How  is this eclipse portal affecting you? If you’re feeling tired, wired, and your energy is rather erratic don’t worry, it’s just part of the energy cycle and it will feel better after a while. We’re in the midst of a period of profound change and this is not an easy time. It is never easy to force any dense energy out of its entrenched positions – those roots run deep and they have been in place for a long time. If you have ever tried to dig up ivy plants, you know what I mean. No matter how much you dig up, you still get new plants coming up again and again. It takes several passes to get rid of all of the roots.

November is a critical  month on the ascension timeline and it is just one part of a multi-year process that began with 2020 and everything that has happened in the past 2 plus years. It looks like we’re going through a dark process but we are really seeing the dark and density in its full state for the first time. What do you do when you’re facing darkness? You remember that there is always a dawn and the key to redemption is the light on your path of Spiritual Initiation.

There is an old saying that says ‘it is always darkest before the dawn’. If you have been up around 5AM, just before sunrise, you know this is true. There is a period during the night when it gets very quiet, even the animals that roam during the night are still. The birds are not awake yet and there is no sound. It is in this moment that it is the darkest and the world is poised and waiting for the sun to rise.

And in our lives and with our life challenges we go through a similar process except while we’re fairly certain the sun will rise and there will be a dawn, we cannot always be sure in our lives but we must, because the light brings the dawn of new understanding to us just as the light brings the dawn and a new day for the world.

If you have ever been through a challenging time in your life you know that at some point things look really bleak. There is no hope, you do not know what to do, you feel lost, stuck, and hopeless. You begin to question your motives, power, and choices. You look for blame and then move into shame and guilt and start judging yourself and every choice you have ever made in your life. You feel stupid, ignorant, and totally clueless. What was I thinking, how did I let this happen to me, and what am I going to do to get out of this mess?

Sound familiar? It should because we have all been through it. We all go through spasms of self-doubt, fear, judgment, and condemnation when our lives get turned upside down. What we thought was an innocent and clearly beneficial move or choice turns into a tsunami of results that we don’t want, each one worse than the one before. What happened? How do our lives get turned upside down and why? We don’t deliberately choose to suffer and yet that seems to be part of the process, by design.

Well, it is in a way but the design is really to get us to shift the energy vibe and move the timeline to a different frequency. And that is part of a process of initiation, what I call the Path of Spiritual Initiation, a concept I initially introduced in 2004. It’s our spiritual pilgrimage journey from dark to light, from despair to directed action, and from victim to victor.  I call it ‘the 5 steps that can change your life’ and it’s true because the process does change your life, as it nudges you towards the activation of your energetic awareness and sovereignty. But the way it happens is not very empowering, usually taking you to the darkest night of the soul in the hopes that you will find the light within yourself to ignite the dawn of a new awareness.

Now take note, it is not one single journey, it is the path that every single experience takes because everything is part of our personal journey from dark to light, which is a shift in energetic frequency and vibration and not a test of our ability to withstand tremendous, sustained suffering.

If we understood the Path of Spiritual Initiation we would get through this suffering a lot faster because we would understand the reasons and purpose of the lessons. We would also understand what we have to do to stop them and move into the enlightenment and beyond stages. Of course we want to do that but we often want too much too quickly, we wait too long to acknowledge the spiritual initiation process and then we have to create a miracle to fix the situation. I have done that and it works but it is very hard to do. Let me share an example.

Listen to the podcast for the story of how I created a miracle that got me out of a huge 300 pound dilemma during a very dark time, and I learned about my own path of spiritual initiation.

Why does this happen to us?  When it is time for us to move up the ascension spiral we get a nudge that things are not working, energy isn’t moving, and we are not expanding. Now we can pay attention to that nudge and start making changes but sometimes the nudge is so faint and weak that we ignore it. It is not really causing us any immediate problems and even if it is causing us some discomfort it is not strong enough for us to make it a priority. And we don’t prioritize it until the nudge becomes a shove and then we get shoved hard enough that we fall flat on our faces. Now we are paying attention, the situation is very clear, and we want immediate relief but we’re on that energy timeline and we have to change it before our life situation can change.

