly want and need it to be true for you. But if your interests compete with your intention, you are going to get stuck, to be confused and frustrated, and to block any transformation because you are at that intersection between intention and interests. Your interests must be eclipsed before you can allow your intention to manifest.

This sounds easy but it is a lot harder than you think because your interests represent beliefs and experiences that demand acknowledgement, validation, and the fulfillment of their agendas. These interests span decades and even lifetimes of pain, grief, shame, blame, sadness, resentment, manipulation, betrayal, judgment, persecution, abandonment, and more. You can add your own soul wound and energy trauma here – it’s all represented in your interests. Those interests create the wall of resistance that not even the  most powerful intention can tear down or pass over it until you negotiate your interests and allow the light to eclipse them.

How does this work? Let’s use an intention to have a wonderful romantic relationship. That’s your intention. Now your experience of relationships is not good, you have been betrayed, abandoned, hurt, lied to, cheated on, manipulated, and left at the altar. You do want a stable, loving, committed relationship in your life but your interests demand that you protect yourself from repeating the past,  where you have learned that people are untrustworthy, they lie, they misrepresent themselves, they betray you, they don’t care about your feelings, they take advantage of you, and more.

You can fill in your own messages here, I am sure you have some.  

More than just experiences of the past, these are part of our karmic burden, the unfinished business that we have with our soul group over lifetimes. Healing these CORE issues is part of fulfilling our interests and freeing ourselves from the chains of the past that bind us to life paths that are joyless, limiting, and self replicating until they are eclipsed by the light of truth and the freedom of release.

I remember someone posted on my facebook page a few months ago, when I was talking about how it was time to create romantic relationships. She said that she had decided that love was just not for her and that was how she had freed herself from the past. Well, that is what she thinks but she is merely hiding behind her wall of resistance, where her fear of repeating yet another painful relationship experience will not let the light of redemption eclipse her memories of joyless, challenging relationships.

So now you’re at a standstill in this stand off between interests and intention. How do you move beyond the wall of resistance, which does represent actual events that have happened to you, and allow yourself to have the fabulous relationship you want?

How do you eclipse the past when the present is unknown and all you have to go on is experience which is not good?  

This is where you have to put on your mantle of energetic sovereignty, set your energy boundaries, decide on what you want and resist the temptation to fulfill the agenda represented by your interests. Some things you just have to let go – let bygones go on by – and draw the line between the past and the present. That isn’t easy to do either because you want revenge, vindication, and validation.

You have real grievances and you want someone to acknowledge them. In fact, it is acknowledgement that you insist on because you have probably never had it and you’re tired of being taken advantage of, let down, overlooked, walked on, and ignored.

There is a part of you that is the empowered victim seeking justice and you may get it but not right now and not in the way you want it. You will need to put down your sword and turn in another direction if your intention is ever going to move beyond your wall of resistance.

Let me ask you this – what is so important to you, what part of your agenda must be fulfilled, in order for you to be able to move on in your life, to move on from the pain and the trauma, and find peace, joy, and love? What is your definition of peace, joy, and love? How does your life change if you have those and does it change in the way you want it?

Here is the problem – we set intentions for what we believe is something better than what we currently have, or something that is going to get us out of a situation that we are currently in but we do not account for the change or transformation that we are going to implement in our lives because we are setting an intention for something new and unfamiliar.

How do you know that ‘this time’ will be better or different than the past? You don’t. How do you know that the light will eclipse your fear and you’ll overcome all challenges to rise gloriously into a pain and trauma free love? You don’t.

So what do you do? You set the intention and watch the fear move forward. Give it the attention it wants, it is only there to protect you. Like a loyal dog that will stand in front of you to protect you from harm, your fear is the reminder of your past experiences when it sees you getting ready to repeat the same behavior. You can allow the fear to create a wall of resistance or you can negotiate its interests and move beyond them.

The key here is to avoid the temptation to rush in and believe that ‘this time will be different’. It might but it might not. Instead, you need an unbreakable spirit, not an unstoppable one. You need the clarity, confidence, and energetic congruence that allows you to stand strongly with your intentions and the  belief in what you want and deserve to have, and then say no to anything that is not relevant to your intentions.

Will the first relationship be the ‘one’ or will it be the second? Sometimes we get tested to see if we are truly willing to allow transformation to occur. So prince (or princess) charming will appear and at first everything looks great. Then warning signs and red flags begin to appear and that is the moment of intersection between interests and intention.

Are you going to ignore the warnings and rush in to save yet another wounded soul or do you remember that you are no longer interested in projects, in healing others’ wounds, that your joy comes first and you want balance and congruence, not pain and drama? We often realize this pattern repeat after the fact but it is in that moment of intersection that we have a decisive moment. We can say no and turn away or we can succumb to the temptation that ‘this time’ we’ll succeed in creating the perfect relationship by healing someone who may be close to perfect.

This is a pattern we repeat over and over again and it only causes us pain. Eclipses in the sky remind us that sometimes we have to give our darkness the attention it needs to allow the light to shine more brightly. And when you arrive at the intersection between interests and intention, look both ways and choose the path that is most relevant and aligned with your intention because that is the path of joy and transformation. In every situation we have the opportunity to shine from our unbreakable spirit or our hide behind our wall of resistance.

What will you choose?

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