We have just stepped into a new spiritual initiation journey and we don’t even know it. All we see is how bad things are and how ill-equipped we think we are to change it. We don’t realize that the awakening part is the first step in a journey that can be short or long, depending on how we proceed into the next step, the trial. If we understand that it is a trial we can shorten the process. But if we think it’s a punishment or that we are just unloved and unlucky, we are in it for the long haul.

Next time you’re up around 4AM, when it is truly dark and quiet outside – and if you’re like me that is almost a nightly occurrence – watch what happens as the dawn approaches. First there is no sound or movement, even the night stalkers have gone home. Then you’ll hear a few birds sing, they are the ones who announce the awakening of the day. Then, even though the sun has not yet arrived, more birds begin to sing and if you watch the horizon, you will see the first faint edges of light and within minutes, the sky is ablaze with light.

But before that happens there is a lot of darkness, quiet, stillness, and fear to content with. No one likes being in the dark and when it’s happening to you and you are responsible for both the darkness and the light, it is even more troubling.

When does the light arrive? Usually when we are in such a dark place that we think the dark will never be over. I have been in that space several times, have you? Come on, everyone has been in that place of desperation, despondency, and depression.

Everyone has experienced the terrible and profound fear that the light will never shine in their life again. It’s a lot like you feel when it’s 4Am and you cannot sleep and it’s so dark and still outside that you think the sun will never rise.

Haven’t you felt that moment of fear where you think that today just may be the day that the sun doesn’t rise and you’ll be in the dark forever? Come on, you know what I mean, we have all been there.

The path of spiritual initiation is not an easy journey, even if we understand it and can get through it fairly quickly. No one likes to have problems and challenges and everyone wants to get through life and be happy every day but that doesn’t happen. We do not change and grow without some kind of irritation in our life to get us out of our comfort zone and if we do not take the initiative to do it ourselves then we need a little push to get us started.

Why can’t we just continue on as normal?  Because the ascension path is a reflection of our energy. It is not a marathon course with the steps and markers all neatly laid out for us and all we have to do is show up and collect our prize when we cross the finish line. It is our journey of healing to wholeness to congruence, from dark to light, learning to expand our energy and raise our vibe. It is humanity’s journey into 5D integration, the collective journey of our soul mission of becoming divine spiritual humans, the synergy of spiritual and material. This is our commission, it is not a universal edict. This is why we are here, to bring ‘heaven on earth’ and it is not a done for you process.

With each iteration of our Path of Spiritual Initiation we move into a greater awareness of ourselves and our spiritual presence and allow for more integration and embodiment of spirit. And with each iteration of the Path we also move forward on the ascension path. It’s a win-win for us and the Universe although it looks like we’re doing all the work. But we aren’t and that is one more point I want to make about this process.

We provide the energy container, through our intention, and the Universe provides the energy, according to the frequency and vibration of our energy container.

If we want higher energy in our lives we have to come forward with a more high vibes energy container.

If we want better and stronger results then we have to set better and stronger intentions and muster up the beliefs and actions to keep them and their energy moving.

So many people believe, thanks to some of the spiritual charlatans out there, that all you have to do is twitch your nose and rub your ears and you will manifest the ‘life of your dreams’, another myth promoted by the gurus who brought you things like  ‘The Secret’. Co-creation with the universe is a hands-on process and I mean that literally.

As disempowered, hopeless, helpless, confused, and scared as you may be, you are still the prime directive in your life and you still have the power to change it. So when it’s very dark and you wonder whether you’ll ever see the light again your light source is not outside of you, it is within you.

All you have to do is switch it on and start shining.

Then get out your Path of  Spiritual Initiation map and figure out where you are so you can start taking control of the process and make the appropriate energy and timeline shifts so you can raise your vibe and start smiling and enjoying life again.

Understanding the 5 stages of spiritual initiation allow us to move through our life lessons more quickly and achieve enlightenment.

Click here to learn more about how you can design your path to spiritual initiation.



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